Supreme Body :Tips To Stick To Your Diet

by John Deus

Tips To Stick To Your Diet.

Sticking to a diet might be very difficult, yet very rewarding. It is more difficult to stick to a fat-loss diet than it is to stick to a weight-gain one. Yes, both share some difficulty, but losing weight is the tougher bitch

In this article. I will share a tip on ‘How to stick to your diet’, exactly ‘Why you give up on your diet’, even though two days ago you were sure that you are 100% motivated. 

You have to understand that you need a lifestyle change, not a diet. if you are dieting because you have a photo shoot in 30 days, and you have to drop to 3% BF, then this is a diet. If you are dieting to drop your weight down to a reasonable healthy one, then that is a lifestyle change. 

You have to change your eating habits to meet the body you want and not the body you have. being ripped with a low BF percentage take out the privilege of eating MacDonald until you vomit, choose one or the other, but you can’t choose both. 

A reality check for everyone: you are very likely to gain back the weight you have lost when you stop dieting and resume your old eating habits.

Dieting doesn’t work in the long run, it is a little depressing I know, this is why lots of people fail along the way.

If you want to actually have the body of your dreams, you have to reconstruct your whole lifestyle, that is a price you have to pay.

Losing/Gaining weight requires time, lots of time. don’t aim to lose more than 2 pounds a week, it is a reasonable, healthy, and achievable number.

Aiming to lose too much weight on a weekly basis won’t last, considered dangerous, and cause you depression and frustration.

Understand that it takes time. be happy if you lost more than 2 pounds (=1 kg), but don’t place your hopes to always lose that much, and most importantly, don’t get depressed if you didn’t lose that much.

Stick to your plans, it will take time but every day you are seeing a new you, a better you. 

Being supreme means that you’re different from the norm. being supreme means that you do something others simply can’t do.

Fall in love with difficulties facing you, it will teach you a lot about yourself.

Drive pleasure from this pain -kinda fucked up I know-.enjoy having it the hard way. love the fact you are doing something that 80% of everyone who ever tried, have failed miserably.

But you are different, you will get it through. it is simple, it is clear, but it is not easy, and that is the beauty of it. 

Be obsessed. Be obsessed with losing weight. some of you will think that this is a bad idea, but being obsessed with your goals is the only way to achieve them.

Grow an obsession with dieting, working out and everything fitness. dedicate this time of your life to get this one thing out-of-the-way.

Don’t focus on multiple things at once, you will fail at them equally.

Start with the most important thing for you, what knocks in your head? what is holding you back?

 Work on it first, get good at it, and then move to your next obsession.

Stick To Your Diet, HOT GUY

-Steps to identify the best eating plan for you, and stick to your diet: 

1-Observe your eating pattern: when was the last time you cheated on your diet? how did it happen? and why?
When was the last time you over-ate?  was it whole day of eating? or was it one meal?
Look for what makes you eat a lot, is it because you were very hungry? or depressed? or you just go out with friends a lot?. 
When you identify exactly why, when and how your obsessive eating patterns happen, you can easily pinpoint the problem and counter it with a reasonable eating plan.
For example, let’s say that you eat a lot right before you sleep and you eat obsessively because you didn’t eat well during the day.  you over-ate on the last meal of the day. Then a reasonable good diet approach would be Intermittent Fasting plan, where you fast during the day and have your eating window late at night, this would be easier for you to follow. Since the problem in the above-mentioned example was both inability to eat early in the morning, and inability to time multiple meals during the day.
If you eat few unhealthy snacks throughout the day, the best approach for you is the 6-meals a day approach, where you change unhealthy snacks into healthy low-calorie ones, and eat them through the day. thus, you don’t have to change your lifestyle that much. Look for a plan that go with your old eating habits, just customize them to fit new healthy standards. 
2-Identify your favourite type of food: are you into carbs or a meat lover? this way you can decide the perfect eating plan for you, should it be high protein, low carbs or med. carbs, med protein, low-fat? and so on. 


3-Pick a day to be your official cheat day: have a piece of paper with you day-to-day, and whenever you want to eat something bad, just write it down and eat it on a pre-determined day “Cheat Day”. this way you don’t deny yourself anything, but rather delay it to another day. This way your mind won’t go on obsessing about your favourite food because you promised it that you will have it on THAT day. 

Stick to your diet and new lifestyle, it is a bit difficult at first, give it a couple of weeks and it will no longer bother you.

Stop repeating the same fucking cycle, every time you give up on your diet you give up on yourself. don’t give up on yourself. understand that every day you’re becoming someone new, someone better. days are going by any way, make them pass for something.

Those Are The Tips To Stick To your Diet!

Keep it up Gentlemen,

John Deus

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