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The Four Pillars of Men’s Health

Four Pillars of Men's Health

Another great post from Mathews McGarry, he already wrote one guest post here at, his former article is titled “Break Your Weakness With A Hammer“, Check It Out.

In today’s article, Mathews will walk us through the four pillars of men’s health according to his views. the family, 

The family, The faith, The finance, The Fitness.  

He shortly but greatly underlines the importance in each of them.  


The Four Pillars of Men’s Health

No, this article is not about the magazine Men’s Health. It is about being a healthy man who will not get all wheezy and panting when picking up something weighing over 3 pounds.

No one likes to see that.

Now, some of these pillars of men’s health might surprise you or even make you wonder how you are supposed to fit them into your manly lifestyle, but stick with me and you’ll find out they can actually be even more than just staying healthy and at peak performance.

#1 – Family

For many guy’s guys, a big part of their identity is that feeling they are these solitary animals who come and go as they please, who don’t get tied down and who are ready to leave everything behind in 30 seconds if they feel the heat coming around the corner, as De Niro said in the best movie conversation of all time.

And when we’re talking about being cool, you can’t really beat the solitary, silent figure who trusts no one and gets things done.

When we’re talking health, however, this is simply not the best idea. It is a well-known fact that people who spend time with their family score better in mood tests and are thus less likely to experience the negative effects of stress.

There are even studies that show that married people are outright healthier than single people. Of course, this is not saying you should go out right now and marry the first girl you see, but you might definitely want to reconsider your lone gunman thing. If that is your thing, of course.

#2 – Faith

Okay, a huge disclaimer is needed here – the goal of this article is definitely not to convert anyone to anything. Still, people have done studies and they have been quite solid.

For example, there is a study that says being a believer can lower your blood pressure. Another study talks about a better immune system in religious people. There are also studies that show increased life satisfaction and even a longer life expectancy. You can read about the studies here.

Even if you find organized religion a bit of a drag, you can still believe in something. Most of us do anyway, so it’s not a huge leap after all.

#3 – Finance

Unless you live in Cuba or one of those mega rich socialist countries in Scandinavia, I’ve got bad news for you. Your health is going to depend on your wealth.

It will start with what you eat, which is always a huge factor in staying healthy. How wealthy you are will also influence where you live, which can have insane effects on how healthy you are. When you are wealthy, it is also much easier to find the time to work out and enjoy things that are not the stress-inducing, back-breaking 9-to-5 chase for money.

That is not even counting the actual medical stuff that we all need at one point or another in our lives. With the absolutely ridiculous prices of healthcare in the Western world, people who are financially-challenged are all but left to this article’s second pillar.

#4 – Fitness

You cannot stay healthy unless you work out.

If you will take only one lesson from this article, then let it be this one. You cannot stay healthy unless you work out.

If you are in your twenties, this may seem like old man talk, but it really isn’t. You’ve gotta work out to stay in shape, to avoid getting fat and clogging your arteries with Marlon Brando-levels of cholesterol.

There is no need to even cite you the studies that show working out is essential to your health. Everyone knows this. However, there is a big difference between knowing something and actually doing something about it. Do something about it. Stay healthy.

Even if you are not that interested in staying healthy, you need to work out to look great. Flabby dudes don’t fly anymore. Everyone works out. Everyone is ripped. Supplements like optimum nutrition gold standard whey are not for professional bodybuilders or athletes anymore. They are for everyone who wants to get ripped.

And healthy.

In short, if you really want to be healthy, you need to become a married millionaire monk who works out 12 hours a day. Since it is unlikely you will make this happen, you might want to try at least some of the stuff.

By Mathews McGarry

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