Do You Want To Have It All?

by John Deus

Do you want to have it all?

What a stupid question, of course, I Do! I want it all!

I mean who doesn’t?

But what is “all”? 

What we want in this life, what we desire to become is wickedly undefined, vague and unthinkable. I’m not just talking about your life purpose, I’m talking about desires.

What do you desire? exactly what do you desire?

It’s like our brain shuts down whenever we question our “wants” in this life. It is like your brain takes a minute to search for some generic answers to spit out from your mouth so the confusion would seize to exist.

“Girls, Money, Status, Power, that is what I want in this life!”

You can’t imagine it, can you? right now reading this article, you can’t think of exactly what you want.

But why?

And Could this be the reason you aren’t achieving it? 

Happiness, that’s what you really want.

Everything you want in this life, everything you dream of, you don’t really want “it”, you want the feeling behind “it”.

We tend to want what causes us or others to feel good emotions.

Generating good emotions by yourself is achievable, yet hard to master. Using drugs to induce these feelings is the easiest way possible. After that comes, fooling yourself, leading yourself into a delusion of happiness. and lastly, actually achieving what would make you happy, ACHIEVING WHAT YOU WANT.

It’s a never-ending circle, looking for happiness. It’s hard to find what makes us happy because THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY FUCKING OPTIONS.

Say 200 years ago, you weren’t exposed to that many options, if you were born from a knight, then happiness is becoming a supreme knight, that was your exposure, your idea of happiness, if you want to take it to extremes you will strive to be a king. still a clear path.

What about today, what do you want to become?

a playboy? a scientist?

We have seen them all, we have seen people becoming playboys, scientist …etc.

We have “virtually” experienced the joy of being this and that.

Our view of “path to happiness” had become so disturbed it is now so freaking hard to determine which path to pick. 

We trapped ourselves in the dilemma of searching for the clear, easy, sure path that will lead us to happiness. We desperately in need for someone to tell us the correct sure path and how to take it. 

But that won’t happen and can never happen.


Assumptions, whoever is going to answer that question for you is going to ASSUME that it is the right one for you, but he doesn’t know for sure! 

Damn, then what is the answer? How can I know what should I do in this life? 
How can I know what will bring me the happiness I desire? 
How can I know What is my purpose in this life? 

If you think this way, if you’re searching for straight clear answers, then never will you go beyond thinking, never will you go beyond the wondering… and day by day, you will lie on your death-bed, still wondering. 

You will never find your life purpose from the comfort of your place.

You will never “Have it all” if you set back waiting for the definition of “all”. 

Get into actions. Stop thinking, start doing. 

Stop Thinking about the end-goal, and start enjoying the process. 

Stop thinking that you want to be a billionaire playboy. 

Start thinking that you want to hit the gym, you want to work on your business idea, you want to approach 100 girls, you want to have a more positive attitude toward life… etc. 

This is how you chase Supremacy, this is how you become Supreme. 

It is not the end destination, it is getting shit done! 


& one day you will realize, that you finally have it all! 



Share the knowledge Gentlemen,

John Deus

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