The Right Mindset: A Mentality Switch To Improve Your Life

by John Deus


How Couldn’t he understand?” “It is so obvious!” “He is just stupid, it is common sense!” “He is so deluded!“.

A crack of laughter broke your words as you told a friend how it was obvious!

Bit of restlessness tingled your brain as the confusion arises, how couldn’t he see it? it is so obvious, how couldn’t he believe that? … he must be either ignorant or just stupid.

what really cracks me up is, how couldn’t you understand? 

*The “it” refers to any topic of discussion, from religion to your favorite color.

It all comes down to one single mentality shift, a shift your brain will fight to the last electron surfing the neurons of your brain, crafting the illusion of YOU.

Read this Carefully

You Don’t Know Shit, No One Does, There Is No Absolute Truth.Your Reality Is Relevant To You And Only You.  

That is the mentality switch you have to make!

Whatever you think you know, no matter how sure you are, whether it is God, Allah, Jesus…

Whatever you think is the best country, the best player, the best musician…

Whatever you think is the right attitude, the right mindset, the right way…

It is just an assumption (MORE ON ASSUMPTION IS HERE )

It is all equally right and equally wrong.

Your idea could be either right or wrong, so does his, hers, mine or whoever

It is just your perception of this life, your vision.


Vision:  a chain of assumptions coming from a single source of authority, that is you, they align beautifully to create the goal you want to achieve based on your vision.

Strive to have a vision of yours, no matter how many people think it is stupid, childish or Un-achievable, it is yours and yours only.

This is what we lack these days, people with visions,

Steve Jobs didn’t have an idea, he had a vision
Bell Gates has a vision
Christopher Nolan has a vision
Michael Jordan has a vision
& have my own vision.

All the successful had it in common.

It is not the matter of right or wrong, it is the matter of making it work

Striving for it,

Follow your path, don’t let anyone take it from you.

Don’t gather mini-visions & ideas from here and there, NO!

Have it your way.

Go make it happen!


That is it, Gentlemen, 

John Deus

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Martin April 9, 2015 - 9:50 pm

I really like this page, I think you do a good work here! But yet, sometimes I feel like there is just a little bit too much “black or white” thinking… Most of the times, the things can be more than just “right” or “wrong”. To take it even further: things never really are 100 % true or 100 % false. Thats the only things I wanted to criticize.
But never the less: I really really like your articles! Keep up the good work!

John Deus April 16, 2015 - 7:02 am

I fully agree but you can not preach the grays. You have to create a sense of ‘you either this or you are screwed’ to generate an urgency in the reader to change.

Doing the black/white approach and people rarely do push themselves to change. Now imagine telling them that it is ok and they can still be the way they are, then people will be reading for entertainment.

That will make it more successful as a website, but that is not our purpose.


vince November 12, 2015 - 12:55 am

Black & White makes it a stronger frame, mindset, vision. . .


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