Sluts, sluts everywhere!

by John Deus


Yeah, I am going to talk about that. 

Slut, the densest insult ever.

It’s amazing how many people get insulted just by calling one girl a slut.

Tell a girl she is a slut and you insult her, her boyfriend/husband, her father, brother, mother, friends… and many, many other people.

And I don’t mean they’re insulted because someone they care about was insulted.

No, they are personally insulted.

Isn’t that weird?!

Universally, a slut is a girl who had sex with many guys.

This definition is agreed upon all across cultures, the only difference is in the “How many is “slut” many?”

This “many” ranges from 1 outside of marriage, to about 10-15 guys.

I get a lot of long, emotionally packed emails from you guys talking about this topic, and how you are “giving up” on the dating world because all the girls around you are “sluts”.

I am going to answer this topic once and for all.

This article contains a lot of shocking information, and it has the potential to change your view of the whole world.

It will be very long and overwhelming, hope you enjoy it.

There is so much to be said, so let’s just dive in.

Let us look at a girl named Joanna.

Joanna had sex with 20 guys so far. By definition, Joanna is a slut.

How disgusting, 20 guys!

Doesn’t Joanna know how to say NO!? Can’t she just keep her legs closed!?

Now let’s look at Matthew, the nice sweet guy who was interested in Joanna, but now he knew about her slutty past and is no longer interested.

Matthew had sex with 3 girls, Matthew respects himself and that’s why his score is this low.

Before talking about how society says it is ok for a guy to have high sexual partners count while for a girl it is not ok, let’s examine the current situation.

Joanna’s 20 Sexual Partners VS. Matthew’s 3 Sexual partners.

Obviously, 20 is much higher than 3, but what does this mean?

Is it that Joanna does not know how to say no and just give it out easily?

Well, the truth is.

Joanna said way, way, WAYYYY more NO’s than Matthew ever did.

1ff6636A decent looking girl in a moderately dense city get offers for sex DAILY.


While the bigger percentage of guys do not get any offers at all.

Chances are Matthew have never said no to sex, ever.

The 3 sexual partners he got were all that he can get.

If there were more possibilities, he would’ve gone for it.

While Joanna’s 20 Yes’s are out of hundreds of No’s.

And that is something we don’t usually take into consideration, girls get offers for sex left and right, while guys rarely ever do. Girls usually turn down sex, while men rarely ever do, hell, I can barely remember the times I have turned down sex.

You, with your self-righteous and judgemental self, would be the slut you are shaming if you got the chance.

At least I know that if I was a girl, I would’ve been the whoriest of them all 🙂

That is because I love sex, and that is what you are shaming girls for, loving sex.

Girls like to get fucked, guys like to fuck… that is life.

Now let us come to the guy vs. girl sexual count.

They say a key that opens all locks is a master key, while a lock that is opened by any key is a worthless lock.

What a beautiful and true saying, when it comes to keys and locks.

But luckily, I am not a fucking key and the girl is not a fucking lock.

I get the imagery behind it, the penis looks like a key while a vagina looks like a lock.

very fucking clever.

Put the unlocking part is what confuses me.

Your penis doesn’t unlock anything.

Sex is a pleasurable experience for both parties, it is not that one party is doing something different to the other.

Now let us talk a bit about the valid point behind this since by now, some of you got so worked up and ready to call me a cuck because I am shattering their bullshit reality.

There is a valid argument that can be made about how we perceive high sexual partner count from men’s side as admirable while from girls side as shameful.

And that is the effort argument.

It takes way more effort for a guy to get a lot of sex than it is for a girl.

Another smart ass line for you, “There can be ugly sluts while there can’t be ugly studs.

And that is somehow true. For a girl to get sex, all she has to do is say yes.

I think I am at a point in my life where I can get any logically possible girl I want. 

Me, with all my “Game”, would look like a complete joke next to a fat, ugly girl when it comes to how many sexual partners we can get.

You can, never, ever compete with a girl in this game.

But still, what about the quality of partners that both of us can get?

She might be able to get high quantity, but she can’t get high quality.

In fact, she still can get what you call “high quality” guys, I mean, we are horny all the time so why not… 

But let us assume that she can’t get high-quality guys. 

So maybe a slut is the girl who sleeps with a lot of low-quality guys!

And to that I say, if we ever got to educate all the girls in the world to demolish what you call their “Slutty” side and only open their legs for the quality guys, well, 95% of us would be completely screwed.

Because who said you are one of the quality guys?

I love the look on the guy’s faces when they say this argument, and how they assume that they are in the “quality guys” category.

Here is a Newsflash for you, you are not one f the “Quality Guys”… I am not one of them.

Because from the viewpoint of reproduction, a high-quality partner is not that sweet nice guy who loves his mom and pays attention to his environment, a high-quality guy in that sense is that 1.95m tall and jacked guy with a perfect jaw, perfect eyesight, perfect skin tone, perfect hairline, perfect body proportions, perfect hormonal level, who’s immune to diseases, from a family that lives long and so on.

I know that the girl should also have good genes and most girls just like guys do not have that much of good genes, but I decided to skip over that just to make a point. 

And yes these people do exist, they are less than 5% of the world’s population, thanks to some old and fucked up selective breeding done by certain families.

So yea, those are the quality guys, not the sweet lovely hearted guy you think you are, even if you are really nice and sweet and all these amazing things but your genes are not perfect or superior, in the Darwinian view of life, you are not a quality guy, even if the guys with the perfect genes are just stupid bricks, they still win.

You can take a guy with perfect genes and teach him how to love his mother and pay attention to the environment and be the loveliest thing on earth, but you can’t take a guy with shitty genes and make him pass good ones, ever.

So next time you start judging a girl with the quality vs quantity argument, just remember that.

Gosh, I will get so much hate for this 🙂

And from both sides.

I am being extra aggressive with the way I am answering this dilemma because I am trying to make a very important point, and that is

You will never know enough to judge, so just don’t judge.

Yes, there are counter-arguments to everything I said, in fact, I can write this article in a way to show you that there can’t be something called a slut, we do what we want with our bodies and #freethenipples.

You know all the feminist hype.

And that is wrong but holds some truth in it.

Or I can write this article in a way that makes most of the girls look like worthless sluts, and all men are doomed. we should all just be men going their own way, just have sex, just “Next” the girls, never commit and etc…

You know, the manosphere/MGTOW/Redpill hype.

Which is also wrong but hold some truth in it.

Listen, you can’t simplify life, ever.

There will never be black and white.

We have a handful of things that we decided to take as black and white due to the necessity of such action, but other than that it is ALL Grayish.

I did take it upon myself to look into the actual dynamics in relationships, cheating, sluts, manwhores and all that.

And what I have figured out is that I simply will never ever be able to give you a list of characteristics or anything similar to justly judge someone.

No one can.

Slut-shaming is one of the harshest forms of judgment in our society, equally as harsh as the “You are not a true man” argument for guys, and some other arguments in some cultures.

Point is, we will always try to simplify reality so we can comfortably adapt to it, instead of working on making our brains complex enough to absorb the shitshow we are all born in.

I took a look at some articles on this topic all over the internet and 75% of them are for slut-shaming with articles like 25 signs she is a slut or almost any post on the redpill community on Reddit.

The 25% of the articles against slut shaming are basically angry feminists who list no actual points. they are just defensive and anti that fucking virtual oppression of men they keep ramblings about.

The truth is, a girl sleeping with X number of guys has no impact on the probability of her cheating in a relationship, or how quality she is.

There is no sign, or red flag or whatever they call it that can determine the quality of a girl.

The deeper you research this topic the more confused you will get, and the more “dark” the whole matter will turn.

You will reach a point where it seems that monogamy is the longest lie humanity lived under, family solidarity is more damaging than beneficial and good ethics are dooming humanity into an end.

These I am also not willing to discuss here on this blog because 1 I will never have enough information to do so and 2 because being oblivious to the possibility of such claims is the only thing that will help you live happily.

I chose to talk about Slut shaming specifically because of how damaging it is for both parties.

I had enough with guys going batshit crazy over this, and girls digging themselves into a deep desperate whole in their way of rebelling against this.

So end it, just fucking end it.

The Manosphere and the signs she is a slut, they have got it all wrong.

Just read their damn article and you can sense that the author is not talking from actual valid experience, you can sense that he is describing a girl who probably did cheat on him or just was a complete bitch to him, and describes her friends and how they acted just because they “seemed” like sluts.

And they go on describing these unicorns that will never cheat because of how much she cares about her man, or because of how much she is high quality or because of how fucking “ALPHA” her man is.

And that unicorn can be more “slutty” than the most heavily tattooed and pierced and whatever thing a girl does that have a slutty stigma to it.

I am writing this article from Jordan, the middle east.

In the middle of religious and traditional families. In a culture that holds virginity to the highest regards, and holds the purity of a woman as the most important thing in a woman. And let us not talk about what happens if a girl was thought of as a slut…

Those girls match the exact same wording of that fantasy of the unicorn, or the pure high-quality woman, the woman that those guys who are all up slut-shaming most girls fantasies about.

But guess what? They are deep down as slutty as the sluttiest girl you know, but they are really, really good at hiding it.

All these religious teachings and negative stigma to sluttiness a girl goes through in here, and they still turn up being “slutty” in your definition, but only for the trained eye.

I have been with girls from religious families, have a great relationship with both the mom and dad, living in a society that fights sexual freedom to its last and can only tolerate sex after marriage, yet they sleep around with multiple guys.

Fuck, I have even been with virgins!


They do anal, yeah that’s a thing around her, she would let you do her anally and she sucks cock like a porn star, but she keeps her “Virginity”.

You just can’t know, you just can never define what is a quality girl or a girl worth marrying or whatever you are looking for.

It comes down to how the both of you blend together.

It comes down to how good or shitty that person is, and even that is hard to figure out because shitty can turn into good and good can turn into shitty.

If you are looking carefully to start a relationship with that special person that you will spend the rest of your life with and so you are carefully looking for the most faithful girl you can find so she won’t cheat and love you for the rest of your life, then fucking stop.

It is something that you can’t figure out that easily, if at all.

You can not know if a girl is faithful before you get into a relationship with her.

Not even if she is less probable to cheat than another girl!

You think a virgin is less probable to cheat than a girl who has been with 20 guys?

No, not really.

Because other than the fact that the virgin might not be exactly a virgin because she might have done anal with a dozen of guys, maybe just blowjobs and maybe, maybe even intercourse!

Yes, she might have had a dick in her pussy and she might still seem a virgin!

Shocking right!

that’s because virginity is a myth.

There is no sort of examination you can do to get a certain result if a girl has had sex before or not!

But, what about the hymen!

Yeah, that’s a myth too…

Yes, you read that right… VIRGINITY IS A MYTH.

The hymen is wildly misunderstood, there are dozens of articles that will explain this better than I will do, just google “the hymen myth” or “the virginity myth” to read more on this.

Or watch this video that will explain everything.

The hymen never covers the whole opening, NEVER!

Some cases are born with a shut hymen and so need to do a surgery to open the hymen a bit.

Think about it, if the hymen closes the whole thing, where the hell does period blood go?

Also, some girls are born without the hymen.

Some girls are born with very wide hymen and can have sex without that hymen breaking!

The hymen might break on its own, from physical activity to aging to other factors!

So yea, the virginity thing, it is mostly made up.

Even girls do not know much about that! next time when you are with a girl let her describe the hymen to you, her answer will be, uh, it’s that skin covering the pussy Uhm yea…

All that aside, even if a girl never had anyone before you, you might sexually awaken her and she would start to think that if it feels this good with you, how better can it feel with someone else!

So yeah that won’t stop her from cheating!

She might start understanding that she is getting older and losing her charm so she wants to get a kick of fun.

And many other possibilities!

So no, marrying a virgin is not a guarantee that she will not cheat on you and she will be the good awesome girl that you will spend your life with.

You can take all the “right” choices and things would still fall apart.

I used to think that fear is the only thing that would stop a girl from cheating.

Whether it is the fear of losing you, the fear of being judged or the highest of these all, the fear of being physically harmed.

Physical harm something you should never EVER fucking do, and you should always make it crystal clear that you will not physically harm a woman – or any human actually – from the get-go and stick to that word.

I keep looking at the case of ISIS, you know that terrorist group.

If a girl cheats on her husband, they stone her to death, yeaa…

And they actually do it and videotape the whole thing.

But still, every couple of weeks I hear on the news that they stoned another woman for cheating, so obviously, it is not working.  #powerofbonres.

It is more complex than you think.

So how did the slut come into existence?

I do not really have a verified answer, but I will put my money on the idea that WOMEN invited the slut shaming to lower the value of other women and so raise her own value with her “presumed” purity!

It is a fact that women slut-shame each other twice as much as men do!

On my Instagram, no guy has ever referred to the girls on there as a slut or whore, NEVER, But hundreds of girls keep asking about those “sluts” sometimes being serious with it and sometimes pretend to joke about it! 


It is a way for women to compete against each other, it is a way to lower another woman’s value in the sexual market in order for the said girl to up her level.

Same as how guys pick on each other in front of girls.

The whole Slut thing is just a baseless judgment that has no aim other than to hurt and lower the value of the accused party.


So where does this leave you?

How can you know if that girl is relationship worthy or not?

Well, judge her like you judge a person.

Look at her energy, is she always sad and depressed or is she fun to be around?

Does she rise you up or put you down?

Does she treat others with respect? does she have things going on in her life?

And the most important factors for me to determine if a girl is relationship worthy or not

1- How much she wants me, that is the single most important factor in determining whether or not a girl will be in my life. You can help her grow into whatever good quality you wish her to have but you can’t do anything that makes her want you badly from deep down her soul. She either does or doesn’t.

2- How stable she is. Mentally. and that is an easy one, just watch out for extreme mood swings and unnatural or harmful behavior, same as you judge the stability of your friends and so on.

3- Why does she want to be with you? this is a tricky one.

Look, girls can be very good at lying, she might fake it if she is something that you have, so you should always ask yourself why she would want to be with you, and no, because your awesome is not enough answer.

I will write a more in-depth article about this soon!

Now back to the slut paradox.

Where does this leave you? and what should you do with all this anxiety you have about this topic?

Listen, your girl might cheat on you, and there is nothing you can do about it

You might cheat on your girl, and there is nothing she can do about that.

The sooner you get along with that fact the better.

Your jealousy and your fear of being compared to past lovers are two very toxic ideas you have to get rid of as soon as possible. Being in a relationship with a pure virgin will not resolve this because these feelings will grow into other things, like possessive and fear of being compared with current people in her life.

You should not put that much value over this, girls will come and go from your life, and that means nothing, that takes nothing from your value as a man.

A girl cheating on you doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t make you less of a man.

And for fuck sake kill the twisted judgemental concept of the alpha male. That masturbatory figure for men in the male communities that most guys think they are “Alpha” and shame the”Beta” losers.

Oh man, I am an alpha, my girl won’t cheat on an alpha.

It is strange how men who are living by the “Alpha Male” code are all about how women aren’t part of their life and they just pump and dump, bitches and hoes.

Yet they base their whole value as a man on the opinion or the action of a woman.

Fucking pathetic.

A girl might cheat on anyone, regardless of how manly or high value the guy can be.

Get along with this idea, and do not let your relationship or your woman is the purpose or the center of your existence.

Do not just fade into the relationship and lose yourself.

Do not base your happiness on the girl either.

And always keep in mind that it mind end, and it might end badly.

enjoy it as it lasts, and don’t waste time and effort in hopes of stabilizing what you have.

Damn, do I steer away from the topic 🙂

Back to the slut thing.

Yea, they do not exist, so stop judging girls who like sex, and just enjoy your time with whoever you are with and don’t take life that seriously.

If you just have to judge or filter how good a girl is and desperately want something to avoid, it is overly flirty girls and naive girls. Flirty opens up the door for experienced guys to escalate and naive girls are pretty fucking clueless about how the world runs and so they usually end up doing disasters.

Other than that, your judgemental and self-righteous attitude is what is keeping you from having great relationships and a great life.

Girls have been having lots of sex since the dawn of life, no, the past generations weren’t any more “pure” or less slutty, they simply were good at hiding it and didn’t have the technology we have today to overexpose themselves.

That is human nature, sex is one of the fundamental needs in humans, you can either join the party or keep standing on the side thinking you are better than this.

It is your choice.

Even if you didn’t want to join the party and want to hold to your own beliefs, we respect that but at least do not judge and understand that you simply do not have enough evidence and proof to see the wrong and right, the good and the bad.

I know that this wasn’t enough explanation for the whole thing, I might have made girls look like the pure angelic victims, which they are not.

The world is filled with awful girls, and they are capable of and usually do horrible things.

Will fill up on that on a later article!


John Deus

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Trevor September 25, 2016 - 12:11 pm

1) It is simply stupid not to judge. To decide to not deferinerate between what is good for you and what is not, is to commit a type of self harm. Why would anyone want to harm themselves?

2) A slut is fun to have sex with, but not for a serious relationships. Not because she enjoys sex. Not because she is sexually generous. Not because it is easier for her and more difficult of guys. Not because of any purity or stretching rubbish. IT IS BECAUSE WOMEN THAT ARE SLUTS ARE MORE LIKELY TO DIVORCE OR BREAK UP A RELATIONSHIP. IT IS BECAUSE SLUTS ARE MORE LIKELY TO CHEAT.
It is because sluts miss having that free fun and are far less monogamous.

There have been numerous scientific studies that prove it. This is not a wild guess or pure speculation. It is proven fact. If you are unable to use Google Scholar to find the 350 scientific studies on the matter. You are truely beyond help. The only thing that stops you from knowing this beyond a doubt is your refusal to search Google Scholar and read up about it.

Sluts are just not for serious long term relationships.

I have no problem with sluts, they are fun, but I also know that any relationship with one is a ticking bomb… it’s going to go off sooner or later.

So, I don’t marry them. I focus on the here and now and just keep having fun times.

I’m a slut, the male variety, and I to am not for serious long term relationships either. I like flirting, I like adventure, I like sexy women…. hmmm all of them. And I am sexually generous. I give it away for free (not that I could charge for it, anyway) and just for the fun of it.

Sure… don’t be publically judgemental, but do judge whether a woman is a slut or not, so you can know how to NOT cause harm to yourself.

Think about this…

If we told a woman… “Don’t get involved with a stud/womanizer/player/fukboi… they will cheat on you or leave you broken hearted.”

Will you blink an eye? Will you say that it is bad advise?

But somehow it is suddenly wrong to give a guy the same proven sensible advise. “Don’t get involved with a slut… they will cheat on you or leave you broken hearted.”

The remaining question is how many sexual partners to becoming a slut? What is the number?

Science has answered that question already. It is just not advertised because it is unpopular. But read those scientific studies… The answer is there, but they never state it out right… because that would be NOT politically correct.

Ask yourself. At which point does the risk of marriage and divorce become more than the benifit of marriage and divorce… and you will find your answer neatly printed out in a graph in one of those scientific studies that are freely available on Google Scholar.

John Deus September 25, 2016 - 3:43 pm

They do not really exist, the 350 studies you talk about that prove this, I would love it if you could link me those studies. I don’t think of myself as a smart man, mostly I am quite stupid, but not stupid enough to not have enough background on something before I decide to talk about it.
The studies you talk about that prove that sexual partner increase will increase cheating never do that, They actually state in the studies that while there is a correlation, the probability to cheat can not be determined by this single factor and there are many other factors in play. It is a correlation, not a causation.

Look, your use of scientific evidence is completely wrong in this case, all these studies are based on surveys, and they usually end in conflicting results.

Some studies found that there is a correlation
Some studies found that there is simply not enough evidence
and some studies found that it is unrelated.
I have never come across one that claimed that it is a causation of cheating, I would love if you could link me one.

Now, which one of these is the “Scientific Fact”?
None, these studies can not be hold as scientific evidence.
I will talk about this on the upcoming part 2 of the psychology series.

These things are simply undetermined that way, most professors will disregard these studies as not valid enough to base a finding.

It is simply like the self-reported vs measured penis size studies. In self-reported, the average penis size was much bigger than surveys that actually measured, and that is because people lie.

In case of unfaithfulness, I believe the rates are much higher than these studies claim, especially on women side, women cheat way more than these studies claim

My basic flaw and the reason I did not link any study in my article is because I think that unfaithful girls who hold themselves to a higher moral background – those who slut shame – will never admit to cheating.

I think studies talking about the impossibility of a successful monogamous relationship are more Scientifical than those studies, so yeah, the whole monogamous thing is most likely just a BS feed to us, which leaves you reasonless to hate on sluts, and validate the point that it is simply not related or not a factor.

I think in your case, do wait for that virgin, you have a strong emotional attachment to that topic and it is very unlikely to change up your mind even with enough evidence.
2- I did not say not to judge at all, I gave you a different way to judge someone, and that is on their own personality traits and how they treat you and other, this is a more valid way of “judging” since it concerns what you know and not what you speculate.

You really can only see one type of sluts when you first start paying attention to the sexual market place, and that is the self-proclaimed slut or the sluts that simply do not give a fuck if people called them that. But there are girls who slept with a huge number of men that look very innocent and naive.
And guess what, the girl that tells you she is a virgin or had one or two sexual partner is very likely to be lying, why?
Because it is obvious that you will judge her on it, so she will simply not tell you the truth.
A girl won’t tell you the truth, she will just tell you what you want to hear in most cases.

That is why it is stupid to judge on this criteria, it is simply beyond your and mine basic knowledge of someone.

Luc Marcus September 25, 2016 - 12:30 pm

Like reading my own thoughts on a pc. Great articel.

Sergio September 26, 2016 - 4:01 am

Great article. A harsh one, but great.

Marcel September 26, 2016 - 5:18 am

i agree and not…she might get more offers but she still fucked 20 guys i doesnt matter if she gets 20 or 2000 offers 20 guys are 20 guys….that means she spread her legs for 20 strangers…she got no problem to show her privat parts to strangers…and these kind of woman are no relationship material, i dont want a woman on my side who was getting fucked from alot of men, when a woman is on my side i want that she is special, special because not everybody can have her but i, i can be proud of her and stuff like that and not “here is my girl she likes to bend over in the past”…if a girl wants to fuck alot of dudes okay but in my eyes it is cheap(of course same goes for men)….i just dont understand why a person needs different sex partners

John Deus September 26, 2016 - 4:16 pm

Because how else would one know what he/she likes if he/she did not experience with different people? What about if someone is at a stage in their life that they do not want to be in a relationship and they just want sex? what if someone just enjoys sex too much? why does showing your private parts something bad? aren’t these just social conditionings we force feed?

What about this special girl? how would you know that she did not “open her legs” that many times anyway. AS long as you look at this matter with such seriousness, you will have problems, and these problems well be mostly “lies”, you will deal with a lot of lies if girls sensed that you are taking this topic with such seriousness, hey a girl likes you and she knows you don’t like girls who sleep around? Puff! she had only slept with one guy, at least that’s what she will tell you, and maybe since it started with a lie, it won’t end there.

You are free to chose whatever you like after all, but it is worth considering all this.

Kacy March 8, 2017 - 9:14 pm

Thanks for the answer.

Max September 27, 2016 - 3:44 pm

Hi there,
at first let me thank you for being honest and having the balls to say what you believe in which is really the opposite to what society pretends to trust in my opinion.
As the twitter chart shows “slut” is mainly a term to demolish the lifestyle of other women by women. And from a moral perspective it just makes absolutely no sense to discredit a person with a high sexual activity (male or female) as long as this person is not hurting anybody (utilitaristic perspective). “Slut” is exactly that, a verbal term to downrate a practice that is not worth of being condemned just because of what it means, just like countless other insults. That to whether it is morally useful to use the term.
Now to whether “slut” holds some social truth that is worth to have a look at. In my opinion “slut” is a product of evolutionary preferences of the (main) two genders. Male tactics throughout the diversity of species is spreading, female is selecting (because of breeding responsibility). Slut is a reaffirming term of the social consequences of your evolutionary role. The fact that this behavior is not rational anymore in times of birth control via preservatives and the pill is irrelevant cause obviously you cannot overcome your biologically induced neurology and everyone keeps acting as if it was 10000 BC. That’s also the reason guys will always have to persuade girls to having sex. A feeling inside them tells them not to be promiscuitive. For guys this is also difficult cause it means they often either have to be a little dishonest about their aimes at first or they will drive away girls. Additionally the chances of not fullfilling hopes of a longlasting relationship are high.
Yours sincerely, Max
ps sorry, when sth is wrong, no native speaker

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:36 pm

Max, thank you for the insight. I choose to open with the fact that the world slut is very insulting to a lot of parties to show that the main use of this world is to cause harm to others and not to point out bad behavior. I think birth control is the main reason why women keep sleeping around, I think their body would think that their current partner is unable to get them pregnant and so he is no longer desirable. i also think that the whole monogamy thing is an experience with a strict end date of 3 to 4 years, or in other words until the male is not that important for the survival of the offspring. Other than that, females too would like genetical variety in their offspring and thou that means different males. and lastly, it is a survival tactic to have a different partner for the genes and providing resources, hence the alpha/beta dynamics. It is at its core a very dark and kind of fucked up reality, while it might be false, but most evidence indicate that we are living this long big lie of relationship and purity.

Josef September 28, 2016 - 8:48 pm

Great Blog, im always impressed what topics you pick! It is always a surprise and i like that ^^

Now i have a question, how do the Girls allow you to take Pictures from them? There are even sometimes naked. Don’t they say something after you took the picture like “Can you now delete it” or “Keep it pleas private”. You are really a pro in Pick Up!

Have a nice day! Sorry if my english is shit…

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:17 pm

Thank you,
If a girl told me to keep private, and a good percentage of them do, I do keep it private, all the pictures I post are based on a request from the girl, meaning that I ONLY post the pictures of girls who ask me to post them. And yes some girls like that.

Jarc September 30, 2016 - 2:35 pm

Good post John very encouraging message especially the ‘alpha men don’t get cheated on’ part

But your English man ? get a proofreader or something

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:15 pm

Yeah gosh my English… Yea I will soon get an editor, sorry about the mistakes man.

Rob October 1, 2016 - 10:30 am

Man, the more I read your articles the more I wonder if you ever read Zan Perrion. Or did you come up with that beautiful content yourself?
You are fucking great.

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:15 pm

Thank you, I have never actually heard of him, but I will check him out!

Kryten October 5, 2016 - 7:50 pm

This is from a guy who is currently in a relationship, my first and her first, and to us I think we are really lucky as we are sure it’s going to be just us, we are happy together. This article has been very eye opening as I did not know how large of a problem this is as I have always tried to be of the philosophy of that let people fuck who they want. It dosent really matter me and my girl both didn’t but that was our choice and we found each other and are happy, if you want to screw every guy go ahead it won’t affect me so why pry just let people live thier own life. My opinion is like you said it’s about personality, connection, effort. We are probably the minority being monogamous and being happy about it haha. Very good article I hope that some people learnt something from this.

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:04 pm

Thank you!
Hope all the best for you both!

Korilius October 14, 2016 - 7:53 pm

We need more sluts in the world. More fucking, less fighting.

John Deus October 21, 2016 - 12:02 pm


Sam December 10, 2016 - 7:53 pm

Great article and on point. Totally loved it!!!!! Keep writing such awesome stuff


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