Why MySupremacy.com?

by John Deus

Why MySupremacy.com?

Ok Gents,

I won’t be revealing my true identity Here, at least not anytime soon. Although I am a strong believer that this is not a good strategy As a man is never afraid to show his true self, EVER!

What I will do is the following…

I have created an Instagram account, where I will share snaps from my life as a form of entertainment and as a proof of what I talk about here, so go check it out! 

IF you want to know more about me, John Deus, or if need any help, Shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]

After we got that out-of-the-way, let’s talk about what is going to be different at MySupermacy.com? – other than the Horrible use of English?  

You should be familiar with how fucking general self-help articles are. The title would be something along the line of “how to be motivated”, you read a 1000 words post telling nothing but to just be motivated, no shit Sherlock.

Here at MySupremecy.com, my inner circle of Supreme Men and I will try our best to break down the mentality, skills, and visions of a Supreme man, rather than just telling you to be X.

*Longer Content Means More Money?!?!? 

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter ,so i wrote a long one instead” ~ Mark Twain

It is well-known in the blogging community that longer content gets you more traffic which means more money, well, I don’t like that. I am more into short & to the point kind of posts, no rambling around.

Express whatever the fuck you want here at this Supreme men community/club, never hesitate to comment or connect with me or anyone here at MySupremecy.com. 

It is a rare opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with another valuable man, not just me, who is killing it in life.

Aim to improve your life, always.

Join us here at MySupremacy.com, why the hell not? it is for free.


John Deus

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