How To Make Her Fall In Love With You

by John Deus

How To Make Her Fall In love Wit You

Before I start writing any article, I spend a day or so searching the topic I want to write about to get an idea of what other people think about that certain topic. & probably steal their content too ūüôā /sarcasm.

I couldn’t last a couple of articles when I googled “How To Make Her Fall In Love With You.”

Damn, the kind of rubbish I had to go through is insane.

Sure, they use far better English than I do, I am not setting the bar that high on that one, an 8th grader can compete with my English skills.

But when it comes to content, I don’t think I have ever read that many articles that completely and totally missed and fucked up the point.

I don’t take my beliefs for granted, I always question them and understand the possibility of being wrong. When I read other articles that might contradict what I teach here, I¬†try to give them a chance and try to see where they might be right and I might be wrong.

But when it came to articles on “How To Make Her Fall In Love With You.”

Most articles were just piles of garbage.

You can notice how the authors were just trying to come up with ideas on making a girl fall in love with you out of their sheer imagination and how they “assume” it should be, rather than experience.

What I am going to share with you here today is some observations I have on this topic, gathered from years of experience.

Hopefully, this gonna be good.

How To Make Her Fall In Love With You?

What makes a girl fall in love with you has very little to do with you as a person.

What makes a girl fall in love with you is a scene, a story, a chain of events that occurs or can occur between the two of you.

If you desire a girl’s emotional love and affection, then the question you have to ask yourself isn’t “How can I be the person she will be willing to fall in love with?” but rather “How can I play her movie?”

I sound weird so far, I know, but give me a chance.

Look, your qualities, looks, etc. is what grants you a pass into her reality, it is what gives you permission to¬†be someone in her life.¬†But all the qualities in the world won’t grant you her love, and I am talking about the strong emotional love.

Your qualities could grant you her lust, but love, that is up to the circumstances between the two of you.

A tall, rich, handsome and famous guy is granted to get her lust; she will fancy him, but she will not fall in love with him.


A tall, rich, handsome and famous guy usually gets the girls love BECAUSE he already played her movie.

Most girls fantasize about a tall, rich, handsome and famous guy, that knight in shining armor that will change her life, etc. She is already in love; she just needs a face to go with that movie. That is why girls fall in love with celebrities they have never met in their lives.

Because Justin Bieber is good-looking, famous, rich and most importantly, has a face in the girl’s mind.

Every night before she goes to bed, she spends the last waking hours imagining herself on the beach with him doing all the cliché romantic stuff and so on.*

*I know I am describing the very young teenage girls mind here; I am doing that to simplify my point and make it easier to understand. 

We as guys do that two; that’s how we mostly fall in love.

We meet a girl who is a little prettier than usual or gave us more attention than usual and we start that fantasy; we play that movie in our head.

I think my point is clear now.

Love is a result of overplaying a fantasy, a movie in one’s head.

“Love at first sight” should be renamed into “Lust at first sight that I turned into a movie in my head starring the other person and myself, then I projected my favorite scenarios¬†to it and made them unfold in the prettiest and most amazing ways that I am sure as hell could never happen in real life. Then I kept replaying those scenarios over and over again while being oblivious to the fact that my primitive brain can not distinguish between reality and imagination – that’s why we get ourselves scared shitless when we are home alone imaging stuff – and my brain took those fantasies I imagined in my head as actual events that happened between you and the person and so my brain orchestrated that magical chemical formula of oxytocin to be released whenever I am with or around that other face in the movie due to the fact that I anchored that sensation to that person due to the number of times I replayed that movie.”

I think that was too long, that why they went with “Love at first sight.”

Before you get mad, I am not trying to define love; I am not saying that love is just this.

I am teaching you how to make a girl fall in love with you, not what is love. 

I am oversimplifying the matter obviously, and I am using old cliché teenage girl mindset because I am sure as hell that 99% of girls once viewed and experienced love this way.

I hope by now I helped you see the fantasy part of “Love.”

Now let’s take all this and apply it to real life scenarios. Let’s examine what type of guys make a¬†girl fall in love hard.

What type of guys girls get addicted to?

Bad Boys.How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

We all know a girl who is heads over heels for a guy that is treating her badly.

Why is that?

Most gurus would say it is because the “bad boy” is demonstrating high value and non-neediness, or any of these fancy terms they use in the community.

But no, it is not the reason.

It is because of one two reasons

-One, he harmed her self-esteem, which is something I will not discuss here, ever.

-Two, he played into one of her very dark and strong fantasies.

And that is

The Promise Of A Better Tomorrow.

Try this, tell any girl who is in love with one of those assholes that the guy she is in love with is a complete piece of shit, unaccomplished and has no future.

While you might be correct, and one part of her brain might realize that.

She will most certainly answer you with “But He Can Be So XXX.”

That is what matters in the girl’s mind; that is where the addiction comes from.

She is not addicted to that asshole because of his personal qualities.

She is addicted to the story of them two.

The story of her and a guy, a guy that usually treats her badly, but once in a blue moon, he treat her so well and it feels so good and IF ONLY she could make him a little better, or IF ONLY she could change that one thing about him, they will live happily ever after!

And that is one of the scenarios you can orchestrate to make a girl fall in love with you.

The secret to how to make a girl fall in love with you is in understanding the fact that

You, in real life, will never EVER be as good as the fantasy of you in her mind.

Regardless of who you are, how accomplished you are, etc.

You will never be as sexy or attractive as the guy with your face and qualities in her mind that she dreams and fantasies about, don’t ruin that fantasy, and she will be addicted to you.

That is why nice guys finish last. That is why assholes win.

A nice guy reveals all his cards in a week; a nice guy leaves her no fantasy.

She can’t fantasies and imagine the two of you completely in love, walking on the beach and you telling her romantic and lovely shit because well, you already did that, or are obviously willing to do that.

A nice guy ruins the fantasy by making it happen.

And guess what, when her fantasy happens, it will be very, VERY disappointing. Not because of something wrong with the nice guy. But because of a problem with the fantasy itself.

It sounds much better in her head than in real life.

While on the other hand, the usual asshole has a very profound issue with expressing himself, he is mysterious not because of being mysterious, but rather because of the lack of ability to express himself, hence the usual high temperament and violence they have. 

If you examine the stereotypical bad-boy that girls fall for, you will find that most of them, not all, has nothing going on for them, and their presumed mystery comes because they rarely talk about themselves, because well, there aren’t much to tell.¬†

And so by accident, they leave it up to the girl’s imagination to assume what they are hiding and so on.¬†

And it is very powerful how different one’s assumption could be from one’s reality, even on a basic level, a girls perception of how it would be like living with a thug or so is very different from the reality of it, it is a very strongly sugar-coated view.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

You will really understand the difference between the fantasy and the reality when you get to fuck a pornstar that you have once masturbated to.

Only then that this shit becomes crystal clear.

While watching a porn movie, you will be fantasizing about how amazing it will be to get to fuck the girl in the movie and OMG it will feel awesome, etc. 

Until you get to fuck her, you will lose your boner halfway through because of how disappointing it feels. It will be good but damn not even half as good as you imagined it to be.


Do Not Ruin Her Fantasy.

Keep her thinking, imaging, that tomorrow this can happen, and if it did it will feel amazing!


I am just saying that you should not ruin her fantasy, the fantasy of what might be.

Do not tell her “hey I will bring you flowers and a diamond ring,” and then scam her and bring her nothing.

I am just saying that you shouldn’t reveal your cards on such matters, do not spoil the movie, and do not give out things easily.

I know this sound manipulative but…

Well, there is no but, this is fucking manipulative behavior.

It is THE DEFINITION of manipulative behavior.

In my defense, I do tell girls that we will not be in a relationship, do couples lovely things, buy her stuff, etc.

I do say it, and I do show it, and I do mean it.

They end up getting addicted and just fantasizing and dreaming about a relationship and so on.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With YouDid I manipulate them?

In a court of law, hell NO.

But my awareness to the outcome can be interpreted as manipulation.

And I do not think that my knowledge of a phenomenon could make me a bad person?!

Anyway, when you get your fair share of attention and attraction from women, you will stop this from happening.

Mostly because you will dislike the drama that comes with it, not because of you being a good person #WithAllHonesty

There are a dozen other ways to get a girl addicted to you, and a dozen other reasons why a girl would fall for a guy, but I think this one alone is enough to get you what you are looking for.

Maybe I will talk more about the other reasons and ways in future articles.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Before giving you the exact step by step guide to making most girls fall in love with you, I have a couple of things I need to say.

When I decided to write this article, my very optimistic brain thought that maybe some of you who are in love with a girl or hoping to fall in love with a girl and start a wonderful relationship could use this advice to help him achieve that.

But, the fucking world we live in…

I know that most of you will use this for fun, for getting attention, out of insecurity, out of neediness, etc.

I am aware that most of the guys out there want girls to fall in love with them not because of the desire to start a relationship or so, but just to stroke their egos or feed that dark asshole in them.

And I know that there is no amount of warnings I could write here that would stop you from manipulating this and taking advantage of girls emotions.

Regardless of how good your intentions are now; there will come a day where you will love a girl so deeply and so strongly, and she will end up raping your heart and hurting you so bad that you will use this and all the advice here for nothing but a sadistic need for re-validating yourself by making as many girls as you can fall heads over heels for you.

I know that because I have been there.

I hope some of the self-control you gathered from other areas in your life will stop you from doing much damage.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

From because I was too lazy to do one of my own

How To make A Girl Fall In Love With You?

It is very easy to do what I am about to show you and get a girl to fall in love with you.

Unless.. you are already in love with that girl.

When you love a girl, you can’t be an ass to her, which is what will most likely cause you to lose her.

When you deeply love a girl, your desire to see her happy will outvalue your wish to be with her.

And that will cause a shit load of problems.

I will not talk about that side of love now, I have already touched on it briefly on here, read it.

You will find that it is very easy to make a girl fall in love with you when you don’t love her, but it will be a lot harder when you do lover her.

The difference will make you wonder that maybe the girl you are in love with, and the girl who is in love with you will most likely never be the same person.

I have never used this or any trick on a girl I loved.

When I love a girl, I do not try to manipulate the situation consciously; I just let the chips fall where they may.

Not because of lack of tricks or control over my emotions; If you spend time bettering yourself, you will reach a point where getting a girl attracted becomes so easy and so predictable.

And that is the problem, because then, what is the fucking point?

I fall in love because of how things unfold between the girl and me.

The complete story, the complete chain of events.

It is in the how we vibe, and we act and react that makes it magical and worth giving up on all the other women in the world.

Not a conscious decision of making it happen, but the natural build up of events that happens, it is what will make it feel more real and more important.

And that is my suggestion to you, do not try to force “Love” to happen, rather allow it to happen.

Keep these things I teach in here in your mind; it is a reference of how life works.

It doesn’t mean that you have to apply it all the time, it is just here to help complete a story.

Anyway, enough estrogen for today.

Here is the step by step guide to making almost any girl fall in love with you.


This will make a girl who is already open to you and aware of your presence fall in love with you. This will not teach you how to make a girl that you have never talked to fall in love with you; this will teach you how to make a girl fall in love with you given the fact that you have some connection with that girl.

I have written many articles on how to get to know girls, establish relationships with them and sleep with them, read those first.

Again, for this to work the girl must be comfortable with talking to you, have your number and ok with texting and calling you.

Here is How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You:

1- Keep the things she knows about you to a minimum:¬†Since you want to play to her fantasy, you should leave many questions unanswered in her mind. That doesn’t mean that you lie or pretend. This means that you have to be aware of what you are willing to share with her and what you aren’t. Doing this is very easy, you have to be aware of what image of yourself you want the girl to imagine, and then you have only to provide information about yourself that will push forward this image of you in her mind, and just not share any information about yourself that will contradict or destroy this image.

Say you want to come off as a bad-boy, then you will have to share with her stories and information that will back up this image up, stories that show your confidence and edginess. Share information that indicates how adventures and thrill-seeking you are. DO NOT TELL LIES. Do not makeup stories just to impress. If you do not have any stories or actual information to back this up, tell her about what you wish or want to do that might indicate this.

Tell her that you want to get a bike, or learn martial arts or whatever your culture perceived as a bad boy lifestyle. Again, DO NOT LIE. Do not say you want to get a bike while you hate bikes. Do not force the Badboy vibe out if you do not want to come off as a bad-boy.

What you are doing here is making her assume that you are your best self, and not someone’s else best self. If you are a good guy, then let her reach that conclusion, let her reach the conclusion that you are the most awesome guy ever.

Do not be direct, do not tell her I am a good guy, or I am a bad boy, let her reach that conclusion.

Remember, it is all about her and the story in her mind. It is all about making her think about you a lot.

That is the secret of the elite player, making her think of him a lot, regardless of the way.

2- Know what makes her happy, and be really good at it: This is the most crucial part. What makes her happy is never an expensive dinner or a gift, even if she said that it would make her the happiest person alive. What makes her happy is something between you two, something like a kind of attention you give her, a kind of vibe, maybe a walk where both of you share stuff about each other, maybe a cup of coffee where she opens up to you, maybe some fun games, maybe good sex, etc.

I am talking about the thing that makes her happy that has to do with you directly.

You will notice what really made her feel all those exciting and warm feelings, her body language will start to change, she will appear more shy than usual, she will act like a little girl, stand on her toes for some weird reason, and a host of other things, anyway, you will realise it when it happens. Now when you now that little thing that caused her most of the good feelings and it is special between you two, hold it and capture it, because this is your key to her heart.

3- Bring the asshole: The problem with being an asshole is that it works, it works like magic. I am sorry it is that way, but it is. The reason I am not a big gigantic asshole is that I just do not like to see people cry and because I do not need to.

Anyway, after you have established that good vibe or that connection between the two of you, be distant, be cold, be an asshole for a while. Just out of the blue, be very cold to her, answer her texts with a couple of letters only, send a lot of meh, no and ok texts. Make her wonder if you are mad at her for a reason, or if she did something that made you lose attraction. Do not be butthurt, just treat her like a friend you merely hangout with, you are not mad or anything, you are just not that interested. Do not really pay attention to what she says, cut her mid speech, start conversations with other people while she is talking, set up a date with her and do not show up and do not apologies before hand, only apologies after she knows you are not coming.

You know, do the fun asshole stuff ūüôā

I know, I am sorry…

Anyway, what you are trying to achieve here is make her wonder if, in that day you were all nice with her, that happened because she did something to earn that.

This is crucial; you do not want her thinking that she did something wrong that ruined what you guys had, but rather make her wonder if she did something so right that day that she won your attention and niceness.

From here you can take it in two ways.

One way will get her very addicted to you, but it will guarantee that you do not love her, that is why I am not going to discuss it.

The other way will hopefully push things into a fruitful relationship between the two of you; the upcoming step has a significant rate of failure, but it is your best option.

4- Reestablish the good vibe between you two but cut it way earlier than you did before: I hope that you understand that each step of this guide doesn’t mean day one or day two, each step is not tied to a particular time frame. To set up a good vibe between you could take a week or a day, and so on.

Now as you are getting back on good terms with her, cut things off again way too fast, you want her to be wondering why you are this gigantic asshole from time to time. When she wonders about your shift in attitude, do not brush it off like you did before, but rather move it to an argument, and let it be an emotional one. Tell her how you just do not know, sometimes you like her and sometimes you do not, and try to bring out the topic of how you both feel about each other, play some of the cheesy “I am afraid of opening up and so on“, cheesy shit, I know, but it works.

5- Tell her you are not sure about the two of you, but you think the two of you deserve a chance to date and see what would happen, and take it on from here as a start of a relationship.

I know that there is a lot of work to do in step one, and I know that a lot of you have difficulties in establishing relationships and vibes with girls, I know that some of you suffer from the fact that he moves fastly to the friend zone.

I couldn’t talk in-depth about how you establish and create the image of you in her mind because this by itself is a long topic, and I will write an article about it.

But believe me, even if I wrote an article, you would still need a lot of experience to understand what works for you. 

Why don’t you start now?¬†

 talk to girls out of the blue, try to befriend them.

 Do not be needy.

Lose your agenda of sex or whatever you want to achieve.

Focus on knowing what impressions about yourself you give to girls.

With time start changing factors and see what happens, start changing your style, your topic of discussion the topics you choose, etc.

When you are not after her pussy, or after validating yourself or proofing to others that you can get a girl or anything of this nature, nothing wrong can happen.

If you want to establish friendly relationships with girls while having nothing in mind and just focusing on having fun, you will be shocked to how good girls will respond to you.

The other half of you that are a bit ahead in the game hopefully will get the message in this article, and it will help them fix those little mistakes that are causing them to lose opportunities.


Do not ruin the fantasy she has in her mind, do not reveal your cards quickly. Play into her fantasy, keep the element of mystery and excitement, do not talk about yourself in ways that would hurt you, do not try to impress, keep a smirk on your face, a smirk always means that you are hiding something of positive and high value. Lose the neediness and work the magic of a whole story between the two of you, not just the ending, don’t focus only on sex.

Obstacles in your relationship with her increase attraction between the two of you, we want what we can’t have. The easiest way to create obstacles in the relationship, if not present, is to be the obstacle.

Make it hard to happen, let her chase and work for it, just let her feel how good you can be and then take that away.

I feel that my language betrayed me in this article, I feel I couldn’t get my whole point across.

Expect more articles of this nature to comes; I will write more detailed articles soon.

But even so, this article on how to make her fall in love with you is more than enough to push you out of your lonely, comfy world.

To recap in short sentences, 

Here is How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You? 

1-Keep yourself a mystery.

2-Know what makes her happy and be good at it. 

3-Be a bit of a loof! 

4-Reestablish the good vibe between you, but don’t be afraid to cut her off¬†in order to keep things heated.¬†

5-Be open about your fear of moving things forward and show her some of your vulnerable sides. 

Make it happen.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

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john December 10, 2016 - 2:43 am

this was a good read, funny thing is, some of the things you said, i clearly noticed a girl do to me!! I have this girl I have a crush on but she always replies to my texts with short one or two words, she most def plays the mystery game.

ThatGuy December 10, 2016 - 8:47 pm

Or she just thinks you’re a creep and is trying to avoid you

Rob December 11, 2016 - 1:20 pm

or she just doesnt give af and wants to be nice

Theotherguy December 10, 2016 - 9:30 am

This one is Just EPIC

Rob December 12, 2016 - 4:27 pm

I’ve thought about this post and I really think that it is good, but you, in my opinion, forgot to point out not to use this technique on girls with issues.
For example there is this girl I know, who has depression and a severe eating disorder and I instantly thought of her and that your technique puts lots of weight on the girl, who might already carry a fucking baggage. I mean the whole “i want a girlfriend” thing is very egocentric, and that’s totally fine, but some guys, reading your article, probably do not fucking know how to really deal with manipulation and when to stop it – because they lack fucking experience, and therefore can do lost of damage to the girl.
I am very sure about this, anyways give me your thoughts on it.

GG Allins Foreskin January 16, 2018 - 5:05 pm

Seems pretty agreeable. I’ve literally talked a girl out of stabbing herself not too long ago so this technique could easily fuck her up for example.

AT December 14, 2016 - 10:43 am

One of the best article so far!

Diehard Deusfan January 11, 2017 - 3:44 pm

Hey John,
I’m an avid reader of your work and try my best to apply it into my life but, maybe because of my do things my way is causing a lot of people to avoid me, I obviously do not care but my friends advise me that it will harm my social life in the future. Can you maybe write an article on how to build up social images and professional communication? As far as I know, you are a successful businessman

Regards, Diehard Deusfan

reeeeee January 20, 2017 - 3:27 am

But what if I don’t want to be an Asshole john?

Tom September 13, 2017 - 7:05 am

This was a great article for me Mr. Deus. I look forward to reading your other work.

Katherine June 10, 2018 - 3:52 pm

As a non-13-year-old girl this article is full of crap. I guess tou have to ask yourself, do you want to date an adult or an airhead


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