How To Not Be Creepy?

by John Deus

How To Not Be Creepy?

This is probably one of the most requested articles. 

I honestly did postpone it this far because… I did not really have a satisfying answer until now! 

What is creepy? 

And how can you make sure you are not coming off as creepy? 

How to not be creepy? 

To find the answer, I had to read multiple articles on how to not be creepy, then go out and do exactly what they said not to do in those article!

I did so… And I did not come off as creepy! 

Want to know why? 

What creeps people out aren’t the words or the actions. 

It is the vibe behind them. 

Creepiness is a vibe. 

And what is this vibe exactly? 

It is the result of having incongruent emotions, actions or words to a certain environment while not being able to reframe them to be relatable in the current environment. 

Too technical, I know. 

In other words, 

You are creepy if you do anything that is considered inappropriate in a certain environment.

That is only half correct. 

I, for example, am the most inappropriate guy I ever knew. 

I do a lot of things that are considered inappropriate for the most part. 

– Wear weird pajamas to semi-formal parties and even the opera house 🙂 

– Go on discussing extremely weird and uncomfortable topics with people that I have just met. 

– Go to clubs alone, spend my time holding a drink up to my chest and staring at people with a blank face the entire night… Weirdly I got laid every single time I did that… I suck at being creepy.

– & the list goes on…

Now, why do I do that? 


I love watching people tense up not knowing how to react. 

And that is why I can’t come off as creepy. – well, I can when I intend to. 

Because I am aware of that energy, and I know how to deal with it. 

Here is the deal: 

When you are interacting with an unfamiliar individual, a certain energy builds up in the receiving end of the interaction. 

You can easily observe it whenever you stop a girl randomly down the street – if you can do that sort of thing. 

Or when you approach anyone to ask for whatever. 

They will tense up for the first couple of seconds of the interaction.

Even when you are being approached, you will notice that you tend to tense up for a good 10 seconds. 

Why is that? 

Because your brain is doing intensive calculations to determine the threat of that individual and how to appropriately react to it. 

Once your brain gets enough clues to form a picture about the approaching individual, that tension is released. 

Those clues are body languages, tonality, facial expressions, and even the emotional state of that individual. 

Once you are aware of that tension, you can learn to manipulate it. 

That is what a good comedian does, he manipulates tension. 

Because LAUGHTER is one of the strongest forms of relieving tension. 

That is what Sigmund Freud thought, he even went on and wrote a complete book on the matter.

A good comedian builds up tension in the audience and then release it at its peak resulting in laughter. 

The same goes for horror movies, thrillers, and many others. 

All these emotions are – partly- due to releasing the tension in a certain way. 

When does creepiness come in? 

It is when the other party is unable to categorize your intentions and is unable to understand or relate to you. 

It is the result of incorrectly communicated mixed signals. 

For example,

A guy in party mode, all dancing, and jumping, approaching girls sitting at a lounge is creepy unless done professionally right.

A guy in party mode, all dancing, and jumping, approaching girls dancing and jumping on the dance floor at some club is mostly ok without any additional efforts to make it relatable.

Anything you do that is not relatable to the environment will make you come off as creepy unless you are able to spot the resulting tension and deal with it correctly.

Now you understood what creepy is… 

How to not be creepy? 

You see, this is something that I can’t really explain… 

I can give you a list of things that you shouldn’t do because they are creepy right off the bat, but the problem is… I love doing those things. 

That is what makes me different from the rest. 

As it is said in the Avengers… 

There are no strings on me.

I do not want to teach you how to be the naive little boy with the perfect behavior. 

Fuck that.

I do not want to tell you to stop giving a fuck and become the obnoxious creepy weird guy. 

Fuck that. 

I want you to break the shackles, to be free. 

Be Free from all the social conditioning bullshit. 

But still be able to play the game by their rules, and not just play it… fucking own it as well. 

To become the gentlemen and the care-free guy all in one. 

And how can you achieve that? 

Buy my program for 99.9$, it will easily and overnight make you the lady charming, money making, fit machine! 

… No, not really. 

Nothing against books, programs or boot camps

But there are enough of them and I am not sure if I want to add mine into the mix.


The only way is to go out and figure it for yourself. 

There is no way around it, there is no skipping ahead. 

You have to walk that path. 

And it is hella fun, don’t worry. 

Here is the reality of the situation… 

Who is a creep? 

Anyone who is not exposed to enough face-to-face social interactions. 

Basically, basement WOW nerds. 

And yes, I am judging them. 

And yes I have many things against such useless lifestyle. 

But I will save that for another article. 


  • To move from being creepy to being normal requires you to go out and observe enough social interactions. 

You don’t even have to be very involved, you just need to shut up and observe. 

Your mind will take care of the rest. 

You see, your mind is very, very good at learning how to act appropriately in any environment fairly quickly. 

Because at times, it was very critical for your own survival. 

You do not need any kind of training or special powers or what not for this to happen. 

You simply need to shut up, stop all the noise and theories going on in your head and just observe normal people doing normal things. 

And then you will instinctively start acting like them. 

Don’t believe me? 

Have you ever been talking to someone with a different accent or a different way of talking and you accidentally keep falling into their way of speech? 

That is just a side of what I am explaining here. 

The same goes for when you watch a movie and you find yourself either too confident, or too humorous or simply unable to properly interact with people.

That is how your brain tries to make you fit in into the surrounding environment. 

Being by yourself for an extended period of time make your brain a bit unable to react to what is happening when you expose it to new situations and thus, might come off as creepy. 

  • Go out enough times, involve yourself into various social environments and you will become the social guy! 

That guy who usually says the right thing at the right time, who is a bit confident and a bit charming. 

Which is a very pleasant place to be. 

But what you will notice when you become that is you will be less free than ever before. 

You will become very uptight, always over thinking what to wear and what to say… etc. 

It is because you became aware of the rules and want to play according to them perfectly.

If we want to categorize men performance in social interaction it will look something like this: 

We can say that a good 20% of the male population are considered creepy.

50% are considered normal guys with nothing so special, being able to hold a normal conversation and generally easy to hang around with. 

And 29% are the charming, well-dressed and well-spoken men, and they are usually handsome too. 

It is ok to belong to any of these categories – except the weird 20%. 

Remember, it is not a race, every man should do what he thinks is best for himself. 

And no one in any of these categories should consider himself as better than the rest. 

Stop judging people like that. 

It is all life choices and journeys. 

And in the end, we are all equally important human beings and deserve the same amount of respect.

As I said, it is a matter of life choices, what path you as a man decides to take. 

Here at we try to teach you how to take the road that has no end. 

The ever going road of achievements and improvement. 

Which doesn’t in any way make you better than the rest of humanity. 

We want to teach you how to become one of the remaining 1% 

Those very memorable individuals, the ones that end up defining what is cool and what is creepy. 

Those men that are simply allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. 

Think Russell Brand, James Dean… and the list go on. 

You could even have a friend like that, that guy who doesn’t play by the rules, or in fact, go exactly against them… but still gets what he wants. 

That is the 1% I am talking about. 

They might seem careless, they might seem like they give absolutely no fucks about everything. 

Which is right and wrong at the same time. 

They are simply aware, they give a fuck, but only when it is relevant. 

And how can you become one of those? 

1- You have to put yourself in a crazy amount of uncomfortable situations. 

2- You have to build a valuable self, become a very successful and value-generating individual in the community. 

I cannot tell you exactly what to do to achieve this, no one can. 

If that was possible, then it wouldn’t be only for 1% of men. 

But it all comes down to one thing. 

Awareness, consciousness, being present. 

That is the secret to doing anything in life. 

To just be aware of what is around. 

That will surely be for another article. 

For now, 

Go out more… Stop trying to figure out the world from the comfort of your own house. 

Stop trying to act out everything so perfectly, beauty is in the chaos. 

Fuck what they think, be creepy and own it. 

Never, ever stop yourself from talking to that girl just because you are afraid of being considered as creepy. 

Take a deep breath, drop the agenda and all the preparation you had in your head and let nature take its course. 

Observe, don’t disrupt. 

Find the humor in all your fuck ups. 


There are no ways around this. 

You need to creep some out to figure out the right vibe. 

Fuck it. 

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John Deus,How to not be creepy?

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JD January 24, 2016 - 10:40 pm

This article is right in so many ways,for example when talking to women,usually the difference between the sexy persistent guy that breaks all womens defenses and gets them to bed and the creepy pushy guy who they call the cops on is simply the vibe and smoothness behind the actions
Also why not show the other half of your face on Instagram already,it will improve the pics and honestly anyone who has been following you for long enough will recognize you anyways.
Keep up the good work JD

John Deus March 6, 2016 - 8:33 pm


I decided not to show the rest of my face because revealing my true identity won’t just cause me problems, but also to other people related to me.
I won’t risk that.

It is one thing to be recognized by my readers and another thing to have the blog linked to my true identity.


Dennis January 25, 2016 - 3:24 pm

john this is like a bible for man.. i love reading ur articles but i would like to see some more (i know u have a really busy life). i checked ur page like every day waiting for something new
keep going Mr.Deus and im still sry for my english 🙂

John Deus March 6, 2016 - 8:35 pm

Thank you.

Now, I am starting a no-everything challenge which will give me more free time.

Stay tuned for more articles.

Mark January 25, 2016 - 6:35 pm

John, I will say it in the shortest but the best way I think: You are a wise man!

MB January 26, 2016 - 10:47 pm

Hey John,
I’m really just trying to understand the mindset here. I sure think you would love the appreciation everyone is showering you in, but after some semi-critical reading of your articles I noticed one thing. You talk about the mindset that you should have, not the way you should act or anything, because that is a derivative of that mindset. But since you figured that out yourself (or did you…? I assumed you did.), is it possible for others to also achieve the same ”level” as you by learning it from a external source, as opposed to figuring it out yourself?
And I won’t deny you the compliment you obviously deserve for your work, so nice article again and keep going!

John Deus March 6, 2016 - 8:41 pm

I am explaining the thought process that will guide you into reaching your own unique mindset that is more grounded in reality and less influenced with societies bullshit.

Anything abstract in life will never have one and only one to come about it.

With that in mind, it would be pointless to explain certain tactics or even certain believes that will help the general sum of people achieve a certain thing.

I am trying to make my awesome readers better see the world around them, not from my viewpoint but rather their own viewpoint but more focused and clear.


Me January 31, 2016 - 5:24 am

The ppl you are asking money from are the same ppl you “judge” and seem to despise. I guess insulting the consumer so directly is a new sales tactic.

John Deus January 31, 2016 - 5:29 am

I have never responded to a comment this quickly.
but holy fuck yours do stand out.

Where in this whole site have I asked anyone for money?
Who am I judging and Despising?
What consumer? What am I selling?

I would really like an explanation.

Mark February 5, 2016 - 3:29 pm

John, I’m quite positive in saying that this “Me” is some WOW playing geek. I’v seen those people – they auto categorize every site dealing with women and relations as money grabbing site of some pickup artist who hate women. Most of them don’t even read the articles.


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