Basic Principle For Making Money

by John Deus

Basic Principle For Making Money

Making Money.

Making money seems to be a trending subject recently. well, not just recently, it is an all time favorite men around the world. 

But it is so vague and full of false promises, it is seemingly either insanely easy or insanely hard. 

What is the deal with that?

I can’t tell you exactly what to do to become a millionaire, a billionaire or whatever, no one can. Because if someone can, he will do it himself instead of letting you know the secret, don’t get fooled by all the books and seminars.. it is all BS. 

Successful people can give you hints about what doesn’t work and what might work, what frame of mind you should follow and where to look for money… besides that, it is all up to you and your vision

My short simple tip for you guys today is

Don’t trade you time for money, Trade you value and what you know. 

If you trade your time, then you can get x static amount of money for your time since your time is limited, the money is limited, thus you won’t achieve that much success following that approach. 

If you decide to be an office rat, then that is exactly what you are doing, you are selling your time for money. Haven’t you ever wondered why you are always a part of a team which is a part of a team which is a part of a team?

Because corporations don’t want to buy your experience or knowledge, they just want your time.

you are easily replaceable .. sorry pal, but truth fucking hurts. 

Forge excellence in something you’re passionate about, aim to be good at something –one thing not many- that people can’t simply ignore how good you are at it. people will gather to get that knowledge, that experience, that VALUE you can offer… and that, my friend, is how you make a fortune.

Add something to this world. Ask yourself

How can I add something that the world will lack if I didn’t exist on this earth and create it? 

Follow your passion, follow your vision… keep pushing through, keep growing… someday you will make it or you will Die trying. 

John Deus

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Luc Marcus March 2, 2015 - 10:45 am

Great adivice, i remember Brandon Carter talking about something similar.
Like instead of trying to sell yourself, make others try to sell themselves to you.

vince November 11, 2015 - 5:59 pm

I worked corporate for 10 years and “wealth” never knocked on my door. Only “comfort” and “stress” did.
I worked for myself and on myself the last 20 years and “wealth” has knocked on my door numerous times (I don’t answer, though) and I make my own “comfort” and stress is mostly gone today.


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