Create a Wolfpack, Share The Knowledge

by John Deus
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Create A WolfPack.

It is shocking that only a few of you share these articles around, not just on this blog, but on any self-improvement blog.

Are you ashamed that you are seeking to improve yourself?

Or are you trying to grow selfishly by yourself in order to appear cool in front of your friends? do you think this way you will have “1 up” on everyone?

This is probably one of the main reason you are not improving as fast as you should be. This selfishness of having that secret knowledge, that skill that no one else knows. 


If you ever try to be cool in front of anyone, you aren’t “cool”, and you aren’t a supreme in any way.

If you are selfish, if you are hiding something from those that you know will benefit from, then by definition, you can’t be alpha or supreme.

If you are ashamed of reading self-help blogs and trying to improve yourself, then What The Actual Fuck?

If you are ashamed of something, don’t do it. 

Don’t try to be way cooler than your friends the -close ones, don’t try to be the first to learn a new skill, or get some new knowledge, a supreme takes care of his pack, his wolf pack.

Take care of your pack, take care of the people you love. 

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with. no matter how much you try to change something about yourself, people around you will subconsciously drag you down to the old you, not because they are Bad.

But because you used to fit a role, a frame, within the group and it is hard to break it by yourself, that is why it is much easier to grow as a group.

You won’t grow properly in solidity by yourself, and if you try to, the people around you will no longer recognize your role, frame, and that will result in conflicts and sadly an end to your past relations.

Having a mentor will triple boost your growth and self-improvement rate, but it is hard to find a mentor to stand beside you along your journey. What you can do is to agree with your friends to be each others mentor, to grow together and correct each other mistakes. This way you will achieve a much faster growth rate. 

Growing as a group is much faster than as individuals, get your close friends on board and be a supreme pack

On the long run, it is better for you to pick your closest friends, tell them your plans of changing yourself and becoming better, tell them to work together, to help each other reach his goal. Create your own Supreme Pack.

Share The Knowledge Gentlemen, 

John Deus

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Linus December 3, 2015 - 6:01 am

You see, I feel like my friends aren’t the right one’s to build a wolf pack..
I’m in 9th grade right now 14 y/o and I’ve got like 3 really close friends in my class. There are moments I like them and there are moments I hate them, espeascially when they make fun of me!
So if I’d show them your Blog the would probably just laugh and forget it all together, because they’re not.. well they aren’t grown up that much.
Should I just dump those friends? Because I feel like they have nothing beneficial for me as a person, but without them I would need to hang out with other people in my class, who act like they’re 10 years old -,- .

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:39 am

You are way too young for this blog buddy. Enjoy your time as a teenager, no need to rush things.

Linus December 3, 2015 - 6:11 am

Sorry, but I feel like I need to ad something!
It’s not because I’m ashamed of reading this blog, I just feel like my friends would try to use that knowledge to do no good.
2 of them already are kinda douches so I think they’d missunderstand that and 1 is a fucking (sorry) pussy that has no spine whatsoever. I’d show it to him, but then he’d tell my other friends :/

To sum it up, I just feek like I don’t have the right friends to boost my personality!


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