Confidence Part.03: Confident Body Language

by John Deus

confident body language

Confident Body Language.

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After explaining “Pre-confidence” mentality switches and creating assumptions in part one and two of this series. we will move to Confidence base.

Confidence base has three faces: Mental Frame, Alpha Actions and Body language.

In today’s article, we will be covering confident body language skills, to properly convey and amplify your confidence level.

In this article, I will teach you how to improve your eye contact, your facial expressions, your presence, and your voice.

The core of a Supreme Man is relaxation. a Supreme Man never ever worries or falls out of control. He is always relaxed and centered. Being relaxed is enough to improve every single aspect of your body language.

Many articles would advise you to model yourself after some Movie Character, like James Bond or Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), but guess what?…

It is total BS, don’t do it.

Movie Characters are fictional characters, they don’t exist in real life. YA, they look cool, but they look cool due to all the lightning work, camera cuts and video editing -editing, the one thing this blog lacks. If you meet a copy cat of James Bond, you will rate him as creepy, uptight, taking himself way too seriously and overall not fun to be around. That is not what you want to communicate. wake up, you are not James Bond.

To be fair, it is good to watch some examples of people looking so bad-ass like these actors, it gives you a general sense of coolness, but to exact-copy them is total non-sense.

Look for popular guys off-screen, the cool guy in your school, your cool cousin, etc. chances are, they don’t act anything like a movie star. If you know someone whom you think is totally cool, try to learn from him and copy some of his moves, that would be a more realistic and useful example.

In theory, I will explain everything you need to know about confident body language. it just needs a little of your fancy imagination.

1-The Eyes: how you look at everything conveys to people how you ACTUALLY look at things -huh?-. How you look at things show people how you perceive them from a status perspective. When you look someone in the eye, it shows that you consider your status the same, if not higher, than his/hers. Eye contact is very important, always look people in the eyes.
If you struggle to actually maintain eye contact, try this:
Try to make it awkward. yes, intentionally try to make it awkward, try to stare people in the eye and make it obvious. chances are, no one will confront you and if they did, tell them that you are doing a social experiment, take out your mobile and pretend to be writing notes -greatest excuse in history. look everyone in the eye, young or old. male or female. even dogs and cats. everything. get it fixed.

It is OK to look people in the eye, it is not rude, no bad can come from it unless you intend it as an act of challenge or act of rudeness, Do not do it in bad neighborhoods around thugs and criminals, they will take it as a challenge. 

James Bond Confident Body Language

2-The Smirk: this one is more of a life attitude than just a physical movement. having a smirk on your face give off a bad boy kind of vibe, it communicates that you are in control, and you are sex worthy. It is so damn easy to do, plus it puts you in a good mood. put it on your face gentlemen, Always.


3-The Presence: your presence is determined by two things:
Your frame among a certain group -explained in upcoming article
Your body language:  you are one of the 7 billion humans living on earth, why should I look at you?
Since we have a limited time on this earth, since it is risky to invest in the wrong person -especially for women-, we developed some form of non-verbal cues to communicate a sense of who we are and we develop a way to  read signals from the person in front of us.
Your body language signals should convey a mix of dominant yet relaxed and fun, kinda of vibe. 


Tips to improve your body language:

1-Stand Tall: open your chest. push your shoulders apart. keep your feet apart and facing outwards. actually feel inside of you the presence of a supreme man. feel inside you the “good vibes” and try to communicate it to others.
Always remember that people will feel about you what you are feeling about yourself. so for fucks sake, cut the “am anxious and can’t be here. take me back to my room to play some WOW and waste my good years”. It might be easier said than done, I know, But you got to push yourself to get out of that mentality
2-Move you head instead of your eyeballs: when someone/something is trying to get you attention, move your head towards it, and slightly spin you chest to semi-face it. try not to face someone full frontal until they have earned your attention.
3-Slow, relaxed, and controlled walk: take large steps but in “slow motion”. Don’t over do it. 
If you are at work, or in a professional setting, imagine your body’s center to be in your chest and walk accordingly. 
If you are at a club, bar or anywhere surrounded by women, imagine your body’s center to be in your crotch -your balls-, and walk accordingly. 
4-Talk slowly and clearly: don’t rush your words, raise your voice up. the higher the better – without screaming. take pauses, even if it is pushing into the “awkward pauses” zone, enjoy awkwardness, embrace it.  
Try to speak from your lower chest/stomach area. speak deeply and manly, don’t speak with a voice going up, imagine that your voice is going from your mouth to the ground. lower your tone at the end of sentences without trying to be provoking or aggressive. -I will write an advanced tone tutorial for your voice in the soon future-.
5-Touch people, a lot -specially women-: it is OK to touch people on areas like the shoulder or the upper arm when talking to them and illustrating a point. 
Don’t over think it, don’t stress it, and for gods sake, don’t look where you touch. keep eye contact with people, your aim for now is not to sexually escalate, but rather to prove a presence to your surrounding. 

confident body language

Always understand that if you don’t believe you are important, you will never be. be free, be less socially shackled than everybody else, it is OK to break the rules of social interaction. it is OK to try new things. people have a tendency to forget pretty fast. if you fucked up no one will remember it forever, and you shouldn’t care anyway.

At first, you will feel a bit awkward when trying these tips, and people might think you are a try hard, but mate… that is how you learn new things, you gotta creep some out at first.

Relax, always be relaxed, people will test you, both men and women, when you are trying to send dominant vibes to make sure that you are really what you are trying to say. and remember, dominant mean confrontational.

These are some tips you can use to your advantage. being muscular or tall is a natural cue of dominance, that is why people prefer these attributes, but don’t worry, there are a lot to do to compensate. no matter what body type you have, you can still pull off a confident body language. no excuses.

Train gentlemen, as theory is never enough, don’t let this article pass by you like the hundreds before it. Go, experiment, fuck up, then come back here and ASK ME … we are her to help. now HARDEN THE FUCK UP. 

That was all you need to get a confident body language!

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Share The Wisdom,

John Deus

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