Get a promotion: How To Advance Quickly in Your Career!

by John Deus

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Everyone is looking to get a promotion at work as fast as possible, the benefits of climbing the company’s ladder fast are just so seductive, so promising.

The more you climb up, the more money you make, the more prestigious titles you get, and your overall life gets much better.

That ultimate goal, so elusive yet so confusing.

I was raised to believe that the top tier positions of any company are predetermined to certain people due to their race, religion, political view, height, attractiveness, etc.

Fucking Illuminati man, you know what I mean! △△△

I am here to assure you that the CEO of the company you are working for along with all the managerial board are where they are not because of the above-mentioned reasons, they are where they are because they have what is needed to fulfill their role, and in this article I will tell you exactly what it is, and how to get it.

I am going to reveal the secret to getting a promotion really fucking fast!

Here is the full guide to kicking ass without kissing ass.

Get A Promotion FAST!

I am a freelancer and an entrepreneur, I have been so most of my life, and I am planning to stay so for as long as I can pull it off.

The only rare occasions I got employed was due to either getting my work ethics back on track, some serious financial disaster, or just because I want to see some professionals at work and learn from them.

My last official employment was a little over 8 months ago, It was in Frankfurt – Germany.

I worked for one of the biggest banks in the world.

I started… as an intern, and in 8 months I was a project manager for a huge duo project between the bank and IBM, after 3 more months, I left the bank.


I remember about three months into my internship I got a call from the Cheif Technology Officer of the bank to set up a meeting between the two of us, the stunned look on my supervisors face (Who is a VP btw) when I told him who I was going to meet in hours was just priceless.

How To Get A Promotion?

If I told my story, you will think that you understood how all this happened, but you would be very mistaken.

My story is so similar to many stories of people achieving great success in their career.

But it is not the events that happened with me that made all this possible, it is what happened in between the highlights.

I will start with my story and then break down what you think happened and cause my very fast career improvement, and after that, I will explain why your deductions are mistaken and will reveal to you exactly what you can do to get a promotion fast!

My story with the bank began in November, I started working as an intern in Performance & Managment reporting.

My daily task was to open up the reports and REFRESH THEM!

That was it, really.

Just open a damn excel file, refresh it, save it and close it.

I had to do that for 643 reports, yeah…

643 damn reports.

That was my retarded task.

I am a very lazy dude, I am usually impatient, and god damn nothing makes me as angry as feeling like I am literally wasting my life.

You cannot deny that this task was soul sucking!

So what did I do?

Complain and spend my time browsing the internet?

Partly 🙂
But to get over the pain of this awful task, I created a very simple code and added it to the windows task scheduler, it ran automatically refreshing the reports every day, and thus I got to regain my soul!

After this, I laid back and enjoyed my time, and because I am so cool, they decided to boost my corporate title to a senior level.

No, that surely wasn’t what happen.

After I implemented the code, I got the free time I need to understand what the hell is going on!

What the hell am I refreshing?

Why is this task so soul-sucking yet easily automated? Why haven’t anyone automated it before me?

The code was super easy, the results were granted and there are plenty of people in my team with sharp programming skills!

After some investigation, I found out that the reports I am refreshing are mostly KPI’s for the board of directors and above.

The reports were very unstructured, lacked any actual method to monitor them, and no one had any clue which report was useful and which report was not!

We are talking about one of the BIGGEST banks in the world, it is a respectful institution, they did not reach that level by luck, it was pure hard work that got them there.

The bank employed over 200 THOUSAND employees, many of them are geniuses in their fields.

Surely, SURELY I am not smarter than them, and that’s our first golden rule we have to understand.

There are 7 billion people on this earth, your creative and smart idea is not new, someone somewhere already thought of it, and someone somewhere will think of it after you, it is the EXECUTION of the idea that matters.

You are not smarter than the people around you, get over it.

The only advantage you can have over others is to be more AWAKE than they are.

Notice how I started as an intern, a damn intern!

My CV, if it stated all my experience, would have qualified me to an associate title at the least, but I just wanted to be an intern.

See, I was more awake than the people around me not because I am smarter, It was because I put myself in situations that allow me the freedom of thinking.go with the flow

Life will drag you, it goes so fast, and it is so merciless.

If you go with the current, the infamous degree-job-family combo, you will have a hard time waking up and changing your life direction.

It will be hard, not impossible.

When I say be Awake not like the others, it doesn’t mean that the others are asleep.

The others are sedated.

They are sedated because their minds are busy, their energy is low and most importantly, they are comfortable.

And comfort is the killer of dreams, the destroyer of talent.

Being an intern or a low-level entry gives you that edge.

Low money, not that comfortable, low responsibility and an ambiguous future.

And that situation force you to make one of two choices


A- move slowly while complaining about the hardship and unfairness of life



How To Get A Promotion?

Back to the story.

I was an intern, I noticed a problem, and found a solution.

Probably other employees also saw the problem and figured out a solution.

But like what happened with me, the purpose ideas were all faced with rejections.

I orchestrated a system to simplify the reporting process, bring real-time information to the managerial board, and require little to no human interference.

No one liked it, the decision makers did not even give me a chance to explain what it does or even demo it.

The responsible individual on approving  such projects told me, word for word: “Last year another employee built a system that would save us 30 million dollars a year, and we rejected it, why do you think we will accept yours.

Sounds very similar, doesn’t it?

I mean my dad had ideas that were rejected with similar reasoning or lack of reason to be more precise.

I have heard many other similar stories, the great ideas that were faced with rejection by the stupid, stupid managers!

I also heard the complaints of the idea holders, how they got rejected due to their race, or because of personal beef with the said guy or so on.

I mean, the guy who opposed my idea belongs to another race than mine, and he belongs to a race that is well known to not like my race!

Could he be racist?

Is it why my idea got rejected?

Possible, but for me, that was a far stretch.

I had to investigate more, I had to do something about it.

And that is the difference between me and higher level employee I tried to explain above.

If I was a normal employee, I would’ve given up on the idea and got back to my not so bad salary and my super slow career improvement, I wouldn’t want to risk it.

But as an intern, I had nothing to go back to, I had nothing to lose.

Here is another tip for you, when someone opposes you or gives you a very negative and harsh criticism, he will never tell you why especially if he was in a higher rank than yours.

The best you can do is take it as it is.

Trying to understand why he did that, keeping on asking him and trying to find out why he did what he did? or trying to prove him wrong WILL NEVER WORK.

It will be harmful to your career and your future relationship with that person.

Just take it as it is and move on, your answer won’t be in the position that guy, your answer will be somewhere else, with someone else.

So I got back to my investigation, I did not want to find out why they rejected my project, that would be too personal, and will get me biased answers and grumpy faces.

No, I picked another project and tried to understand why it got approved, framed it as the passion of an intern wanting to learn new things.

I picked some random project that was approved inside the bank and asked around about it.

What was the process from the introduction to the approval?

Then I picked another project and understood what it went through, then another, then another, then another, until I had my theory of what they are looking for, what are the key element they want in a project in order to be approved.

What I found out was, The bank does not approve internal projects, they approve external more expensive and less-efficient projects.

But why?

I got back to more and more investigation, more calling employees and setting up meetings with them, casually insert unrelated questions to “The Agenda” of the meeting.

Until I got my answer!

Big corporations, in general, DO NOT LIKE INTERNAL PROJECTS, they like external projects from other companies way more!


I-Better Support.

II-Narrow down professions internally.

III-Wider reach, connection and influence for the corporation.

IV-Creating new allies.

How To Get A Promotion?

You see, most corporations do sketchy things under the table, all corporations have enemies trying to bring them down.

So as a CEO of such corporation, what would you do to protect yourself and your company?

To simplify the answer, think of big corporations as countries.

For a country to survive, it has to create strong relationships with other country and try to help each other, there should be a mutual benefit between your country and other countries survival, this way you will look after each other.

On a corporation level, how do you do that?

Million dollar deals, that is how.

See, if they approved my project, they will get a great software that gets the job done and that’s it.


If they bought it from another company, they will get a software that somehow gets the job done and A NEW ALLY, a new nail in the ground, a new assurance of the companies survival.

Do that with hundreds of companies, do that through a couple of million dollar deals and your company will never fall.

Because when your company is in danger, not just you will try to revive it, but all the other companies getting money from you because if you fail, they will lose money and investors and probably fall with you.

That is why some shitty corporations still exist to this day because if they fall, a lot will fall with them.

So now I got my answer!

Damn, apparently my project will never get approved, I guess I am screwed!

fuck no, I just uncovered a GOLD MINE!

Now, I can leave the bank, start a company that has that project alone, sell it to the bank as an external, and make sweet millions of dollars yearly, just out of that project.

But not so fast!

I would be super-optimistic to think that they will replace the already existing system with mine just because mine does the job like a thousand times better, that is not enough.

Because the system already existing inside the bank is owned by a company that is making millions of dollars out of it, and so they surely do some stuff to make sure that decision makers won’t start turning their heads looking for other better software.

So what they do to ensure that won’t happen?

They keep decision makers happy!

And how they do that?

Probably this will be very familiar to you, you might have worked somewhere or been in a situation where you heard other employees complain about how the CEO and the managerial board are traveling the world on companies money while you bust your ass nonstop trying to get food on the table!

You have probably been exposed to such situation.

But here is what they got wrong.

The CEO of the company is traveling the world, not at the expense of his companies money, he is traveling the world on other companies money, that is the strategy to keep your clients happy, you through stuff at them.

It is insane when you deal with CEO’s and big employees in a corporation, they get an endless supply of gifts, free travels, cars, houses, dinner.

Fuck, even escorts!

That is how a company makes sure that their service will still be used in the Business to Business world, they keep the decision makers happy.

And by all these expensive gifts, they make sure that no other competition will come their way from smaller yet more creative developers because even if they have a much better software, their software won’t gets replaced because they made sure that the decision maker will say no to any other offer.

Because if he said yes to my offer, he knows that he won’t be going to Bali with two models next summer!

Hot To Get A Promotion!

This is how it goes for MOST of the big corporations,  the few other “Honest” corporations do something similar to this, but not by valuable items, but by personal relationships and top notch support.

In other words, still fuck your original product, just make sure it does the job all the time.

So my two possible criteria to compete are very out of my reach, I won’t be able to start a company that showers other companies with more expensive gifts, neither do I have the ability to prove that my system will work every time all the time because I have no past projects that would testify for me.

So, should I give up on making my project happen?


I mean, yes, I should give up and I did give up.

And that was the last straw that separated me from the rest.

  • A lot of people came up with such an Idea, most of them failed to execute.
  • Those who did execute gave up because of the rejection.
  • Those who kept going gave up after seeing all these challenges.
  • And those who kept going, 0.01% made it and the rest lost everything because they refused to give up.
  • And I, I have let go because I have seen another easier opportunity.

I did not want to make my project happen from the get-go, and that is what makes me an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t get stuck on making a certain thing happen, an entrepreneur is someone who makes something happen, an entrepreneur plays with the cards he gets and turns them into something profitable.

My investigation led me to make great and strong connections inside the bank, understand the structure and ideology of the bank very clearly, become a familiar face inside the bank and show everyone my willingness to learn and adapt.

You see, you were probably thinking that my “Smart” idea or my programming skills are what got me there, but you are mistaken.

I got other employees to do the coding O:) and my idea wasn’t that smart really.

As I said multiple times, I am not a smart guy.

My willingness to learn, my respect and understanding of the complexity of the managerial work, my understanding of the complexity of the decision-making process and all the factors that come into play is what made me a candidate to rank higher inside the bank.

My understanding of office politics, the ugly ways people manipulate each other, and the bad practices that are necessary for things to work are what made me climb this fast.

So how can you apply this to your work and get a promotion fast?

As it should be obvious to you, my situation is especially useful for people working in big companies, and people who are starting fresh in that company.

But I will still include all types of employments in all kind of sectors and how they can get this to work for them to get a promotion for themselves.

?Hot To Get A Promotion

Let us start with the problem of big companies VS. small companies.

The bigger the company, the less importance will be on your professional skill and the bigger importance of your skills in networking with people and understanding the situation.

The smaller the company, the more importance will be on your professional skill and the smaller importance on your skills with internal networking, the most importance will be on your skills with external networking.

Networking and creating relationships inside and outside the company is and will ever be the most important skill in your arsenal for 99% of professions.

Huge corporations understand that they can easily get someone who can do twice as good of a job as you and yet get less than half of what they pay you, they just don’t do that due to other political reasons.

Your professional skill set, it is important at first, to make the first impression and earn you the entry, just do not think it will get you to the top.

Other people will get you to the top, and so you will need a particular set of social skills.

Of course, if you have an exceptional mind and exceptional ideas you will still make it to the top.

But anything below exceptional, it will not get you very far in life.

It is weird how very good programmers are usually awkward and lack social skills, while less than average programmers have a better way of communication and networking, and there are always some exceptions of course.

Take Mark Zuckerberg as an example, while I won’t say he is the best programmer ever, maybe just a little above average, he is very awkward with people.

Despite that awkwardness, he made it.

His idea wasn’t necessarily a genius idea, but he employed what is need to reach his success.


On the other hand, people like Steve Jobs, lacking good skills in programming, yet are exceptional communicators and thus they made something happen.

Regardless of how you think you will perform, you can still make it to the top, you just have to know how to play your skills right.




How To Get A Promotion?

Wherever you work right now, in spite of all the differences and problems you have with the people working with you, you have to understand that you need them, you need their approval, and if they do not like you, you will not make it very far in that company.

So The first point that will land you a fast promotion is

1- Maintain good relationship with everyone you come in contact with: I know that most of your co-workers are probably assholes and they are actively trying to prey on the weakest, and that is true. Most people are opportunistic in the ugliest ways. With your understanding of that dynamic, know that you can not trust them and they will take you down at the nearest opportunity, still maintain a good relationship with them. Do not become best friends, just stay on good terms with them, make sure you keep a smiling face in front of them. Even though you probably know what shitty things they say about you behind your back, it is not for them, it is for the sake of the big picture.

Pay extra attention to the people in higher corporate ranks than you – your supervisor and anyone that gets to evaluate you – and understand that your good doings and occasional slips are accounted for or ignored based on their personal approval of you.

You have to keep good relations with everyone to ensure the smoothness of the work done in the office, you have to ensure that communication is at top levels so it reflects positively on the performance of the company as a whole, because the performance of the company and its growth is one of your top priorities.

How To Get a promotion?

So the second point that will land you a fast promotion is,

2-Treat the company you work for as your own, and the well-being and success of this company is your utmost priority: Probably you hate the place you work in, the colleagues and the shitty salary they give you, but remember, it is all about the big picture. If the company reached the level of let’s say Apple, it will be 10 times better for you than to get hired by Apple.

The effort and investment you are investing in your company are, after all, an investment in yourself and your skill set. It is much harder to get a company to the fortunate 500 level than it is to take care of one that is already there. Do not think that you can lead the company to success, do not aspire and think about that know, focus on giving 200% of your energy in your exact position. Give as much assistance to the company as a whole to grow, that is what will get you a promotion, your commitment to the growth of the company from your CURRENT role.

Finishing your duties in a very good manner is important, but after that, the better you get at what you do the less likely you will advance. 

I mean, if you are the best programmer in the world, why would anyone want to make you do anything other than programming, right?

So the third point that will land you a fast promotion is

3- Be good at what you do, but not the best: The higher the people climb the managerial ladder, the less and less of an idea they will have about the technicalities of whatever they are managing. It is not that your manager have a less of an idea about what you do, it is that he has a broader and less detailed idea of what you do, he is not your manager because he can do what you are doing better than you, it is because that he understands it and have other areas of skills that you still probably lack. Being the best at what you do will ensure that you will never do anything other than it, if it is your own company, then that is a good thing, but if it is a big corporation, then that is bad, very bad.

When you start a new job, it will take you a while to adapt to the systems and the ways of work around the company, but once you do, your performance will peak, and this peak, if it was too high, might destroy your future advancements and promotions.

The fourth point that assures you will get a promotion fast is

4- Be aware of the expectations you are setting, and set them right: Although we are introduced to this dynamic early in school, we somehow completely miss it at work. Remember how back in school the smart kid that always gets a 10/10 in exams will get yelled at by the teacher when he gets 9/10 while the kid who always fails gets a star for just merely passing? That is expectations at play.

I understand the motivation behind it, the teacher does that to make a point and encourage both to do well, but this is retarded, it is a very harmful behavior, after all, the whole educational system is retarded, so we can expect much from them anyway.

How is this illustrated in your job?

Let us say you were given a project that requires two weeks to completion, and you with your smartness were able to finish it in just 8 days, DO NOT HAND IT IN!

Because if you do, you will set the expectations that you finish really early, and when you finish the next project in two weeks, while it is still within the deadline, it will be sought as a decrease in performance and that will reflect badly on your assessment.

Always perform a slight bit over what is asked from you.

This way you win some admiration and protect yourself from possible slips.

Wait a couple of days and then hand it in.

This means you will have extra time on your hand, and so you will get the chance to expand your knowledge and understanding of the company you are working for and the projects you are working on, this doesn’t mean you will have more time to surf Facebook or read

Even though you are all about good intentions with your free time within the company time, coming off as having free time and not doing anything productive on companies time is very bad for your overall career development, most likely, your supervisor will give you extra tasks that are complete BS just to fill up your time.

So how do you solve that?

Fake work?

No, definitely not.

Remember how I told you that feedback from people is ALWAYS personal, only an auto generated report that analysis your inputs can give you an honest non-biased feedback, anything else is biased and has so much to do with you as a person.

I am not saying that your manager keeps yelling at you not to browse 9gag on companies time just because he doesn’t like you, surely he does it because YOU DO BROWSE 9GAG ON COMPANIES TIME.

What I mean is that he doesn’t like you enough to let you do that, and that is your fault.

How To Get A Promotion?

So, The fifth tips to help you get a promotion is:

5- learn advanced communication skills: A good marketer is a good player, a good communicator is a good player. I was only able to stand in a room filled with people making more money in a day than I did in years when I was able to look a hot girl in the eye and express myself fully.

You see, both scenarios have almost the same level of stress while requiring the same level of supreme communication skills.


After you drag your big balls and talk to that hot girl, you will get an almost instant reward, you might end up sleeping with her that night, which is rewarding, very rewarding.

While on the other hand, it is not instantly rewarding to do a kick-ass presentation for a room filled with CEO’s, the best you will get is some clapping, no one will stand up and give you hugs or handjobs or anything of the like.

So, getting that almost instant reward, or having the possibility to get it will be a major motivation for you to go for it and sharpen those skills.

Other than the possibility of instant reward, no one could ever point out your flaws like a woman could.

That also include the drunk, and very stupid college students you find at bars, even those girls can give you an accurate assessment of your communication skills.drunk, girl, fun, party, get a promotion

They will not give you that long detailed assessment of your communication skill like the one you get from professional, they will give you a much better feedback.

You see, that long report is a bunch of gibberish stuck together, you might understand what they mean, but they do not really resonate with you, they do not feel personal, and so you will hardly ever do anything about it.

While on the other hand, a girl will give you a much personal feedback, it might not be fancy, detailed or long. A mere “Get away creep!” would be enough for you to take note on how you come off and go over what you did to try to find the error and fix it, that’s a better way to improve.

One final reason I believe being a good “Player” and communicate a lot with women will be a major factor in getting a promotion is because of how good women read value, and how easily they see through the fakers.

No one can show you the emptiness of nice talk better than women, a nice compliment like “you are pretty” will not be of any value in the girl’s eye unless it was delivered in a genuine way.

They will teach you how to communicate and pass value to others.

And that takes us to the sixth way to help you get a promotion, which is,

6- Give nonverbal non-tangible value: You can’t offer anything of personal value to someone who makes a lot of money and have a herd of people kissing his/her ass. In fact, you can offer him/her something of value, but you have to value it yourself first.  You will notice that the higher the person gets in his career the less fun and more grumpy he appears, you will notice that when you are talking to a CEO for example, he will most likely make you feel very uncomfortable, rarely looks at you, doesn’t smile at you and makes you feel like he wants you to finish as soon as possible. I know that is an assholish behavior yet it is very powerful.

I know that is an assholish behavior yet it is very powerful.

You see, tell a girl she is beautiful 1000 times and that word will lose its value and become meaningless, don’t tell her anything until one day she does extra effort to look good and then tell her she is beautiful, it will mean the world to her.

When a grumpy CEO merely smirks your way, you will understand that you have just nailed it better than if he was that cheerful dude who keeps telling everyone they are doing a great job.

While I do not really like this kind of behavior, it does work and it is very useful, and you should understand and adapt to it while interacting with people.

I don’t mean that tomorrow you should go looking angerly to work and wait for someone to craft a damn iPhone out of raw stone so you would give him a smirk, that will most likely get you fired way before even qualifying to get a promotion.

I mean that you should start taking notice of your non-verbal behavior and body language, your non-verbal communication and your attention and how you direct it.

Start giving credit where credit is due, and there are millions of ways to do that.

This will be of more and more value the further you climb up the companies ladder and might be risky behavior when you are still at an early level entry in your job.

The Seventh point that will help you get a promotion fast is,

7- Not criticizing is a compliment: Same as above, this is a tip for people at a managerial level in their work. It is important to understand that it is very harmful to hand out compliments for the sake of complimenting people, it might come off as motivating and good vibes generating for your co-workers, and that might slightly be true.

But it is a far better strategy not to complement satisfactory performance, complement only the top notch performance, and be absolutely savage with low performance.

That is how you push people to give you their absolutely best.

Nice is not accepted, Good is not ok, demand fucking excellence.

That’s how the big sharks think.

How To Get a promotion?

The eighth point that will help you land a promotion is,

8-Play the big boys game: I do not really like the fancy life, I do not like to be valued by what I own or what I wear, the car I drive and how much money I make, it feels empty and it is empty.

But that is how it goes in this life, that’s where the money is at.

And you need money to make a difference in this world.

You can find me in a weird pajamas and boots most of the time, but when it comes to business, I will be probably one of the sharpest dressers in a room.

It is not abandoning your belief, it is just making sure that you will not cut yourself short over an idea or a silly principle.

It is about boldly communicating that you can play their game on their level while at the same time knowing that you are free in ways they will ever be, you see this whole empty show off for what it is, an excuse for the weak.

Get out the nicest suit you can afford, get in shape, groom properly, get the watch and the car to give an impression, and understand the whole dynamic of the rich and know how to sell yourself.

You might be able to communicate your self-worth to those who know you, but to those who have just met you, it is your only way to communicate your value in the quickest way possible.

It is very critical to communicate and attract strangers.

The ninth point that will help you get a promotion fast is,

9-Expand externally: Who you know is mostly more valuable than who you are, deals are done on personal levels, your companies growth and reach is dependent on your external connection.

Internal connections within a corporation are important, it will indirectly impact the growth and profit of the company, but external connections are what gives the strongest, most direct and most effective impact on the companies growth.

Always be interested in people, try to know them and create some sort of a connection with them, try to reach for the big name in your industry and try to create and maintain a relationship with them, that is how you secure your company and yourself.

The final point that will help you get a promotion is,

10-Be reliable: it feels out of place doesn’t it, being reliable should’ve been number one on this list. I did give advice based on your level in the past 9 points on how to get a promotion, and now I am ending the list with such a basic tip, you should be reliable from the get go, should you?

Well you should, but the real question is,

Can you?

Can you actually be reliable?

If you rushed to say yes, then you do not really understand what being reliable is. I saved being reliable for the last point because it is the hardest thing to do on this list, and I can’t really give you a concrete answer to what you should do to become reliable.

Being reliable is that you are trusted to always do the right thing and you never disappoint, and that is so damn hard. Doing the right thing is not always doing what you are told, it is not always doing it in the way you were told and it is not always clear.

Being reliable is to know when to sacrifice something for the sake of something else, when to obey and when to ignore commands, to know when you should take actions based on what you think and see as right, and when to blindly do what is told to you.

It starts with a simple “I will take care of it” when you are asked by your supervisor to do some insignificant task way before he spends eight hours explaining it to you, being reliable is understanding the outcome you are supposed to deliver and then figure it out on your own.

But being reliable grows exponentially the further you climb up the company’s ladder.

That is why CEO get paid millions, because they are simply, reliable.

Damn, I wanted this to be a short article…

Anyway, that was my top 10 advice to get a promotion fast.

To recap, here is the TL;DR

How To Get A Promotion Fast?

  1. Stay on good terms with your coworkers regardless of their bad behavior toward you.
  2. be loyal and passionate about the company you work for, treat it like it is your own.
  3. Know and be good at what you do, just not the very best.
  4. manage expectation and do not try to always come up on top, you will not be able to maintain it in the long run.
  5. Learn how to communicate and make first impressions, pick up and cold approach will be your best teacher.
  6. Know how to give value and compliment others, and understand how to do it in its strongest form, non-verbally.
  7. value your attention and compliments and give credit only when it is earned
  8. Understand the uber class lifestyle, how they think, judge and act, regardless of how empty and silly such lifestyle might be, know how to play their game.
  9. External connections are where you will get the actual and tangible results and impacts on your business, know how to create and strengthen them.
  10. Be Reliable, as hard as that might be.

These were the tips that will help you get a promotion and move much further in life.

Get A Promotion FAST!

The best teacher is Yourself and the experiences you go through. Experience is much better than reading the best article written by the best author in the world. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you have now, give your best at it. Even if your job is just merely flipping burgers

Give your best because what you do involves yourself.

You should always demand the best from yourself. 

Giving the best is a great investment in yourself, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

Do Your Best, Aspire to be the best. 

Work is a chance to express yourself in a certain way. Work is a chance to add value to some people’s life. Work is about making someone’s life a little better, a little happier or even just a little more delicious. 

Work is definitely not weekends and paychecks.

Tell me the story of how you got a promotion! 

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Sol January 30, 2017 - 1:51 pm

“And comfort is the killer of dreams, the destroyer of talent”. That’s it! i go back to work…


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