Emotions Decoded EP.2: The Great Manipulation

by John Deus

Emotions Decoded

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Happiness makes you rich, sadness makes you write good poetry/music, anger gets your physique in check, and apathy, apathy kills you young. 

There is mounting evidence that your emotional state has a huge impact on what you can achieve at the moment. I have seen many examples and got my share of experience to say with confidence that that statement is true. 

I have yet to come by a book or an article that goes deep on the subject of the emotional effect on your accomplishment, and so for today’s article, I will try to do that. 

In this article, I want to talk about emotional mastery, whether it is still relevant at this time or not, and whether it is a good idea to pursue this skill or not.

Remember the last time you wanted to start a diet? or start going to the gym? 

Chances are, it was really late at night, you were either watching some fitness motivation videos, or looking at some guy/girl and mirin their physique, and then you looked at yourself and thought “Fuck, I gotta do something about this mess!” 

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Chances are you went ahead and googled “Best Way To Lose weight” or even better “fastest way to lose weight”, probably read about “7 killer ab exercise” some of that old and juicy ” 10 foods that will help you lose weight!”. You might have downloaded some of those awesome motivational posters, bookmarked a couple of fitness motivation videos, cool shots of ripped guys working out with some adrenaline-filled speech by some huge ex- American football player. 

It all seemed so clear, so easy, so “achievable”. At that moment you truly believed that tomorrow is the day, you will join a gym, get some nice broccoli and chicken breast, and get fit brah! 

But it just never happens, you lose it two days later, three days later, two weeks later, doesn’t matter, it always just fades away! 

But why? why the fuck does that happen? 

Well, it’s your fucking emotions. 

You see, that night you decided to get fit, your emotions were perfectly aligned with your conscious thought, your “logical thinking”, but that alignment won’t last. 

That night you were well fed, comfortable, and enjoying the perfectly timed motivational videos/ posts etc. But as time goes by, your emotions will start to change, and when it changes, that misalignment happens. 

Now in a perfect world, I would go on and tell you the magical ways of emotional control and how to be the “master of yourself”, I am pretty sure it will be a very nice article, but it will not be useful. 

Maybe out of the thousands who will read this article one or two are going to actually benefit from it, but the rest will be motivated again, for just a couple days. 

Again, why is that? 

is it because these two guys are special snowflakes with more abilities to control themselves than the rest of us? Do they have more of the sweet, sweet discipline? 

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No, its because their environment allows for them to adapt to such way of thinking, their momentum is just at the perfect spot for that. 

But for the rest of us, well educated and well-mannered people here, it is not plausible to even consider any forms of “emotional control”, because, with all honesty, our society is no longer built for it, it no longer allows it. 

You see, even after 700,000 years from when we first developed consciousness, our emotions still rule over our logical thinking. Only on very rare occasions, you will have the ability to go against your emotions, and frankly, it is not a reliable strategy. 

Knowing this fact, heaps of brilliant people used it in – sometimes ugly- ways to manipulate your decision, this manipulation is known today as the more friendly term “Marketing”. 

Don’t get your tinfoil hats out, this is not an article on the great conspiracy, and no I am not a believer of any of that. I am talking about the actual observable reality we have today, studying marketing will teach you much about the nature of the human brain, and the different effects that colors, shapes, phrases and etc. will have on it. 

I don’t believe this evolved out of the evil thought of controlling the mass, but rather out of greed for money. We are all somehow guilty of using it in many different forms. 

The point I am going for from this long ramble is that our society is filled with marketing tricks and gimmicks, our favorite tools and platforms are mainly just a marketing tool to reach you, your favorite public figure, celebrity, etc. your favorite social platform, and even this site, is selling you ads, hundreds upon hundreds of ads. 

A good portion of these ads are made by brilliant psychologists with a deep understanding of the flows of your brain, they can make you indirectly hungry, happy, sad, etc. 

And we are all victims of this, I think they got so good at it that we officially have a new emotion, and the emotion is “consume”. 

I recently helped a friend stop smoking, and after a while, I was wondering if he started saving some money out of him quitting smoking two 6$ packs of cigarets a day, and the answer was no, he did not save anything because he simply consumed something else. 

It’s officially a need, and it is so stupid to go full on against it because it is a part of you, or to be more accurate, the stronger part of you. 

The humble solution for the majority of us there is just to use their tricks on us, to actually market what is good and necessary for us using the same usual manipulative ways. 

We need to be more aware of this, we need to be more aware of all the channels that are feeding us these ads, and try to substitute them with ones that feed us the ads aligned with our goals.  

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We need to also understand that our world is not the way it is because of the manipulative and evil people in power, but rather we are all guilty of it. We are doing what we think is best for us. 

Ads are everywhere because no one is willing to pay for your attention other than advertisers, content creators need ads money because they are not as sophisticated and advanced to sell you stuff as the bigger organizations, thus they use them to put food on their table. 

It is not an optimal world the one we live in today, and it is just retarded to think you can fix it or even slightly alter it by going against it, the system is built to ensure stability, which is a good thing, and going against stability is just retarded. 

The best you can do is play the game, try to play it better than anyone else. 

and after all, you need that manipulation. 

When I go to a club, I need to be manipulated into thinking it is a place filled with fun, excitement, and adventure, rather than seeing it as a dark room with very loud repetitive music, filled with intoxicated people with severe motor impairment. 

This manipulation is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is not built solely on evil thoughts, and it is partly responsible for giving life a more enjoyable layer. 


Enjoy the manipulation, be aware of it, but still enjoy it, grow up from the evil people in gray suits, they don’t exist, we are all both the victim and perpetrator. 

Until next time, 

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Real Ni99a October 24, 2017 - 2:59 pm

Hey john, great article and i have something to say about this conspiracy stuff, I live in the U.S and im pretty sure you’ve heard about all the conspiracy stuff here. Anyways, i used to be a firm believer in that stuff and this article kinda hits the nail, believing in this stuff made me feel like a victim, also probably caused me to be sad because i thought i was out of control of my life, i also noticed that these “conspiracy theorists” get to you by your emotions, they make you feel like your misery is not your fault and puts the blame on someone else, Info wars does a lot of this and i also noticed they had ads that said stuff like “globalists have infected and poisoned your food and ect” then they would sell shit that would fix that right after, and i have to say after i stoped believing in that stuff i felt better (along with some of your articles). I think that conspiracy stuff is horrible due to the fact that it tell you its not your fault your miserable, and Mark manson (great author) has even said that, majority of societies problems is the fact that they feel victimized. Anyways i just wanted to share that, keep these articles coming John :D.

Xander October 24, 2017 - 6:39 pm

This is by far your greatest article LOVE IT!!!

Timo April 2, 2018 - 5:58 am

After traipsing through many a blog and web site looking for details, I found this little gold mine! The material here is really helpful.

Petr January 1, 2019 - 7:08 pm

Hi all. How exactly should one enjoy or even use the manipulation to help with his own goals? On that part I’m still a bit confused.


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