How To Be Confident 102: Creating Assumptions

by John Deus


Self-Confidence: Creating Your Assumption.

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I thought kings are different. I thought leaders had what we will never have. I thought celebrities are a selected breed. 

A lot of people think it is all up to karma, God and the universe to decide who we are and what we will ever be.

You can think whatever you want… 

But I am 100% sure that you can be whatever you want, it is all in your hands.

It is all up to you.

It might be a bit confusing that I opened an article about Self-Confidence with such seemingly unrelated topic.

Well, have you ever felt more confident around certain people?

Usually, they are much younger and less cool than yourself or at least this is how you perceive them.

Furthermore, We all have those people that we feel self-cautious around, usually they are much cooler than us or we perceive them as higher in status than ourselves.

That is one of the secrets to Self-Confidence

Your Confidence level depends on other people and how you view them. If you view someone as superior to you, then you will be very self-cautious, and in turn, you will be less confidentuntil you became a supreme who just won’t give a fuck.

As I explained in Part-1 of supreme confidence series (Read Here), Assumption is the soul of confidence, it is the major player on how confident you are.

You are more confident around people you perceive as lower than you

Think of a group of kids asking you about something you excel in, that energy that floats in you, your voice, your words, and how confident you were.

That happened because you relied on two assumptions. One, that your status is higher than them, and Two, that they perceive you this way. The same goes when you lose your confidence, let’s say in front of a very hot girl or a top-notch celebrity.

It is easier to adapt to preconditioned assumptions that society -later article on who we mean when we say “society”- forces on us. Everyone agrees that a tall, hot guy is wanted by women, that is not a fact, that is a certain assumption.

Even though, I can show you 1000’s of examples of guys, tall hot and rich, who suck balls with women you would still believe that assumption.

I can show you 1000’s of short, ugly bums who can get laid when and where they want.

It all goes back to the fact that both of these extremes function on their own certain assumption and thus reality will -most likely- follow the assumed path.

An awesome guy whom I helped in changing his life; had a tall handsome Swedish guy telling him that he “only do good with girls because girls here -it was in Germany- like black-haired guys“. My friend was 5’4” (163 cm) weighing around 200 pounds (90 kg) and had little sense of fashion, but he rocked a confidence that would stun Brad Pitt himself.

So, you need the correct set of assumptions to create a rock-hard self-confidence! 

Steps to building your assumptions correctly:

STEP-1: Take a night for yourself. sit in your room or any place by yourself. blast some of your favourite music and get a mirror.
STEP-2: Be 100% honest with yourself. Go through what you like and what you hate about yourself, spend a good amount of time thinking about these things. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror while doing so.
STEP-3: Pinpoint what you can and can’t change about yourself. -you can always lose weight no matter what genetics or medical conditions you have, you lazy fuck Read More Here
STEP-4: What you can’t change will be your assumption, validated by yourself. For example: if you are short, you assume that being short won’t effect you AT ALL, be certain about the assumption, confident that it will have a positive outcome.Get in peace with you flaws, love them and embrace them.
As for what you can change, accept it for now while keeping in mind that it is a goal to be achieved, but not to hold you back in the meantime.

Here is a reality check. listen carefully as this is one of the most important mentalities to have:

Even if being x was bad, and there is no way to change it -this is never the case I’m just going extreme to prove a point- No one will be affected but you.

Here it is, son. No one gives a fuck about you. Your parents, best friends and all the close people to you, they don’t really give a fuck…

They might care a little, but they won’t try that much to help you, and mostly, they can’t do anything. It also applies to you, no matter how much you think you care about certain people, you don’t. when shit hits the fan, you won’t do much.

Man the fuck up and stop complaining. keep working on yourself. don’t stop. never stop, never stop until you get what you want in this life. 

Hang out with cool people, CEO’s and celebrities. See that they are all just regular people, they became supreme with assumptions driven from within themselves, they don’t look around to others for validation.

Self-confidence, i am the architect of my own destruction

My assumption, my consequences and my life.

Look at people who got famous due to people’s validation, how they can’t stand reading negative comment about themselves.They are externally validated, once that validation stops it all falls down, the assumptions, the confidence and the outcomes.

Get angry at yourself, whenever you start complaining, I am fat, short, ugly whatever…

You think you got bad in this life? there are way worse than you, stop being a wuss. Man up, grind for supremacy.

Assume dominance. Assume coolness. Assume  Self-Confidence.Assume whatever you are is the best there is. Take yourself to greatness and let the haters do their thing.

A Guy, 6’4” born ripped, rich and gets lots of chicks?

Another face in the crowd. 

A Guy, 5’2” ripped, rich and a ladies man?

A legend, a supreme.

Be special. don’t chase easiness, chase tough lessons.

Create a perverted pleasure in pain -said by rsdjulien-, enjoy pain and toughness, smile and shout into the future: “Bring it on Bitch“.

Assume Confidence.

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 Share The Wisdom Gentlemen,

John Deus

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alex February 1, 2015 - 11:31 am

Amazing! Thank you john

Dennis December 21, 2015 - 5:56 pm

Hey John, i already read some parts of your supremacy boosters and so on. i would really like to thank you really really much.
i learned many things and i agree, that the society is full of bullshit spread in some sides in the internet.
i really like ur kick-ass writing style and i think this is what we need.we dont need a kind mentor,but we need a kick ass mentor to get things started.
keep going!(sry for bad english

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:24 am

Glad you liked it Dennis.
I should be sorry for my bad English.


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