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by John Deus


Being unable to understand why a girl wants nothing to do with you seem to be a common problem among men nowadays. While there are certain types men who have women running heads over heals for, the vast majority of guys seem to just fall away.

The question is, why aren’t you like that? Why aren’t you one of those chick magnets?

Is it because you don’t have enough muscles or maybe your wallet is not big enough

Maybe its just that some men naturally draw girls to them? We are positive that certain types of men do! So, with no further ado, Here is a list of some of the types of men that women flock over! 

  1. The Life of the Party Guy

Imagine this, a huge party, filled with stunning girls! How cool is that?

Well, for most, it wont be that awesome, because as we all know, there will be probably more guys around, and you will end up buried in between the masses, only a selected few of men can stand out in such situation, and these guys are known as “Life of the party” and they come off as insanely attractive!  

We have all met these dying breed at least once, those guys who stand out from the crowed way early in the night, far before it gets crowded. You see them chatting everyone, the party hosts, the guests, the DJ, EVERYONE.

That type of guys seem to have the music in them, they are so well tuned with the vibe of the party, nothing too dull or too obnoxious, just perfect. If you look closely at what they do you will notice that they are pretty good with drinks, know what pumps them up and know their limit. You see them working the fields not just to try and hook up themselves but rather to get others to mingle too!  

They always get invited to parties because they are so reliable and dependable, they act like the hosts right hand, always their for them to fix the inevitable shit storm that comes with house parties. They know how to handle the complicated strategies because of how much experience they have, as they say, a party a day will teach you how to keep the assholes away and have a good time!

While having all that at play, they somehow pull off a stunning sense fashion, an admirable groundness and a well rounded personality, they never make a fool of themselves, and never be a pushover or a try hard. 

Do you see yourself as one of them? 

Girls find guys who are always ready to have a good time and know everybody around irresistible. He is always the center of attention. He makes her laugh a lot, and she never feels bored hanging with him. The most important thing, he easily makes friends with her friends, which is already 80% of successful relationships. Mind that girls like discussing their boyfriends. A guy who is not just her boyfriend, but a good friend with her friends, lowers the risk of being discussed.


  1. The Romantic Guy

This is a main protagonist of each and every stupid romance book that tops New York Publishers Weekly best-sellers list. It’s a main hero of another romantic movie she will drag you to watch against your will…  He always shows up with flowers. He always plans the most romantic Valentine’s Day celebration ever. Basically, it’s the guy who is in love with being in love.

To be fair, Romantic guys get a bit of a bad rap in the mainstream media. They’re often dismissed as being too feminine, soft or “gay” (like that’s a bad thing in itself), but in reality, women go nuts for men with a sensitive side, and the dismissal of Romantic men is, frankly, is just out of men’s pure ego — think of how attractive many women find Drake, Adrian Brody and Justin Bieber, for example.

Sensitivity, again, is something you can cultivate, and it boils down to the little things, like listening and remembering things your girlfriend tells you, and then proving it in small ways later. It also involves being in touch with your feelings and those of other people, and communicating honestly and openly. Most of the world’s best music, writing and acting comes from a place of sensitivity, and, generally speaking, no one could honestly claim that musicians, writers and actors aren’t successful with women. 

Do you see yourself as one of them?

Being a romantic guy is risky business, it is just inches away from being cringe worthy, although many men would like this approach deep down, it will drag you with it to the cringe land unless you pay extra attention to your feelings and consult your logic in every move. 

  1. The Mans Man
A man’s man” has qualities other men admire; he is a man other men would like to be, a man who enjoys activities which require physical as well as mental strength and stamina; however, the definition is not stuck in some macho paralysis as the qualities that make a man are changing and being revamped from time to time. John Wayne may have a man’s man at one time, but for this day and age, he would be seen as too conformist and black and white in his views. Independence, integrity, self-sufficiency, ground-breaking vision, brave physically and morally, and loyal to other men to an occasional fault are relevant qualities of a man’s man.
“A man’s man” will stand up for another man rather than cave to some dishonest demands of a close female; a man’s man would do what’s best for another guy without taking undue advantage, evidencing a certain nobility; a man’s man doesn’t always grin and bear it as honesty about one’s limitations defines the character of a man and engenders the trust of other men. He withstands the peer pressure of women and other men when it is falsely leveraged against him.

Do you see yourself as one of them?

True masculinity has become distorted. A man’s man doesn’t beat people up to show how tough he is, however, he definitely knows how to take care of himself and defend others. He’s respected by both men and women, he can diffuse a tense situation with his mouth or fists.

A man’s man takes care of his family, takes care of his friends, and is the best he can be. He looks out for himself second, yet always takes care of his shit. He doesn’t whine, complain, wish he were someone else or in someone else’s shoes. He’s his own man and makes the most of whatever cards he’s been dealt.

A man’s man is reliable, dependable, and spontaneous.

In the end, every girl is different from the other, and the type of guys that some women are instantaneously attracted to won’t raise another woman’s pulse whatsoever. Have you ever heard a group of women sitting around and debating whether Drake is attractive? Some of them want him to immediately fuck her brain out, and others can’t fathom letting him touch them. That’s exactly the point: There’s so much room for subjectivity and personal preference here.

There are clusters of qualities that are widely attractive, like the ones I’ve detailed above. But no matter who you are, you have some combination of qualities that will be irresistible to at least a few of the three and a half billion or so women on earth. That’s not feel-good nonsense, it’s just hard facts.

So, whatever it is that’s good about you — your sense of style, your wit, your in-depth knowledge of bee colonies or your ability to bench press a small car — someone will be delighted by that, and she just might be the woman of your dreams. A lot of relationship advice exhorts you to simply “be yourself”, and that’s partly true, but it’s important not to rest on your laurels; instead, you want to be the best possible version of yourself. Hone your talents, brush up on your sensitivity, brush your hair, and bask in the adoring attention of women everywhere — or, at least, one somewhere!


Now, have you recognized yourself in any of those types? No? So, no gravity = no love? Eternal loneliness caused by nature? No need to get depressed. Go to https://romancecompass.com/gallery/ and find a girl, who is able to see, who you really are. In the end, those who are looking for love are seeking a soulmate, and soulmates tend to be drawn regardless of your type.

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