How To Get Motivated: Logic Vs. Emotions

by John Deus
how to get motivated

Motivation: Logic Vs. Emotions

Ever wondered why motivation hits you most right around bedtime or late at night?

Ever wonder why it never lasts?

Ever wondered why get motivated for a couple of days and then it all disappears, vanishes into the non-existence?

Why do you always go back to Ground Zero?

Losing weight, building muscle, approaching girls, having a positive attitude towards life, making money, starting a business… etc.

These are the reasons you search for motivation on YouTube, looking for that one video to kick-start your next short motivational burst, for it to fail again and again. 

And then you just repeat the same god damn cycle.

How To Get Motivated? 

Motivation: Logic Vs. Emotions

Motivation, it is what we seek to get shit done. It is what we ‘Think’ we need to start doing something, to achieve a goal. 

You watch 100’s of motivational videos online, read articles and listen to motivational speakers. It sends doses of adrenaline down your bloodstream, a feeling of “I can” and “This is it” fills up your head. Hope brightens your journey, suddenly your goal is ACHIEVABLE & EASY.

For it to all fade away within the next 24 hours, everything, the feelings, the certainty is suddenly GONE, and you’re back hopeless and frustrated. 

What is the problem?  why isn’t it working?

You review the process again and again…

Great Motivational Speaker … CHECK!
Great Video Editing … CHECK!
Enough Sources of information about the topic of interest … CHECK!

If it was about the presentation or the content, Tony freaking Robins, or Ray Goddamn Lewis would be enough for this whole world to be motivated.

But it is not the content nor the presentation, It is how you view Motivation.

You look at motivation as it is a freaking object, hidden somewhere, behind some nice words mixed with a strong delivery of, what usually is, a punch of hype-you-up nonsense!

Motivation: Logic Vs. Emotions

Logic vs. Emotions, there lies the answer.

Think of your last motivational high. The last time you had your muscle tighten up a bit. The last time you had all those emotions flowing in your brain. Your last “THIS IS IT!”… Try to bring it back as strongly as possible, heck! go watch that video that always gets to you, that pictures that make you shiver, blast your favorite pre-workout music…

Focus on the state you are in right now – if you tried hard enough to do what I have just told you –, does it remind you of a similar feeling? very, very similar? 

The last couple of seconds before busting a nut maybe?

Your last drug-induced high?

Maybe, maybe something else. But it should be clear to you that Motivation is actually an emotional state – no shit Sherlock! – and yet you view it, in your mind, as a logical thought that has to be understood. Like a math problem or a training session for some new skill, you try to focus more every time you repeat your Moti-strubation cycle.

Understand this… motivation is an emotional state. Most humans cannot control emotions. Most humans are slaves to their own emotions.

There is nothing wrong with that – for now!,  the problem is that you have to deal with motivation like you deal with emotions (More on dealing with emotions Here) you have to accept it as an emotional state.

As Humans we can’t maintain emotions, emotions are triggered by external forces. For us to feel an emotion we need to somehow trigger it, and that is why you get motivated when you watch some motivational videos and it fades away  right after. 

For you to be constantly motivated, you have to constantly watch motivational videos and such. This could be a good short-term strategy, but on the long run, it will fall off. 

So, What can you do to constantly be motivated? 

Attach it to a feeling, not to an object. Face it with another emotion.

Tie it to one of your emotions instead of this picture or that video…

And my favorite emotion to be motivated by is… ANGER.

Motivation: Logic Vs. Emotions

Logic Vs Motivation how to get motivated

You have been told: “just be happy

Screw that, happy people don’t change, happy people don’t strive. Why work hard if you have already reached the goal? happiness.

Be Angry… be pissed off.. be very, very pissed off, not at anyone or anything, but at yourself.

Feel the heat fills your body,  grunt like a damn lion.

Be Angry… be Angry you didn’t achieve what you want so far. Be Angry for every time you let yourself down. Be Angry because you’re not a king yet. Be Angry you haven’t reached supremacy yet. Be pissed because, because your life is ending second by second and you’re not there yet. Be pissed today… Be pissed now… and be pissed forever.

Then, whenever you’re pissed, you’re motivated. Whenever you start losing motivation, you get pissed off because you are losing your shit, so you get back to being motivated. A beautiful chain of events that are more able to maintain itself, with a bit of force driven by you.


I‘m happy now, still pissed but happy! I was pissed off first then I reached happiness… This how it is supposed to happen.

Being angry doesn’t mean you don’t smile, laugh or have a good time, it means you are chasing excellence, chasing Supremacy. Never satisfied… pissed off for greatness. Otherwise, you’re OK with being mediocre, and if you are… then is no place for you.

This is the standards I base my motivation on, I realize fully that motivation is a product of my emotions and thus it will adhere to the laws of my emotions, and the most prominent is “It never lasts”. that’s the main point in the logic vs emotions argument, your logical and conscious thinking lasts much longer than your emotions, plan accordingly.

Share the wisdom Gentlemen.

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 John Deus

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milan February 21, 2015 - 11:13 pm

How to provide that anger enough to make it as fuel?

John Deus February 21, 2015 - 11:31 pm

many ways to go about that.
you have to assess where you currently stand in life, and where you want to go.
If you are looking for anger to fuel your life transformation, then hit rock bottom.
But if you are looking for anger to keep you going with what you are doing, then be angry at yourself for not being there yet, be angry every time you slack off, every time you do not give it all you got.
Don’t let that fucker inside your head talk you down from doing things you want to do just because they appear uncomfortable. be anger at the coward I n your head telling you to relax, play a video game instead of hitting the gym.

Hope this helps,

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