“You Smelled Like Sex & Sin”

by John Deus

Please excuse the mediocre editing and formatting of this article. 


It has been long since I updated this blog due to having one hell of a busy life. 

I wish to write more articles and surely I am working on it, I have removed many distractions from my life and kept only what truly matters to me, so now I might be able to push my schedule and free myself to provide more articles and keep in touch with the awesome readers of MySupremacy.com

Regarding the recent events revolving around my identity, I will address it when I feel the time is right. 

But all I can say now is that please do not believe any source claiming to know me, or to have interviewed me. 

I have never been interviewed under my blogging name. My private and public personalities are still completely separated. 

All the speculations and the gossips about my online persona “John Deus” and my supposedly “unhealthy lifestyle” are entirely false. 

They only got one thing right..

Yes my English skills do suck. 

Do not take any information about myself or this blog from anywhere except MySupremacy.com

Moving on to today’s article…

A while ago I was homeless, due to my carelessness and laziness in searching for a new house. 

I spent a good two weeks between hotels, friends houses and the lucky chosen ladies of the night. I roamed around cities in Germany visiting old friends of mine, ex-fuck buddies and so on. 

Not far away from my current city lives an old friend of mine, she is in her late-twenties, newly married. I decided to pay her a visit and crash a night or so in her place to catch up on things in our life. 

I somehow became friends with her new husband a little before they got married and even though he doesn’t really like me – and I totally understand him – he had no problem with me coming and staying in with her while he was working in another city. 

Or at least, that is what she told me… 


While I was staying with her, I had no laptop with me and needed t o do some work,  so she nicely let me use her husband’s.

To my surprise, I discovered that the dude watches a lot of porn

I mean, he got so careless about it that he does not even delete the history anymore. 

I was really curious to know what is up! 

As far as I remember,

That girl was a freak, not just any type of freaks… 

The weekend-long-sex-marthon-5-times-a-day type of freak! 

My favourite. 

So I had to know what is up! 

Her new husband is better looking than me, fit, successful and by all means a respectful gentleman. 

So I had to ask. 

The next morning while having breakfast I innocently asked her How she can survive this long without her husband, it has been 3 days already since he left. 

Was not really my smartest move, for a slight second she thought that things about to get hot and heavy between us, which was not my intention at all. 

My oblivious smile assured her that I am not really trying to start something and I am just curious about her new sex life. 

She said it is not much of a big deal, having him around won’t be that different! 

I had to push it further, I asked her how many times they annoy their neighbors a week? 

Hardly once a week.”  was her answer! 

But why, I remember you as a little nympho, and that cannot possibly change in 3 years!” I added 

It is not the same with him, I mean he is good and all, but you… You just took it!” with a slight smile on her face. 

Go on…” said my ego. 

I don’t know.” She replied with her red blushy cheeks, then walked out of the room. 

We did not speak about it after that, but surely it was on my mind the whole time. 

I had to reflect on that comment coupled with some of my recent fuck ups to see the whole picture. 

It wasn’t due to looks, penis size, how good I am or he is in bed, emotional connection or any of that. 

It was due to a momentary vibe.

Due to a subtle energy that I strongly project. 

It is what made me get her more wet and horny than her husband.

And that energy is “the animal” I talked about in my “Fuck Her Brain Out” Article. 


Right before you sleep with a girl, there is that tension that is flowing in the air. 

That tension will only exist if you attracted her right in the first place. 

While you and a girl are alone in a room, a certain sexual tension will rise between the two of you. 

And the strength of that tension is based on how much of an “Animal” you are. 

Basically, what you want that tension to communicate is

“You might get fucked by me at any moment” 

Yes, “Get Fucked”. 

How do you create that? 

It is a mixture of three things: 

1-Clarity of intent: you made it obvious to the girl through you interaction and body language that what is between you two is a man to woman relationship, and you are interested in her sexually. – more on that in a later article. 

2-Congruence: your thoughts, words and actions are all clear and going in the same direction. you are not trying to impress her, you are not trying to win her over or make her like you, you are a man and she is a woman, and you are making that point clear.

3-Non-neediness: This is the most critical of them all, you are in for having sex with her, but you do not need it. Having the animal vibe doesn’t necessarily mean that every time you are alone with a girl in a room that you both will be fucking each other’s brain out.  99% of the time will end with sex if you develop this vibe right, but if nothing happens, no biggie. 

You have to understand that sex is a primal thing, a girl won’t get wet for you in a logical sense, it is an emotional reaction.

Now you should only act this way with a girl that you have at least kissed and sure there is some kind of attraction going between the two of you.

To summarize that vibe for you in a paragraph. 

If you want to fuck a girl, then act like it. Do not be ashamed of it, do not try to hide it or mask it. If you are not sure what to do, then always take the riskier choice, always go for it, go for the kiss, go for the touch… etc. it is better to be slapped or called a horny douchebag than to become her sexless friend. When you are new to this, you will fuck it up FOR SURE. and it is ok. If things went terribly wrong then just apologize and move on. she will forgive you. But work until you get the vibe right. until you feel her nervousness whenever you are alone with her in a room, how she holds her breath whenever you come close or whenever you are about to touch her. That is how it is supposed to be. Whenever you are alone with her tease the fuck out of her, get close, pretend that you are about to kiss her and stop at the last minute. Bite her neck out of the blue, do not think of your next move, just let it flow naturally, your mind already know how to ravish her, it is your conscious mind that is blocking that Cassanova from coming out to the surface with all you what if bullshit. If you want it to be one hell of a night for both of you, then you must completely let go of the outcome, be completely careless whether or not it worked with you, just express your masculine self and your sexuality the way it is and invite her to join you. But keep in mind that a solid no is a no, a stop is a stop. Always respect her personal space and her choices, if she is uncomfortable with the situation then take the pressure off and give her some space to breathe and then resume. and if she is completely out of your vibe, if she is cold to you… then up to the next one.

The biggest aphrodisiac in the world is someone who genuinely desires her. 

All this will feel uncomfortable and unnatural for you at first. Just push it long enough until you are able to actually let go and trust the animal within you. You will be amazed at how much you can do if you just got out of your head and let your instinct take control, let the animal take control. 

For me, my animal represents a kinky rough fucker. This is what I feel and how I communicate my sexuality to women.  You do not have to be as extreme as me, your animal might be a passionate slow fucker who make love instead of just fuck, and that is ok. 

But those of you who like it rough but are afraid of expressing that.


The difference between raping and ravishing is heart connection. 

Make sure she trusts you and she feels safe around you, and go for it. 

Even the shyest nerdiest girl might be fantasizing about a Dom that will fuck her body numb, you do not know. 

I will write a detailed BDSM tutorial soon for both men and women, and how to tell your partner about your kinks and make them feel safe to share theirs too. 

Stay tuned,

John Deus



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Tom Arrow November 11, 2015 - 4:44 am


Stephen November 11, 2015 - 12:03 pm


MamtooGhandi November 11, 2015 - 5:45 pm

Wow intense stuff!
Glad to have you back john

vince November 12, 2015 - 4:21 am

and a lot of the times you do all three and she seems hot and bothered but she refuses to go further. That’s when you need to perk up and see how she reacted. Was she feeling guilty? (has a bf already), Not wearing the right panties (on her period), automatic reaction which she’ll overcompensate on the next guy :), want to keep her reputation intact. So be ready for plan B…

Nobody November 13, 2015 - 12:52 pm

Nice Work. It’s a good example for what you said in other Article’s.
When you wirte an Articel about BDSm you may consider also that there are Male Subs and Dom Women. I would like to know your view and thinking for that Persons.

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:56 am

I am not into the male sub thing. I cant give my opinion on it since I can’t view myself that way.

Led Habell December 14, 2015 - 7:28 am

First of all, you are a god amongst men.

Alright, now we know how to act and talk with women like a MAN. I don’t know if this is related or not, but I’ve always been a bit of a loner, and I’m afraid it’s taken it’s toll; how do I talk to other guys, as a MAN? Bear in mind, I’m a straight male. And thanks John.

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:29 am

Thanks, I have picked this comment as comment of the week.

Please refer to my instagram page for the answer.


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