Understanding Emotions the right way

by John Deus


Understanding Emotions.

Due to a recent controversy on one of my past post (Oneitis : Read Here) I decided to make this post, to clear the confusion about emotions and how to deal with them as a supreme man. 

I received many E-mails and comments claiming that we, at MySupremacy.com, are telling people not to fall in love and teaching people how to be heartless.

This is far from the truth. 

In this article, I will explain the wrongness of these claims while also clarifying how a supreme deal with his emotions for his own good.

Understanding Emotions.

Emotions are neither good nor bad, it is a reality you have to live with, you were born with it and most likely you will have “it” to the rest of your life. Yes, you can somehow “disable” Emotions, but this is a no man land -a no sane man land.

How you deal with your emotions determine their goodness or badness, a man unable to control and deal with his emotions can’t be called a supreme.

A supreme control his emotions, not in fear of what others would think, but rather to assist himself on where he stands and what he is able to do.

One very Controversial emotion for men is love. Being in love is not a flaw, it doesn’t make you less of a man.

We are not telling people to be heartless, we are just trying to tell you to use your “heart” less, to control it and use it in a way that won’t hurt you or others – by heart I mean emotions.

When emotions betray us, when we get hurt emotionally, like being hurt in case of Oneitis, we tend to channel that energy into hatred, hatred to the person, and sometimes the whole gender. Even though, it is mostly our fault of miss using our emotions.

A Misogynist is usually raised into hating women, due to his inability to deal with his emotions, he was hurt by his mother -mostly- or hurt many times through his life from multiple females -there are some exceptions.

It is your responsibility to keep your emotions in check. When you fall in love with a girl after you have met her for a couple of days, she won’t be feeling the same for you or at least not in the same intensity. After investing in her with things like love letters, time, stalking her and thinking about her all the damn time, you will get hurt when you find out that she doesn’t feel the same to you.

This cause a heavy sadness and sense of disappointment in a man, repeat this a couple of times… and you will lose whatever goodness you had in your heart. The world will have yet another angry, grungy old man with hatred and despair to everyone.

Being emotionally available all the time is dangerous, it relies more on luck than any other thing. It relies on the type of girl who will catch you first, if she is a nice good girl, you will invest in a beautiful and fruitful relationship.

But if you caught a bad-bitch, she will leave a heartless man who can never think of a woman further than creampying her. I have seen both -and more of the latter, just because a guy had it good doesn’t mean it is a good strategy to follow.  

Letting a girl win your heart over is the most valuable gift you can ever give to her. Look at all the couples who grow bored and sick of each other, the girl didn’t have to invest, the guy just spilled all of his emotions on her and that was it. She will toy -yes toy, in the evil twisted meaning- with him for a bit and then throw him for the next guy. Girls are addicted to excitement, and nothing is more exciting than a woman chasing her man’s heart and seeking his attention. Once that attention is granted, the excitement will seize to exist.

In the end, men don’t learn by words, but by experience. Understand that you should never ever channel your ache into hatred, that would be a bad, bad ending, and sadly that is what usually happens.

Hang out with old people and see for yourself. Emotions are tools, they either help you grow or self-destruct, don’t only look for the happy endings,  I’m sorry to say it, but life has more from the sad than the happy Hollywood endings. 

Understanding emotions is KEY!

Wake up, this is life, it is not a movie, it is not sad nor happy,

It is what you make it, get the tools to make it to an epic journey.

Understanding emotions are one of the tools to help you along the way.

Share The Knowledge Gentlemen,

John Deus

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Wolf February 24, 2015 - 3:37 am

I’m in the hatred phase right now. I’m recently divorced because my wife cheated on me and I’m having trouble with no hating her. I started dieting and that has helped me a lot, now I’m more focused and starting to let her go. Your blog has been an eye opener, I discovered it a couple of days ago, now I want to become a supreme man.

John Deus February 24, 2015 - 3:23 pm

I understand what you are going through and I would advise you something
I would advise you to stop the hatred and convert it into anger, not the bad kind of anger.
not the anger getting you to hurt people but rather the silent anger, the silent anger pushing you to change
to be something better.

Make her regret it.

Wolf February 24, 2015 - 3:50 pm

Thank you very much. I’ll work on that.

Sherry March 8, 2017 - 9:53 pm

Begun, the great internet educator JOHN!

Neel November 25, 2015 - 9:00 am

Thanks john all my life I lived in fear I read a lot of blogs but only you tell the real truth of this world
Seriously fuck being a nice guy I will become a man a true man from today

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