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Improve Cognitive Function!

Today we will talk about Cognitive Function, and how to improve it. Cognition is “the mental process and/or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses”. Several factors affect how we process thought, how fast we do that, how efficient it is, and how long we will be able to beat our optimum brain function. It is a vital part of life since human beings thrive and rule the earth due to the fact that their brains are more intricate and more developed compared to other animals on the animal planet.

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Here are some of the useful tips that can help you improve cognition:

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise or any form of exercise that pumps up your system and gets you breathing more is a way to improve and boost cognitive function. Aside from the fact that exercise makes you feel good because of the endorphin your body produces when you exercise, aerobic exercise fuels the body with more oxygen and this means that the body has more capacity and is able to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates more. A body that also has ample amount of oxygen hardly gets sick because it can defend the cells from pathogens. When you are immune to diseases, it is more likely that your cognitive function will work effectively.

Good Music

Whether it is a classic, hip-hop, or a love song, music has a way to improve cognitive function in different ways. Classical music can boost your problem solving and mathematical skills. Hip-hop and other dance music can improve one’s grace and reduce stress. Relaxing music can also reduce anxiety, thereby promoting cognitive function. And certain kinds of music simply promote the cardiovascular rehabilitation that happens to be useful in promoting oxygen to the brain and improving how efficiently it works.


Strength Training

Research suggests strength training not only supports muscular strength and bone building, it also helps improve cognitive function because lifting weights may increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF regulates the growth of nerve cells making coordination among nerves and brain cells smoother. Cognitive function does not only mean ensuring that your brain is on the right track, it also means that you should take care of your body because the body supports what the brain wants it to accomplish voluntarily or involuntarily. Lifting weight or any form of strength training also improves the oxygen levels in the body that makes it good for cognitive function.


A Balanced Diet

Cognitive function is not only dependent on your mood or your genetics, it also depends on the food you eat and the supplements you take. Eating the right food and ensuring that you have all the nutrients that your body needs, helps you keep the body fit and immune to pathogens, and protects your brain from cognitive decline. There is a coordination between the brain and all other parts of the body, as well as its functions. Feed your body with the right nutrients it needs so that the body and brain don’t deplete itself. Fruits and vegetables and the right kinds of meats are advisable for a sound health. A supplement derived from Tongkat Ali, otherwise known as Eurycoma longifolia Jack or Longjack, can also help you have the right energy needed for your brain to function at optimum level. Your brain needs nutrients not just your muscles. And every bit of supplement or food you take can either contribute or degrade your system. Eating unhealthy foods cannot help you if you plan to increase brain and cognitive capacity.

To be smarter and more energetic, take foods and supplements that contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to your overall health.


Whether it’s disco or hip-hop, tango or salsa, dancing can benefit not only your body and your mood. It can also protect against cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s. The mental challenges involved in dancing stimulate the area of the brain that controls coordination and planning. So turn on that radio, stereo, or whatever you can use to play that music. Make sure that music isn’t something that you hate because sometimes there are types of music that just ruins your mood. Play something that you like, perhaps a song that reminds you of good times or a day you felt powerful and successful.

Laugh Often

Laughter helps the body produce endorphins that help you become healthier and more immune to illnesses. Endorphins also help you have more optimal brain function and development. So stop the drama. If you aren’t involved in any drama, that’s a good start. Now start smiling and laughing. The world will smile back at you and so will your brain.

Use Time Productively

Wasting time can take a toll not only on the affairs of our lives but it also takes a toll on our health and when it does, cognitive function may decline due to the several factors that may happen. Make sure you use it productively. Let go of too much social media time. Use it as a time to learn to improve your brain power. The more you exercise your brain, the stronger and the more learned you become.

PprioritizeWhat’s Important

They say life is too fast. Indeed, it is. Little do we realize it but prioritizing the things that you do in life and for your plans, in general, declutters your mind from thinking and rethinking unplanned scenarios. We pride ourselves on being intelligent when we cannot multitask. If you want a sound brain and inner peace, prioritize the important things that you should do and dwell on them. Stop wasting time, it can give you stress.  

Be at Peace

Being at peace can be a superficial thing in this fast-paced world but hardly anyone is at peace for real. Engage yourself in activities such as yoga, jogging, and meditation that may help silence the noise outside. We all want inner peace and quiet sometimes. This will help your brain function effectively. A mind in turmoil cannot distinguish what is right and wrong. Be at peace with yourself and with everyone.


Although cognition is considered a mental process, the ways to improve it are not strictly all in the brain. Actions bring about the results that will help improve brain functions and it is all up to you to start balancing your diet, nutrition, exercise and apply the small things that will help invigorate the brain and improve brain function to its optimum level.


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Awesome !! Thank you for it !

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