Good Night’s Sleep Makes a Man More Attractive

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Can sleep make you more attractive?

Many things can make a man attractive, but can something as simple as sleep make a man more attractive? 

Sleep is essential for your overall health, that’s a given, but today let us explore the connection between sleep and attractiveness, apart from mental sharpness and a general good vibe, your looks will be more improved by a good night sleep, and here is how.

We all had that sleepless nights, maybe out partying late, and maybe it is dreaded insomnia, and as you remember, the next day you most likely did not describe yourself as “feeling great!”, and probably you even felt a slight change in the way you looks.

Good night sleep is for me the number one factor in my mental sharpness and thought process during the day, if I had anything less than 4 hours of sleep there is no amount of Redbull that can get me to act the way I do when I sleep well. 

Let us go on and explore the major ways sleep impact the elements of your attractiveness:

How Sleep impact fitness?

I might come off as a bit extreme here, but for me, if I am not sleeping well I might as well stop going to the gym altogether, why waste time? 

Building muscles is next to impossible without some quality sleep. All the magic happens while you are asleep, and there are no supplements to make up for that!

Muscles are not built by just the “tearing” part, the “putting it back together” part is arguably more important, and that happens mostly when you are asleep. 

Other than muscles, your hormones will go whack if you did not have quality sleep for a while, it is crazy to think that humans adopted to all the crazy changes in the routine of our life but kept your sleep schedule sacred, untouched and even inflexible! 

REM sleep is the magical stage that your body just cannot do without, from normal cell function to hormonal balance all the way to brain function and memory, they need sleep, good quality sleep! 

How Sleep impacts your skin

Ever heard of the expression “Beauty Sleep”? well, I am here to tell you that there is a lot of wisdom in that, regardless of how privileged that expression comes off, you and me, we need our beauty sleep, or in other words, good quality sleep. 

If you look back to your finals week in college, or a busy week at the office where you had to work over hours and put aside sleep hours, you will so clearly remember how bad your skin looked, it always ends up either too oily, too dry or too buffy, no one ever told you that you looked great when you did not sleep well, it doesn’t happen, and the effects are to clear to ignore! 

The hormones that repair and rebuild your muscles after you exercise also help rebuild your skin. During deep sleep, your tissues will increase cell production and slow the breakdown of valuable proteins. This process repairs the damage that happens to your skin during your day to day activities, including from stress and ultraviolet rays that are known to accelerate your aging process.

A week or two of bad sleep might cause you to see wrinkles, especially around the eyes, and we know that wrinkles should always be on your red flag, and we should do what we can to try and fight it, and that fight starts with good sleep.

How Sleep impact your stress levels

If I asked you what you think poses the most danger to your health? is it a bad diet or not enough physical activity? well, they are both factors but usually, it is the stress that really gets to us, and stress, especially when it is not managed, doesn’t play around and goes directly for the damage. 

There are few things that we can do to cut stress, as I find that most of it comes from unforeseen circumstances, and knowing that why would you ever want to make it even worse by not sleeping well?

Sleep stress problem is a vicious circle, one causes the other and the other makes the first worse! if you get caught in that circle ti will be very hard to snap out of it! 

Stressed people are not attractive, lack of good sleep amplifies your stress levels, do this equation on your own! 

How sleep impacts your weight 

Hinting back to the first point in this post, this should come as no surprise, bad fitness bad weight management, still, lack of quality sleep goes beyond just hindering your fitness level and directly contribute to weight gain! 

Yes, if you are not getting quality sleep consistently, then that will cause weight gain. When you’re sleep-deprived, your metabolism slows, your hormones act up and this triggers an extra appetite making the problem even worse. Even processing food becomes less efficient causing all sorts of digestion problems! 

Your lack of mental sharpness and awareness makes you more likely to make bad decisions, and here bad decisions mean eating all sorts of junk food, overeating, and snacking late at night! 

Lacking quality sleep well definitely lead to eating disorders, in the long run, keep that in mind! 

How sleep impacts your overall health

Heart disease, Heart attack, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Stroke, and Diabetes are just a few of the awful disorders linked DIRECTLY to lack of sleep, and after all the overmentioned points, I find it hard to gather more words to talk about how awful it is to deprive yourself of a good night sleep, so lets us just drop it at that! 


How you can improve your sleep

Here are some tips to help you score some consistent quality sleep

  • Make enough time for it: I know, the world is moving too fast, it is hard to keep up, and all of us wish for a 32 hours a day so maybe we can fit half of the things we are supposed to do in there, but well, that is not going to happen, and I can safely assure you that there is absolutely nothing worth doing over your health and attractiveness, make time for quality sleep, everything comes in second. 
  • No screen time in bed: Screens, screens everywhere, that is how my days are starting to feel, it is like 80% of my day is somehow spent around a screen, whether I like it or not! and we know that the light coming off screens, regardless of how small they are, has significant implications on the quality of the sleep that you will be getting, so definitely do not bring any screen with you to the bed! 
  • invest in your sleep environment: a good mattress, a good bed, well-aired room, and pitch-black darkness, make it happen. 
  • Talk to specialists: when it is all said and done, there will be some things outside of our control that we need to adjust for to make sure we are getting the best out of our sleep, so I would strongly recommend you to find a sleep specialist or a simply consult with your doctor and see what tests and what habits you need to make to assure yourself that everything is ok and you are getting the best quality sleep there is. 


Go ahead, treat yourself with some cozy, comfy sleep tonight.

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Jack September 30, 2017 - 1:10 pm

I need that bed in my life.

Nate September 30, 2017 - 1:10 pm

My friend’s been bedridden for years, what a player.

Morg September 30, 2017 - 1:11 pm

Good sleep can make you a lot of good things …

10PsP01 September 30, 2017 - 1:11 pm

Eh….where I’m from… Girls prefer guys who look sleepy and messy over the well groomed guy….But I can’t do messy so I maintain a balance between both
Are the girls weird from the place I’m from? Or are there other places with the same type too?


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