That Awkward Moment When…

by John Deus

I realized – mid sex – that I am unknowingly fucking a hooker. 

This post qualifies as a field report more than an informative article. 

Everything in this article is based on a true event that happened to me. 

So, enjoy! 

The COO of the Bank I am currently employed in was visiting us for a routinely year-end department review.

On Tuesday, they were throwing some kind of a Christmas party + a chill evening for all the managerial board in the bank.

Somehow, regardless of the tremendous age + corporate title gap between me and everyone attending the event, I was invited. 

We had a nice Christmas lunch then headed towards a private lounge the bank has reserved exclusively for the event.

Now I do not really like bankers, with all respect to all the bankers reading my blog. 

I find their lifestyle, discussion topics, humor and viewpoint on life to be very naive and silly. 

Anyway, I was not participating much since I was tired and knowing my inappropriate honesty; I tried to keep my silence as much as possible. 

While moving between groups and establishing light connections with different members of the managerial board, a girl sitting at the bar caught my eye. 

It is funny that for the last couple of weeks I am actively trying to stop myself from approaching girls and having random one night stands. I am trying to get into a Zen mode for a while to clear up my mind and put myself back on track. 

And as you will realize when you get good with women, they are quite a distraction. 

Both Sex & Masturbation will kill that animalistic drive that would help you achieve great things. That is why I always advise people to stay hungry & stay horny… more on that later. 

Anyway, my cock was able to detect that she was a total fox, where talking a 9.5 AFTER SHE WAKES UP. 

She was truly one of the hottest girls I have ever been with. 

I headed towards her; she was sitting literally at the last chair on the bar. 

It was one of those, straight and really long kind of bars. 


Something like that. 

And it was empty, just the bartenders and her.

She was blond with blue eyes and short hair, wearing a stunning short black dress and black heels. 

The way her pale skin met with the silky black dress of hers was worthy of making most men stutter. 


I walked up all the way to the seat next to her and order a Red Bull & then directly turned my head towards her and said with a big smirk on my face: 

“It is quite obvious that I want to talk to you, isn’t it?” 

She did not really understand what I was saying at first Since I am in Germany and I am still talking mostly in English. 

I repeated myself; she smiled and replied with her broken English: 

“I think it is obvious too that I want someone nice to talk to me”  1

Can’t get a bigger invitation than that! 

I sat next to her and we spent the night chatting. 

Her name is Tina, she is 22 years old. I did not bother to ask what she does for a living. 2

A couple of hours passed by and she literally did not stop talking, I was not really bothered by it since she was quite interesting and I usually let girls do most of the talk. 

But there was a bit of desperation in her wanting to talk. 3

We were almost all over each other at this point; I tried to keep it a bit discreet since the lounge is filled with my coworkers. 

We were both getting worked up and I had no interest in staying any longer in the lounge, so out of the blue I said: 

“Come to my place” 

Usually, when I want to sleep with a girl just as a one night stand, I try to go to her place.

It is harder to make her agree to that, but it is much easier for you to eject from the situation. 

I am not really the cuddly-stay-the-night-over kind of guy.

Also, when I propose to a girl to come to my place, I always follow it with some excuse to why she should come to my place like… “let’s have some drinks at my place” or “I have this cool thing I want you to see”… etc. 

But I went full on direct with this one. 

By the time I finished uttering these words, she grabbed her handbag and my arm and we started walking out of the lounge. 4

I wished everyone a happy evening and we headed out to my place. 

I currently live in a STUDENT DORMITORY in the middle of the university campus! 

I did choose to live there for a couple of reasons I will save them for a future article. 

Anyway, when we arrived at my dormitory she double checked if I really live here, and I confirmed. 

She hugged my arm and laughed. 

She seemed a bit relieved that I live in a dorm, I still do not understand why. 

Anyway, by the time we were in my room, we were all over each other. 

I have some nice lighting effects in my room that I have designed myself.

It gives you enough lighting to see, but not enough to kill the mood. 

She dropped her black dress to reveal her matching black underwear. They looked quite fancy. 5

And along the way she revealed her perfect body. 

And by perfect I mean PERFECT. 

She has one of the clearest skin I have seen in a while, reminds you of strippers skin while on stage. 6

She had one hell of body shape, really thin in the middle, with a knocking breasts and ass. 

Not a single tattoo, not a single mark, scratch or an unshaved hair on her body. 

She is truly a magazine quality.


Before taking off her bra and panties. She stopped and somehow exhibited her body to me. 

She just stood there moving her body in a very seductive way along with a smile on her face. 

It is like she understood that this is what will make me go insane. 7

To be honest, I was really tired that night and was a bit worried that I won’t be on my best fuck-haviour. 

But damn wasn’t she right, It did make me go insane. 

Now, for most of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you know by now that I am very kinky in bed. 

I am what you would call a DOM in bed. 

And honestly that is the only style I have, I do not switch between rough and passionate, EVER. 

Which is a big drawback in the long run, but this is just me and I am not really willing to change it. 

The only lesson I could offer in this article is this: 

If you are like me, into the rough kind of sex. It would be challenging for you to express that in a one night stand. 

Most girls like rough sex, but for them, rough sex means something totally different from what rough sex actually is.

Most girls would describe a guy who would push them on the bed and fuck them in a bit fater than usual rhythm  as a rough guy. But that is not my kind of rough. 

Even if you tried to explain to a girl beforehand that you are really into BDSM, she will not comprehend it until she is going through it with you. and most likely she will freak out.

And that is the only thing stopping me from doing a tutorial on BDSM and all kind of rough kinks.

It requires a lot of self-control to go into those type of behaviors. you have to remember that the girl in front of you is actually a human being with feelings and  she might at any point of time withdraw from this act and so you must stop. 

I ALWAYS, ALWAYS stop completely with everything I am doing whenever I sense any sort of discomfort from the girl’s side. and so should everyone.

Back to the story, 

I introduce my way of “Fucking” in some sort of gradual collaborated advances. 

In other words, I start slowly and gradually advance into rougher things, while making sure that the girl is ok with every single new move. 

We started getting into it, and I started by giving her a bit of ass-slapping here and there, then went into more and more stuff. 

Usually, when you choke a girl – of course as a form of increasing pleasure, –Do Not Try This Until You are Experienced Enough With Such Things – it could go in more than one way. 

The way to go about this is, 

As soon as you wrap your fingers around her neck, without applying any pressure, make sure to notice her facial expression. 

99% of the time it will be one of two:

1- She will close her eyes and kind of “Submit” to you, you will feel her becoming really relaxed and taken by the moment. And that is by far my favorite kind of girls, the girls who are known as submissive. 

But this requires a lot of established comfort and trust between you and her before sex happens. 

2- She freaks out in one way or form, like a bit of shock on her face, or by verbally telling you not to do that… etc. at this point, you must stop doing that and anything outside of the norm.

a bit of a bummer I know!

BUT YOU MUST DIRECTLY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and go into a more gentle style. 

The more you get experienced with girls, the easier it will become to filter the kind of girls who are most likely into these sort of things. 


when I wrapped my fingers around her throat, she looked up to meet my eyes, smiled and bit her lower lip. 

And then she started thrusting harder! 7 

And at that exact moment, all these red flags – the rnumbers highlighted in red along the article – started to connect in my mind, 

In the Sherlock Holmes style, but a lot cooler

Since I had a boner 🙂

And damn… 

She is a prostitute! 

The only thing that worried me was the fact that I had a lot of cash lying around in my room. 

My bank accounts got blocked due to my utter stupidity, and I have to wait until January to reopen them.

So I am dealing exclusively with cash I get from my international bank account. 


She was so hot, the chemistry  between us was so amazing that I thought to myself, 

Fuck it, I won’t even be mad if she stole that cash! 

I did not stop doing her that night, the only reason we eventually stopped was because we ran out of condoms. 


After catching our breaths and lying next to each other, I went out and just said it: 

“You are a prostitute, aren’t you?!” 

She was shocked by that statement, she did not see it coming. 

She looked me in the eyes for quite a bit and then answered with her cute accent:  

“I am a gentlemen’s Escort, not a prostitute!” 

I said: 

“What is the difference!” 

She said:

“We are a lot more expensive and exclusive!” 

SO I asked: 

“So how much should I pay you now?!” 

She seemed insulted by that and answered: 

“Nothing, I decided that you will not be a customer since we left the Lounge” 

“Why?!” I added 

She struggled to find the words in English and said: 

“You were the most sympathisch!” 

I was not completely sure what it means so I later googled it. 

likeable {adj}
pleasant {adj}
congenial {adj} [pleasant, sympathetic]
personable {adj}
friendly {adj}
likable {adj}
simpatico {adj}
taking {adj} [person]
sympathic {adj} [rare, now obsolete] [sympathetic]


Hmm.. Must be the beard that gave off this impression. 


I was tempted to ask her on how I rank compared to other men since these girls are the most experienced on earth and she will not lie to me since I am not paying her anything. 

It would be one hell of a stroke to my big ego! 

But I did not do that since I am trying to tame that fucker. 

But still, my ego got an insanely huge dose from the fact that she was not after my money.

+ her non-stop screaming that day

+ the mess she made on my bed.


She felt uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed after I asked her how much should I pay, but when I told her to give me her number, that cute smile went over her face again. 


I think being with such a girl for a while will give me a hard lesson on non-passiveness. 

And after my last fuck up, I think I need such a lesson. 

I later remembered that bankers are the number one customers for these kinds of services. 

Since they are mostly rich and completely lack what is needed to get quality women on their own.

And that inspired me for a new line for this website,, Putting prostitutes and brothels out of business since 2015. 


On another note, I will be more active on Instagram along with all social media networks in the upcoming weeks. 

I will post some pictures from my daily life along with some stuff aimed to inspire and motivate you fuckers to go out there and make it! 

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hibye December 14, 2015 - 9:30 pm

A great post, loved it. Your blog and writing style are quite interesting and informal which I really love. I started reading your posts recently and have loved all of them. Keep it up !!

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:27 am

Thank you

Jarc June 26, 2016 - 4:04 pm

How can you not like bankers yet you are working in a bank?


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