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Fuck Her Brain Out: How To 101

fuck her brain outFuck Her Brain Out 101

Celebrating a stunning 500,000 visitors reading after just 5 months from starting this blog.

We have to say, Thank You All.

A Big Thank you to every single one of our readers.
Thank you for seeing beyond the obvious editing flaws and the casual language errors.
Thank you for appreciating the good content for what it is.

We decided to publish “How To Fuck Her Brain Out 101”  a little earlier than intended to show our appreciation for you guys.

So here we go, the beginning of a fully detailed guide to becoming a supreme in bed.
To becoming a sex god, literally. A Complete Guide On How To Fuck Her Brain Out!


In the 101 of the How To Fuck Her Brain Out series, we will explain the correct and optimal mindset to come from when dealing with your sexuality and the forms of expressing it.

This is just a teaser of what is coming next.

I personally don’t like or teach complex sex techniques,  do not expect any advanced fingering technique any time soon on this blog.

And the reason I don’t support such knowledge is because it goes against my belief and mindset regarding sex.

If you learn some tricks and try to apply them in bed, that means you will be inside your head…

That means the passion and drive will be gone completely and all that is left is two people grinding on each other.

If you want to fuck her brain out, if you want to fuck her numb.
If you want to see her stress-free for the rest of the week due to how good you had her, giving her all the mind shutting orgasms that forced her to be chilled and relaxed for the rest of the week.

Then you have to let the animal within you take control.

Fully and completely take control.
I’m not the same sophisticated, smart, civilized, stylish… etc. Guy in bed.
When I’m fucking a girl…
I’m just a horny animal.
And I’m proud of that.

I can write a whole article just for explaining what I mean with being the animal in bed.

But, in short

There is this sweet moment right before sex where you feel like you are about to completely lose control over yourself, where your balls start to tingle, your breathing gets deeper and faster, you feel an immense force pushing you towards ripping her clothes off and just get her then and there.

Can you relate?

Well, that is what it feels like when you are waking up the animal within you.

But probably many haven’t experienced the feeling I am talking about yet.

And that is because?

1-You are drunk, or high!

I didn’t realize that less than 1% of guys out there have sober sex outside of a relationship until very recently.

Holy fuckin shit!
That was my reaction.

I have never ever practices drunk sex… EVER!

I don’t drink at all actually…. but that is an article for another time.

Anyway, if you sleep with a girl only when you are drunk then what the fuck man?

This has to stop, face your fears, the insecurities you feel about your body, your penis size, how long you last…. etc.

When she is naked in front of you, the game is over, you have her already, you got nothing to prove!

If you to reach a level where you are considered a sex god. If you want to wake up the animal within, if you want to Fuck her brain out.


No more drunk or high sex!

2-You are very nervous

Again it also connects with the previous point, that is why you got drunk in the first place.

If you want to be really good in bed, you have to be relaxed and grounded, there is no way around it.

Actually that is all you need to improve your bedroom skills.

3-Sex means too much for you

This is a tough one to overcome, I see guys struggling with this a lot. They view sex as the magical connection between two souls that bounds them till infinity in the purest and strongest connection known to mankind.

Huh, ya right.
Grow up, and stop watching romantic comedies.
Go out and see life for what it really is.

Some girls just want to get fucked and some guys just want to fuck, and there is almost nothing wrong with that.

Now to be fair some had described sex as an amazing experience between two individuals, and that happens when both parties have strong and real feelings towards each other.

That is something I absolutely don’t know and have never experienced. For me, sex is just as animalistic as it can be.

If you view sex as a big deal, it will be.

fuck her brain out


Now moving on to giving you a grounded mindset to help you be a better fucker, you have to understand some misconceptions and viewpoints on sex.

A- The girls hotness is irrelevant to how good the sex is going to be.

Ya, ya, I know, you swear that your one night stand with that total knockout, the 10 you pulled from the club felt better than all of the sex you had in your entire life, combined.

But it is just your mind playing tricks on you, at that moment you were exactly like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time ever. You are happy no matter what, you are too excited that you no longer pay attention to what is actually happening.

After enough sex with hot and awesome girls, you will be able to see it as it is, you will be able to see the room.

When you get rid of the haze in your eyes, the image of the perfect flawless 10, when you wake up next to her in the morning, when you see her as another flawed insecure girl who is just trying to get by, you will understand what I am talking about.

After all, it is still the same wet warm hole, it is nothing different nor special.

I will still get tons of emails accusing me of being a misogynist and a women hater, I will be accused of destroying the image of sex as a pure expression of love.

Ya, sure.


Fuck Her Brain Out 101

But I should clarify that no matter what are your views on sex and sexuality, it should be a view on the act and not the participants.

When I sleep with a girl, regardless of how animalistic and kinky the sex is, I will always respect her and think of her as an individual of equal value and intelligence to me.

Understanding that is very critical if you want to get a huge amount of pussy.
And that should be a basis of your beliefs as a civilized man.

Don’t let the sex affect how you view her.

If you do that, if she sensed that you will judge her, she won’t open up to you.
You will just spend your relationship doing her missionary style.
That is not exactly fun.

B- Fuck her mind, not her body.

Sex starts way before any of you take their clothes off, it is a continuous build up through the whole night that climaxes in the Penetration.

Your penis size doesn’t matter, your weight and flexibility doesn’t matter, how much sex you had before doesn’t matter, the techniques you know do not matter.

It is all in the vibe between you two, it is all on how relaxed and grounded you are with her, how bad she wants you to be in her and how bad you want her.

That is the key for waking up the animal.

C- Stop watching porn and totally forget everything you think you learned from it.

They are real people fucking each other, it is not like they are a CGI recreations or something like that.

But in porn, they exaggerate a lot; from the huge cocks to the perfect flawless girls. Their reactions are blown out of proportion, no girl would ever be moaning this loud as you start penetrating her, she needs some time to warm up…

Yes, after a while she will probably be screaming louder than a pornstar, if you follow this series closely and put on some work.

But you get my point, don’t try to compare how it is going with you with what you saw on screens.

Also, the sex positions you see in porn only look good for camera angles and do not necessary feel good.

With time you will get a sense of how it should be, what works and what doesn’t.

D- Mix it up gentlemen.

The uncertainty, the anticipation of what you are going to do next is what drives her crazy. Will it be a relentless rough fuck? will you just use her for your own pleasure?

Or would it be a nice romantic sex?

That’s what she is dying to find out.

This what will get you to be her best lay ever on the long run. When she sees that you can easily change and adapt to new styles on the spot. It is beyond sexy. That alone will fuck her brain out!

That is something only a few can master.

E- The little things do matter, a lot.

No, I am not talking about your dick… 🙂

Holding her hand, cupping her breast, squeezing her ass, biting her lips, whispering dirty thing into her ears, spanking her butt, shocking her, pulling her hair, pinning her down, staring into her eyes, fully expressing your pleasure… etc.

That is what good sex is all about, not that complicated technique you learned from the advanced Kama Sutra book.

Sex is a form of expression, it is talking out everything inside you, whether it is frustration, anger, fear… and most likely love. it is talking it out and expressing it to the other party in this awesome body play.

Express it, don’t complicate it.

fuck her brain outThat is all I can think off for now, this was a quick rant, a warm up if I might say, to what is coming ahead.

You need the correct foundation to build on, start from the inside out to master this.

It is not about the techniques, even though I will list and explain some in the upcoming articles, but it is all about your mindset.

You will shift your mindset a lot as you sleep with more and more women.

Fuck Her Brain Out 101

fuck her brain outIt will progress like this.

You will begin thinking about sex from the perspective of pleasing her, you will start off all nervous, jittery and insecure. Trying to fuck her brain out, to impress her with all your techniques and skills.

You will fail, miserably.

That is your validation stage, you are looking to impress her, you are needy for her approval, wanting her to think of you as a sex god. So naturally it will backfire, you will seem as a try hard.

After a while, you will realize your mistake, you will look around for advice, probably landing on the infamous advice of being a selfish lover, to just care about your pleasure and the girl will just enjoy pleasing you. Now this holds some truth, you will notice some improvement, girls will come back to you for more, you will be considered “average/good lover”.

That is the narcissism and frustration stage, you will start to think that the world revolves around you, that you are the shit, that is why you just care about your own pleasure.

But regardless, you will be frustrated because the world doesn’t seem to feel about you the same way you do about yourself, the world is not responding to your “I am the shit” mindset. sure you might feel like you own the world once a week, but reality will hit you hard for the remaining days.

A good percentage of men stop progressing at this stage, they think they are doing well and that is all there is.

But some will push forward.

Then you get to the hippie stage, where you think life is all about love and peace. Where you think sex is about equally enjoying yourself while pleasing the other party, please a little, enjoy a little. You view sex as a higher form of expressing your emotions, of expressing yourself. You will tone down your aggression and just enjoy the slow passionate “Love Making”.  This stage won’t resemble a true hippie, you don’t necessary look like that, and you won’t even realize that this is your mindset until you stop for a second and think about it. This stage is just after you are sick of all the meaningless sex, after you get enough pussy and just want to settle down, just want to form a real connection.

And this is where most men stop progressing, this is where you will probably find a wife and get married.

And this is completely fine. If you do not consider this as a ticket to be lazy and stop working on yourself, If you just view it as a form of security, and if you find the correct women, then by all means, go for it.

And for those of you wanting more, for the very few that would never settle for anything but the best. for those wanting to reach out their full potential before settling in or just talking a comfortable turn into averageness.

fuck her brain out

You will arrive at the final stage, where you go beyond everyone and what they thought possible, and as a side effect of owning life this much you will reach the point where you will be safely called a sex god, where sex is more of a mind-numbing epic experience for any lucky girl who gets it on with you.

I can’t really find a good name for this stage yet, but it goes looking something like this.

You have simply seen too much, A naked 10 wouldn’t even catch your attention, you saw sex for what it really is, the animalistic reproductive need that we humans hold. You have moved beyond the conditions of our sex-centered society, and how they elevated sex to a place where it doesn’t belong.

And then you go back to being selfish, to being a narcissistic individual looking to please his master, himself.

But this time your narcissistic need to selfishly please yourself does include pleasing her, it becomes part of what you enjoy, seeing her tensing up, shaking, squirting, begging you for more… etc.

It becomes a part of what you enjoy, you do it to her but for yourself, there is no neediness of impressing her by pleasing her, you could not give less fucks about what she thinks of you, you just enjoy doing that to her and that is it.

Fuck Her Brain Out 101

There is an uncanny resemblance between your outlook on life and on sex, they seem to compliment each other. The way you look at sex, what it means to you, represent where you are at life. understanding this would help you better understand the world.

This is all I have to say as an introduction to this course, you need these little shots of wisdom to help you along the way. It’s just a small tease to your brain intended to prepare you to what’s coming next.

Get rid of that average mentality, they are only skin, muscles and bones… there is really nothing much to it. Sex is just sex.

Give it some time and effort, you will eventually realize that sex is one of the least rewarding activity a supreme can ever do. It will be a bit disappointing when you realize that you have spent this much of effort for such a meaningless pursuit, it will be a complete let down.

But the look in the mediocre eyes… their eye’s as they shine in desperation and jealousy as they watch you take a 10 back home, a girl so hot that you are sure most guys will go back home and rub one to her in the saddest scene ever, while she is underneath you begging you not to stop.

It will make it worth the effort.

Make them jealous.

This is it for the introduction to how to fuck her brain out!

Share the knowledge Gentlemen,

John Deus


  1. Brad Brad

    Amazing like always john

  2. Jonathan.z.w Jonathan.z.w

    I have just found out this site and it is exactly what I need.
    I have instantly fell in love with your cold hard truth and how you express it.

    Really looking forward to your next article!

  3. Jessica J Jessica J

    You really know what you are talking about.
    looking forward to the rest of the series

  4. NicolasXMalc NicolasXMalc

    The best how to fuck guide hands down!

    but I disagree with your point about drunk or high sex.
    I see nothing wrong with people practicing that!

    Other than this one, amazing article
    looking forward to the rest
    Best wishes

    • John Deus John Deus

      Once in a blue moon, it is acceptable to have sex while on something.

      Other than that, it will hurt your drive and your performance.

      That is what is wrong with it.

      • Ronnie Reeze Ronnie Reeze

        Here is my issue with the no drunk/drug sex. While I have zero interest in drunk/high sex, my S/O divulged that while I am her Best lover in a sexual relationship…her best sex ever(lone encounter) happened a long time ago. Her and a previously platonic male friend were drunk and experimented with cocaine. They ended up having sex and she explained that the drugs and alcohol caused her and him to have ZERO inhibitions and the sex was extra raunchy. She said they couldn’t even look at each other the next day…and never had sex again.

        So while our sexlife has always been great and I am her Best lover ever….I do not hold the Trophy for best singular encounter. Based on the circumstances I listed, what do you suggest?

  5. Mindblow Mindblow

    You are a god!

  6. Moe Moe

    I am looking forward to the rest of this series, I never read anything this helpful before.

    Great work john

  7. Francis Francis

    im not SHARING THIS FOR SHIT. I AM SELFISH. This is for me alone and i want envy from all. im a dick i know. but no fucks were given that day. u won me over

  8. Luwagga Lawrence Luwagga Lawrence

    this information is what i really need. Thanks John

  9. This article is amazing, humanity needs more of this and less of the hippy garbage that is posted on conventional threads. I’m down to burn the patchouli and talk about the age of aquarius but first my girl NEEDS me. I’d say the biggest part about really giving your lover a fat orgasm is having the time for that “animalistic” sex that you suggest. Which I agree, but there also should be rough, playful, and intimate loving. I had the hardest time with that, I could maybe last 2 minutes. But articles like this and books like by authors of ross aken, ian kerner and dr. speigel also helped my legendary schlong be known by all the soccer moms.

  10. vince vince

    Be in the now and lead.
    Stimulate her other sensations:
    talk (grunt), touch, visuals
    Mindset is “rock her world” so that she will be a better girl (and thus better for me)

  11. vince vince

    One advantage of long term relationships is that I can train a girl how and what to do to please me and love doing it. So I choose girls whom I am actually attracted to physically before fucking her (I know that’s superficial)

    I trained a girl to talk dirty and have orgasms from fellatio and started teaching her to open up to anal sex.

    The behavioral changes in bed often translate to behavioral changes outside of the bedroom. I.e., being more pleasing and obedient

    • Your use of ‘train a girl’ is a bit worrying. I hope I am getting your point right.

      But overall, if you are playing a dominant rule in your relationship remember that it is one part strict and another part loving and helping her grow.


  12. evilgenius evilgenius

    Great stuff, bookmarked your site. I’ve only had one sex partner and that’s it. One (or 2) thing(s) are holding me back. You’ve said that penis size does not matter. I can believe that, but still, I’m average, if not smaller. Not happy. But okay, I could live with that shit. The worst thing is having premature ejaculation. That is NO fun. Sex with my ex was always a fight, a fucking battle. How could you ever fuck her brains out when you can’t even pump for 30 seconds straight? If you cum in 2 minutes? Maybe in 10 seconds? Ridiculous.

    Anyway, great stuff man.

  13. Penthousebarber Penthousebarber

    I have been looking for a,way to get close to the sexy woman,I ever met.we have been though FUCKING HELL the past couple of years from being homeless,no income,sleeping in the park when it was possible to sleep.taking care of her to now I am the one with health issues now.
    I love her so much!!! We made it through all that shit,,, I remember the time I kissed her,,,I seen fireworks like on love American style!!! She said that she hadn’t been kissed loke that never &it made her wet,but I was already in love with her &have been ever since
    Ok, to make a short story long!!! Thanks for listening to me ,more thanks for showing aguy a direction.waiting for more

  14. laine laine

    This is just too good, I want to share this with my s/o but I don’t want him to take it the wrong way…


    Awesome article!….Teach me more so I can create “Great Fuck Her Brains Out Episodes. I’m All In!!!

  16. R.W. R.W.

    At 52 Thanking You For a Flashback of myself and how I ruled beautiful girls,from school,to my beautiful older sexy women. My age was 15-a few years ago and using drugs thinking that getting women dirty was one of my older ways or rules. Well That Was a Rick Kick in The Dick,and I’ll thank you for this great reminder of how I rolled um in from 18 to 80 beautiful,bowlegged and some really crazy. But Damn What A Flash Back.and A Beautiful Reminder of Why They were Always So Many And Rarely Did Any of the beautiful young woman of my age or the many Older &Most Beautiful Older Women,( whom I always knew had a power fuck in store for me until they hurt that young kid! Gonna fuck his young ass off! I always loved women with that cougar mindset! Hell little did they know that all they were doing is setting themselves up for a young kid with what usually packed a young 9-10″ hard as steel rod..would most times turn me into a fucking kid 15yrs-19yrs Packing a New Bigger Thicker Gun that wouldnt quit until they would be begging me to quit! It Blew the cougars thoughts of devouring this young piece of meat..To Saying My Pussy’s Sore,but I fucking loved it. To my husband’s gone outta town for all next week.. Ok Sorry about my Memories Sounding like Bullshit.. I could give a fuck really. I lived it, and after reading this wonderful arrival.. Hell I think I just may have remembered how I done it. So thank you truly I do. And most important guys listen to him on showing love,sharing,touching and kindness. And that’s sum of the ways you’ll fuck her mind,body and possibly her spirit! Thanks from this Old Head!

    • You’re welcome, 52 is not an excuse to stop though, you can get back on that track.
      Men are like wine, we improve with time, keep that in your mind.

  17. Grease Grease

    This article was very refreshing. I’ve been looking around for some useful insight and kept finding on female psychology, which is good stuff to know, but not what I needed. I’ve always been an animal, but now at the age of 30 I ran into some performance issues for the first time. I actually fell for one of my old chick friends lol. She affects me deeply. I know she loves our sex but I know I’m not performing at my best. Those dam feelings man, they fucking mess with you. Anyway, everything I read in this article I already know to be true. Thanks john, for putting it back in the right perspective for me. Just what I needed. Gona do it right tonight!

  18. Aurelia Aurelia

    I am a girl. I haven’t seen the word clitoris once in this article. Please guys don’t forget the clit.

  19. Saint Heretic Saint Heretic

    You left out the final 3 stages bro! Listen, you can skip all these stages by approaching sex in a completely different way altogether! I was lucky enough to have a stunningly beautiful, sexy, open minded, down to earth, Latina best friend growing up, I met her when I was 16 and she had turned 15 the day we met, we were both sexual rookies, I had been with 1 women and 1 girl, she had been with 1 guy, and for close to 3 years her and I had what we called an “open lab” relationship/friendship, where we as best friends almost every single day had had sex anyway, any time, and were able to fully without constraints or worry or nervousness, or awkwardness and with it ONLY BEING SEX explore each other, like it was a form of science lab, it was prolly 5-6 months into our 3 year course that we both surpassed at least 95% of the planets population as far as skill and understanding went! At that point we realized that the most important single thing with sex, is the anticipation of sex, up until that point the anticipation of sex had always been the best most fulfilling part of sex as it is for way too many people, especially when it is someone whom youve never slept with!!! Once a man or women fully grasps that, fully understands why it is that way, that person is able to convert the act of sex into what both people have anticipated from start to finish!! When you get two people that have this enlightenment……….HOLY FUCKING SHIT, the selfishness of the imagination in all its glory, combined with the selflessness of providing your partner with everything she has EVER in her
    Life wanted, wished for, desired, including the guilty pleasures and the taboo secret fantasies all rolled into two and a half hours of orgasm after orgasm after orgasm…………Michele and I to this day (25 years later, both have been married with kids and not with eachother) owe eachother for those three years! We still sleep together as often as Possible, we have brought other females into our bubble who were from companies like playboy, have been interviewed by professors of sexuality countless times, have been solicited to work with married
    Couples, but in all honesty as I said prior, 95% of humans that will never drop the ego, selfishness, the expectations, the minuscule amount of knowledge they have and give themselves over To it as we did, they get caught up in these “101 ways” if their extremely lucky they might go To bed with somone who knows what I am speaking Of but even then, it gets mistaken for “better pussy” as you were saying! I sincerely feel bad for every women Ive ever Slept With and for every man she sleeps with after Me, because I know for a fact She’ll never have sex as mind blowing and body melting again unless it’s with me, every time she masturbates she will be thinking/fantasizing of our encounter and of Me, she’ll compare every man after me to me, I am serious when I say “I sincerely feel bad for her and every him after Me” I know some/most will doubt everything I’ve said, just know you are part of the 95%, but for those sexy, beautiful, curious women who want their sex
    Life ruined, I will happily prove my words, hit me up if you are in N.Cali! [email protected] I know there is something beautiful about every single female on this planet, I really believe that, EVERYONE OF
    GODDESS IN MY EYES, but I am only a man after all, and unfortunately I have a semi shallow side! But with that said, I love all women, my standards include all shapes, Sizes, and colors, my only in stone rule is they Can be with 9inches and not be hurt!!


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