Minimum Wage & The Sad Reality Of Life

by John Deus

minimum wage

*The article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes 

Minimum wage and the sad reality of life.

Todays article will focus on the reality and fairness of the current situation of minimum wage workers worldwide. I will discuss my view point on the minimum wage workers issue from my own perspective. Some brutal truths are coming your way, if you are not ready for that, then do not continue reading. 

Everybody bitch about how minimum wage workers make so little compared to CEO’s.

Everybody agrees on how insane it is to give athletes/musicians millions and ignore firefighters, doctors and garbage men.


Out of all the insanity, bat shit craziness and emasculation our generation is going through, that is one of the most sane things left in this world.

I am not trying to pick on anyone here, I am not trying to insult you in any way.

That is the reason I am not revealing my true identity yet, because as long as someone has no face, he can not insult you. 

I respect and admire people who go through the educational system, and I am one of them.

I do believe in education but I disagree with the mindset behind it.

We take the educational system road to find answers.

Do not go to school to get answers, do not looking for answers.

You should aim to create a foundation to be able to ask more questions and come up with more answers. 

You are there to create, not to repeat.

When you shed the light on the 7 billion breathing biological machines on earth, you feel how insignificant and replaceable you are.

When you add the upcoming robots into the equation, it becomes clear that you are totally and completely screwed.

You won’t really feel this until you start traveling a lot, until you meet a shit load of people around the world, until you see how redundant humans are, until you see how many people are just like you.

You are not much of a special snow flake, yet.

Whether you are a blue, pink or white-collar worker, you are EASILY replicable. There are millions of people with the exact same set of skills that you have if not better.

Robots on the other hand are going to replace us soon, it will eventually happen.

It’s you V.S the world… and the robots.

Pretty depressing, right?

The way you acquired your set of skills is exactly the same as the rest of the world.

The School-College-Job trinity of redemption.

You did not come up with anything new, you did not come up with anything original, you just recycled the same damn information over and over again.

You did not work on yourself.

Minimum wageThis is just an example of a million-dollar human.

Regardless if you love or hate them, you can not deny the talent they have.

An athlete or a musician get paid lots of money easily while doing minimal effort. that is not fair right?

Well, of course it is not fair if that statement was correct.

An athlete doesn’t make millions,

A Star-Athlete does, An elite-Athlete does… A Supreme-Athlete does.

Athletes, musicians, actors, artists..  are pretty much the poorest social class in any society, the stars you see on T.V are merely a 0.001% out of all the millions trying to make it.

While you on the other hand are making exactly as the next guy in the same position.

Why is that?

Because you are replicable, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t.

If he die’s the world will be different, Real Madrid will be different, The Portages national team will be different.

While if an office worker die’s, a new college grad + two weeks training in the company and everything will be back to order.

Then what is the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and a doctor?

Can I ask ‘What university can I attend to become Cristiano Ronaldo?’


But can I ask ‘What university can I attend to become a doctor?’

Yes, it is a frequently asked question.

It is honestly pathetic to see people flashing their titles in front of everybody.


Eng. XXX


You see, when the average Joe graduates from college to become a doctor, he enthusiastically like to be called Dr. Joe from now on.

He is no longer Joe, he is a doctor now, he is nobody, he is a Dr.

You call an actor by his name without a title, athletes, artist, musicians and even CEO’s are known by their names and not titles.

Because there are a million doctor, and one Steve Jobs.

And people wonder why the top 10 billionaires are all college drop-outs.

I am not saying schools are useless or the education is not good for you.

I myself clearly need to take some English classes.

I myself am a University Grad.

Education is important, learning is vital.

The fallacy is that in today’s world, you are not being taught to think but rather to apply, to work, to serve.

That is what profession is all about, being super good at doing something.

You are being taught to be a good servant, to do what you are supposed to do in the most correct way possible.

And that is why you are replicable.

The way we perceive education is very wrong.

When I am studying to be a doctor, I am just filling a place in society, I am just serving a need. No matter how good a doctor is at what he does, he will always be replaceable, because he did not bring anything new, he just did what everyone does a little better.

We perceive education as the answer rather than a new question.

You go to med. school, learn that you prescribe antibiotics for x kind of infections, you memorize it a zillion times, get an exam every two days until the system makes sure that you got that.

That was the answer!


We just apply what we read in books into the real world, a med grad is exactly the same as anyone who have read the same books, both just reciting what the irreplaceable have written.

Do not take education too seriously, it is just teaching you to be another brick in the wall.

Go to school, get educated, but understand that your A+ doesn’t mean anything, it is just an assurance that you will be a very, very good slave.

And understand that the educational system is not evil, your teacher is not evil, there is nobody hiding in the shadows in a grey suit planning to create a society of sheep’s.

We do it to our selves.


Because we are so fucking lazy and afraid.

We do not know any better.

There is nothing wrong with following the already planned road for you, the college/mediocre-job/family…etc.

But do not expect your life to be amazing, do not expect to be any different from the mediocre dude you see around you.

And do not think that you had your life like that while others get to have threesomes with models on their private airplanes due to luck.

No, it was your choice.

If you want to be different, if you want to be a supreme,

If you want to be irreplaceable,

then you got to see the world as it is.

You have to be


What if…..? Can we…..? If we add…..?

Questions, Questions, Questions.

Be curious about the world around you, understand that we still do not know all the answers, we just have seemingly correct assumptions about the world.

Be curious on the world and how it works.

Do not wait for people to give you the question and the answer, rather create your own questions and seek your own answers.

You have to be

willing to go through fear.

Quitting a job to start a company is scary, suddenly the comfort and security is gone.

Any small fuck up and you will be sleeping on the street, hungry.

Are you willing to do that?

You have to be

willing to sacrifice.

Your life is no longer easy and redundant, your life is different, you do not do what people do, you do not think like them, you do not eat like them, you do not behave like them.

You do not belong to the norm.

Are you able to handle that?

All eyes on you.

You have

to learn on your own.

The knowledge you acquire by yourself worth 1000 times more than what the best university in the world could ever teach you.

C.Ronaldo was not a Harvard grad. and if he was, he won’t be what he is today.

He learned by himself, he got the ball out, spent nights trying new things, spent years free styling his way, creating his own knowledge. now the world studies what Ronlado created for himself.

They teach you what the irreplaceable have taught himself, that is our educational system.

The supreme, the irreplaceable is the one willing to do what others aren’t in order to do what others couldn’t.

Get rid of the myth of luck, talent or anything outside of your control.

It is all in your hands,


Fuck the minimum wage.

be irreplaceable.

Share the wisdom gentlemen,

John Deus



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Aiden August 19, 2015 - 10:40 am

I’ve been following you on here recently and this article is truly amazing! and will take this advise into consideration. I my self is an aspiring filmmaker in pursuit of my dreams of changing film history through a work of art. Many people tell me to have the pre-planned lifestyle like everyone else but I know I won’t be happy so am continuing my passion. I want to show the world how far my imagination goes through the art of filmmaking. I need to leave a legacy behind to make the world a better place because I was here. I know I sound crazy

Sergio August 27, 2015 - 12:21 am

I’m Mexican. Surgeon and endoscopist. Twelve years of postgraduate education. I consider myself better to most of my peer. But since my divorce and since I start reading your blog and others in the manosphere I realized that I haven’t really acomplisehd nothing because of my beta mindset. I’m now a work in progress, searching for new things, women being the last of my priorities. Now I know that I have to pursue my dreams and my goals instead of just be a potatoe couch moaning about how unfair is life.

Brian Nussbaum October 17, 2015 - 7:42 am

YOU are FUCKING awesome man. I LOVE this blog and book marked it. My room mate just spent $4500 for a weekend with a small group of students to learn to “play the field” and get the ball rolling with women. Personally, I’m hungry for sex and longing for some sort of relationship- soon. But I’m SO busy making damn sure mine ad my partners company takes off into the stratosphere. Oddly im more hungry to finally just stack my bank account (after a decade of fuck ups) and focus on playing the girls and sex a little later. Either way, I’m posting on THIs article bc as an entrepreneur, this article really got me going. It’s funny dude- I live LITERALLY across the street from one of the most prestigious private schools in Chicago, with hoards of sexy, intelligent, beautiful young women (who are being lined up by “the system” of course) to fill the roles you talk about. And I wotk 2 days a week at a coffee shop (for now) where I see these people daily. It’s so amazing to me that I literally have every opportunity I beed for business contacts, future employees, relationships, sex, threesomes ALL within a mile or two and I’ve been SO stressed out, burnt out, conditioned, and brainwashed to be timid, intimidated, inferior-feeling to a lot of these “smart mommy daddy money kids” (im 30 btw) from BEING a college drop out, and decade long recluse and business failure (never was a “hit” to begin)…. My POINT is you said all of this stuff is such a SIMPLE way, yet with such high intensity- it really resonates with me. And so far I haven’t see a pitch for an expensive course (even tho it’d be 100x worth it) 😉

As an entreprneur and someone who sincerely believes the system is fucked up and IS MAN ENOUGH and patient enough to do the deal (wait the time, take rejection, pay the price) I sure as hell didn’t have the strength in all other areas socially. (Came home from a 4 hour walk earlier- by myself… Which is needed at times- but not all the time) there almost no women in my life and I see vast opportunity to use 2016 to recreate myself in all areas- money, personal power, sex life, possibly relationship ANd making more friends with MEN.. Good men.

Thank you for writing all this content man. As you can see, were alike, in the I CANt keep things “short and sweet” LOL

I’ll be watching for new posts etc

-Brian in Chicago


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