by John Deus


I am going to reveal to you the single most important App you can ever own.

This app will help you achieve great things in life; it might not be able to get you laid directly, but you will notice immediate improvements in most areas of your life!

This app will change your life, and guess what?

It is entirely free.

This app will change your life!THIS APP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

The app is

The alarm clock.

Yes, the default alarm clock app that everyone has.

The one you use to wake up daily.

It is crucial to use the same app that you always use to wake up, and here is why:

Changing your life is a serious business, it is a step every single one of us will need to take at least once in our life.

To change your life, you have to make major changes to a lot of things, and these changes will antagonize your subconscious.

You need to understand this if you ever want to change and better your life.

Too much change at once will confuse your brain, and this confusion will lead to anxious anger, this anger will cause you to give up on the journey and go back to your old habits.

I believe that this is one of the main reason people fail at changing their lives.

If you make many changes to your daily routine, you will alienate yourself and make it feel uncomfortable, and so it will seek comfort in the old habits.

To start a successful self-improvement journey, you have to understand that you are not as strong as your emotions, and probably you will never be.

It will take a lifetime of training and meditation to tame your emotions.

And I mean tame your emotions slightly.

If you want to use the limited time you have on this earth and achieve incredible things, then you have to find your limits and play within them.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, and you have little self-control, then there is no amount of motivation or self-talk that will get you to stick to your diet if you are hungry and starving.

Your emotions will win over you and so, you will eat everything in sight.

So what do you do?

Simple, you don’t let yourself get that hungry, you don’t awaken the beast.

You have a certain threshold of hunger that you can tolerate, after that threshold, your motivation will break.

You have to be very aware of your limits and the little things that push you over the edge.

When you start your journey to becoming a better you, most of your efforts will be spent on making sure that you are playing within the rules of your emotions, you are not crossing a line here or there.

Constancy is key.

So, how come that the alarm clock is the app that will change your life?

The alarm clock app is the first tool to help you bend your current situation to work for you.

It is how you manipulate your current situation to improve without making your brain freak the fuck out because of all the changes.

There are a lot of great apps on the Appstore that are designed to help you improve in various areas in your life, but they rarely ever work.


Because other than the effort you have to make to stick to the new way of life, you will have to make extra effort to get used to this app, and this is a major issue.

If you ever studied or heard of a subject calledUser Experience,” this will resonate with you.

User experience is a vital topic when you want to design a successful app; it is what usually makes or breaks an app.

When you use a new app, the app will cause you a type of confusion until you get used to it, and since your whole journey of self-improvement and bettering yourself is causing you confusion, you do not need to add to it any more negative emotions.

Using the default alarm clock app that you always use will not set off any confusion in your brain, you know how to set it on and off, you know how to schedule it, set the tones, etc.

Now, how can you use this app to be the app that will change your life?

Easy, you set multiple alarms/reminders for each day to assure that you are sticking to your goal and making the pair minimum effort you have to make every day to move towards your goal!

We are a few days away from the new year eve, and I have decided to write a chain of articles detailing in small chunks what you have to do and understand to help you make your new year resolutions a reality.

I am explaining here in today’s article one basic thing to understand and one basic thing to do. To achieve the goals, you are setting for yourself.

The basic thing to understand is just like I explained above; you will never win going head to head with your emotions.

Unless you are going through extreme cases, such as recovering from heartbreak, war scenarios or such severe cases, you will not be able to look your emotions in the eye and tell them to shut the fuck up.THIS APP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

That will not happen.

Sure, you can slowly train your willpower to be that powerful, using tricks like cold showers and morning-with-empty-stomach runs. But until you push yourself to these limits, you will have to respect the power of your emotions and not to provoke it.

Anything that pushes you over the edge is to be avoided, know your limits and play within them, and focus only on one thing at a time to not cause confusion.



The basic thing to do is, to start using the app mentioned above, the alarm clock, in a way that will make it the app that will change your life.

I can’t cover every possible goal you would like to achieve, but I will tell you how to use this app in a way that will help you achieve the most common goal “Weight loss/getting in shape” and all the commonalities with other goals.

Now the Alarm Clock is an app originally made to wake you up, and this will be our first use.

I am by no means an early bird, in fact, I do hate the morning because I usually go to bed so damn late.

But, I believe that the most optimal time to wake up is at 06:00 am.

Regardless if it is a work day or holiday, wake up at 6.

Or to be more general in case that your job or day starts at 6, wake up 2 hours before you have to leave the house.

If your job starts at six, then wake up at 4, and if your day starts much later than that, then keep it at 6.

So step 1, Set your alarm to 6 AM.

Break your snooze button addiction, do not set it at 5:45, 5:55, 6:00, 6:12 .., etc.

No set it at 6. and six only.

Before going to sleep, talk to yourself about the fact that you are waking up at 6, and try to amp up your emotional state. Think of how awesome it will fell when your life starts to change. Experience the narcissistic pleasure of knowing that you are up and starting your day while the rest are asleep. Enjoy the calmness of the world around you at that hour.

Put your alarm clock out of reach, set it to as loud as it gets, and train your brain to get used to this rhythm and go to bed earlier.

You can also look try polyphasic sleep

Now, you woke up at 6. Great!

Get out of bed, wash your face, take a shower, brush your teeth, do your morning thing and just before you get dressed, do a 10 minutes meditation session.

And by the fancy word “Meditation.” I mean just shut up, stop anything from making any noises, go to a quiet place in the house, set comfortably and just empty your brain for 10 minutes, do not think of anything, just take deep breaths and enjoy the present.

You will instinctively shift toward thinking of random stuff, and whenever that happens, get your mind back to the “thoughts free” zone.

It will feel weird at first, but with time you will get used to it.

So, step two, set the alarm for your meditation session, usually, it will be 06:30 because getting out of bed and washing and stuff will take about 30 minutes.

Now, get a drink (Optional)

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I prefer coffee, but drink whatever you like.

It can’t be SWEET.

Do not drink something sweet upon waking up, unlesss it is a medicine or the doctors have instructed you to do so.

Drink something bitter, like strong coffee or unsweetened tea, and that is because bitter drinks bring your awareness to your mouth, it over emphasizes that feeling of presence you get from meditation.

It is important to avoid listening to sad music, regardless how much you love listening to them – you damn emo.

Listen to fast beats, happy songs, these couple of hours after waking up will set up the rhythm of your day.

I am not a fan of breakfast, but if you had to eat something, eat something light.

I prefer to fast because and it feels amazing, pumps up your hormones and wakes you up better than munching food.

Anyway, get dressed and go on about your day.

Now we will talk about the other alarms, and they are goal dependent, so I won’t be able to give you exactly when to set them up, but here is how to set the up for the most success.

Set anytime this week and think of what you are trying to achieve, break it down to goals, and set a priority to these goals.

Now find the goal you want to achieve that can be reached easily without many complications or confusion, and start with it.

Focus 90% of your effort to sticking to that goal.

Your first goal should also be the one that will bring you the most happiness if achieved.

And it is not necessary the most critical part of the bigger goal you have in mind.

So for most people, it is getting in shape.THIS APP WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

That is because getting in shape is a straightforward plan, obvious and easily broken down into achievable steps and milestones.

Also, getting in shape will pump your state up so much that it will make it much easier to stick to harder goals in life.

And finally getting in shape is the strongest and most obvious evidence to your brain that what you are doing is helping you progress as an individual, and it is proof that you can achieve great things just by setting your mind to it.

So, unless you have a clear and precise idea and plan for another bigger goal, I would recommend that you focus most of your effort on getting in shape first.

How to use the alarm clock to help you achieve that goal?

Well, I am not going to write a plan for weight loss or weight gain now, I did write one already, read it or google plans and find the one that suits your taste.

After all, it is not about the best plan; it is about sticking to it.

After finding the best diet plan, set up alarms to your meal times, your training time and follow them religiously.

Set a different tone for each event and make sure to name it in a way that will clarify what is the purpose of this alarm while at the same time pumps you up to get up your ass and do what the alarm message is instructing you to do.

You can add motivational quotes to your alarm name, whatever works for you.

But do not let yourself down, please?

Do not let us down.

We, the world needs you to start achieving great things in your life, regardless of how selfish these goals are, it will always be heartwarming to see another happy individual enjoying his life.

Make it happen, make it happen.

This article is one of many articles coming before the new year eve; I am trying to dump all my knowledge and experience in self-transformation here so we, including myself, will start the year sticking to our goals and making them happen.

I like the new year resolution because it takes the burden to track how many days you have been kicking ass away from you.

Let the days count for you.

01/01/2017, the day you decided to make it happen.

With a loud “fuck yea!”


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aurel December 23, 2016 - 12:16 am

in the morning is good to have a breakfast, especially a no-fat and no-meat breakfast – it is good for your brain and it gives you energy. eating meat in the morning is a hard-digestion process and it will only make you sleepy/moody.
just after waking up, a glass or two of water – for cleaning the digestive system and replacing the water lost in the night by sweating.
and no coffee or cigarettes at all 🙂
all the best.

Anon December 23, 2016 - 11:02 pm

Wow, that was great john!
Thank you!


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