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Like most activities, table games are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Table games also offer a lot of health benefits. Although addictive, table games are hobbies that can keep you entertained. Below are some reasons why table games can be your new hobby.

  1. Helps with Hand-Eye Coordination

Most table games like Table Tennis help improve and stimulate concentration as well as tactical strategy. This is because there are so many variations to the ball, hence, one requires a high level of hand-eye coordination in order to be successful.

  1. Stimulates the Brain

For one to excel in table games, he or she needs to be able to anticipate the opponent’s shots. The prefrontal cortex helps in strategic planning. Because the games involve physical activity, different parts of the brain like the hippocampus are stimulated. Hippocampus helps us form and retain events and long-term facts.


  1. Improves Reflexes

When played regularly, table games such as ping pong sport can improve reflexes. Both fine and gross muscles are improved due to the short-distance and fast-paced nature of the sport.


  1. Burns Calories

Another reason why you want to consider table games as a hobby is due to the fact that they help burn calories when played at an intense rate. Research has shown that by playing a game like Table Tennis for one hour, a 68-kilogram person can burn up to 272 calories. When playing such games, you will be involved in running back and forth in order to catch the ball.

Of course, cardio is very beneficial in losing weight. And since table games are very addictive and entertaining, they are an easy way to shed off some weight.


  1. Helps Children Focus

An important benefit of table games as a hobby is that it helps children develop and maintain focus. In most cases, children have problems focusing and paying attention to the things they do. With table games, they can develop the ability to focus.


  1. Develops Mental Acuity

The sport helps develop mental acuity of players which is essential in solving puzzles. According to Alzheimer Weekly, table games help increase cognitive awareness and motor skills. Studies in Japan also show that table games likeTable Tennis increases the flow of blood, which helps prevent dementia.


  1. Improves Balance

In order to be successful in table games, one has to learn how to maintain balance and change direction quickly. This helps improve balance especially for the elderly.


  1. Helps in Socializing

Have you just moved into a new town and you find it hard to make new friends? Well, table games can be a great way to break the ice and make new friends. Most community centers offer an opportunity where individuals can engage in different table games like table tennis. Once you play a couple of games, you will find that it is much easier to develop friendship with other people.

Besides being a social outlet, table games also offer a great opportunity for parents and children to connect and build a lasting bond. This is good if you are having trouble connecting with your children as it will create lasting memories.


  1. Gives Entertainment

Apart from keeping your mind focused, table games are really fun and entertaining. Table games are perfect for individuals who are looking for fun activities to play with family and friends.They’re the perfect thing to do during parties with friends or reunions with the family at home.

  1. Promotes Healthy Competition

By engaging in competitive table games, you will learn the thrill of improving your game and staying on top of your competitors. Of course, just like in any games or sports, you may lose or win.

The benefit of playing table games as a hobby is that you become better after losing and you learn how to handle wins without making your friends feel inferior for losing. Ultimately, table games teach you the value of sportsmanship. And if you want to have your kids learn this, table games are the perfect springboard.

  1. Promotes Healthy Relationships

Some studies show that when couples play games together, they create a lasting bond. Table games are one way for couples to improve their relationship since they work as a team in order to solve a problem. This also helps improve their interaction which is essential in solving disagreements.



There are many reasons why table games can be your new hobby. Not only are table games fun and entertaining, but they are also a great way to build relationships, improve reflexes, cut calories, and even boost the brain. With table games, you can get heaps of health benefits. Therefore, take your hobby to the next level by practicing table games and learning everything about the sport.

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