How To Be A Tinder Pimp

by John Deus

Tinder: How To Pimp It?!

Not just tinder, but any dating website or app.

This guide will explain how to get the most out of online dating, along with pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of following such tactics.

If you want a quick summary before going deep into this topic, here it is:


I have been experimenting with dating apps for a while now and I can confidently say that I have “Figured” them out.

I will start this article with three fundamental ideas you have to understand before you start using dating apps.

Me, the brilliant little fucker I think I am, with all my game and tactics and, and, and… get at best a match every other swap.

Which is as good as it gets for a guy, and whoever tells you otherwise is either Brad Pitt or lying.

On the other side, a below average looking, fat, socially awkward girl will get a match on every swap and the occasional misses she gets are either because that user did not get to “right swipe” her yet or he is one of the 1% of users of online dating apps that use these apps correctly.

Why is that?

Because 'Men & Boners'TM.

Men want sex, probably as much as women do BUT men are way, Way, WAY more proactive about it than women.

Now, when a “naïve” girl starts experimenting with such apps, she will be overwhelmed by all the attention that she will get.

If that girl is not that pretty, she won’t be used to this kind of attention, and even if she is a bit pretty, chances are that she will not get that many guys hitting on her because a lot of men are quite pussies in real life and will not have the balls to gotalk to her but they will have the balls to send her a message on a dating app.

And in the above paragraph lies the three things you need to understand before you start using dating apps as supplements to your social machine.

1- The Tinderella Syndrome:

The amount of attention an average girl gets on dating websites is just freakin ridiculous.

It is really beyond believable!

I was lucky enough to meet an awesome girl off of tinder, things worked out between us and she gave me her tinder username and password to play around with her profile and see how it is like for a girl on a dating app. I will post a video on my Instagram account on how it is like to use dating apps in the shoes of a hot girl.

The girl I will use in the example video is a pretty hot girl so the number of messages she receives is just insanely high.

And this overwhelming attention causes something known as the tinderella syndrome.

The tinderella syndrome is a psychological syndrome in which a girl will believe that she is the prettiest girl in the world and she will get irrationally self-centered and overly confident in her options and dating situation.

I definitely do not have a problem with a girl feeling like this, I really wish every girl would feel like the prettiest, strongest and most amazing girl on earth and I really actively try to make all the girls I care about feel that way.

Not because of the “Confidence is the prettiest thing on a girl” kind of BS – Red Heels and stockings are the prettiest thing on a girl 😉 – but because it is really painful to watch a girl make all kind of terrible decision and waste on her chances to shine just because she has low self-esteem So dear feminists, work on fixing that before wasting time attacking the hordes of seemingly offensive men.

Moving on

The problem with a  girl suffering from the tinderella syndrome is that being that much out of touch with reality will cause her to lose a lot of great relationship opportunities just because she thinks she has unlimited opportunities and there are always a better option to come. It also make her lose sight of the fact that 99% of these guys are after nothing other than a quickie, and that will severely damage her self-esteem if she was expecting anything more than a ONS.  And finally, the guys she will deal with in real life will generally treat her in a different way than she would expect from guys she meets off of tinder due to the difference in the frame that both parties are coming from and that will cause some nasty conflicts for the girl.

Wow, I really made it look like it is going to be a horrible experience for a girl!

But it won’t be as horrible as it sounded, she will enjoy most of it and eventually get hit by reality and go back to being normal and that was it.

But what does all this mean to you as a guy?

It helps you manage your expectations and understand the obvious abundance of guys that the girl is experiencing.

Do not take her not replying to you or your lack of matches as an indicator of anything about you. You are just a small little circle in her list of circles that she uses mostly to boost her self-confidence every now and then or to try to meet someone cool once in a blue moon.

And it is not just you, every guy is just another circle with a name and a picture in her list of circles with names and pictures.

You are somehow not that real to her.

You are just another face in the crowd… which takes us to the next point you have to understand

2- You are being picked up and not the other way around:

This point alone should get all kind of red flags and alarms going in you head.

Dating apps are supermarkets for women where they get to pick a guy that matches their superficial criteria and no amount of whining from your side will ever change that.

I did some research before writing this article and holy fuck the number of men whining on forums on how women only choose tall jacked handsome men on dating apps.


If I took you to a Computer Shop and told you to pick any computer you like,

would you pick the one built with the purest intentions?

Or the fastest, most high-tech one available?

OF Fuckin Course you will pick the latter!

If you had this freedom of choice with picking women in dating apps, you would be as superficial as they are.

I pick girls with big booties on days, other days I pick thin girls, other days I pick blonds… etc.



3- Dating Apps are more of HookUp Apps and less off Marriage/Soulmate finder apps:

Girls understand that, and it blows my mind how most men still do not understand that.

Girls are on dating apps to hook up and have fun.

Not just hook up, but to have fun and meet cool people too.

But they are definitely not looking for their soul mate or their lost half or whatever.

Yes, you might meet a girl who is naïve enough to go on these apps looking for “Love”, but give her two weeks and she will realize her mistake and deactivate the app or just keep it for fun purposes.

I am going to add a statement that will definitely seem misogynistic to women, but I am trying to be as nice as possible and yet I am being called a misogynistic pig by tens of emails daily, so screw it 🙂

Even when a girl states in her bio that she is not interested in a ONS she will still be down for a ONS with the right guy.

I spent the whole of February this year hooking up with girls who clearly stated in their tinder bios that they are not interested in a ONS.

Why do girls do that? and was I manipulative for doing that?

This is a very long, controversial and important topic that will take a series of articles to fully cover.

This is basically the main disagreement between what I believe in and the beliefs of the redpill community.

To touch on it really quickly:

The idea in the minds of most men on how an interaction between the feminine and the masculine should look like is somehow false.

Most men think that a date should end in sex, and if it did not end in sex it is because you are not good enough/alpha or the girl is not interested in you or etc.

And things get more messy when guys start doing “Nice things” to the woman in order to “win” sex from her.

As if a woman is a vending machine where you put niceness in one side and sex falls out from the other.

Fucking no it doesn’t work like that.

A Woman will not have sex with you because you provided something, that only works with prostitutes.

There is nothing you buy or gift in order to get a vagina.

The value you give in order to get a vagina is a penis.

That is how the complete value exchange should look like, my penis for her vagina.

Not a fancy dinner for her vagina.

Not my niceness and my time for her vagina.

No, my penis for her vagina.

And she won’t give me her vagina because I gave her attention or bought her flowers or whatever.

She will give me her vagina because she wants my penis.

It is about the attraction between the two parts.

This is how it should be, this is how I roll.

But it is not how it goes for most of the world.

Because women realized that they can get flowers, dinners, cars, rings, promises of half the stuff someone owns in exchange for sex, so they kinda rolled with it.

Now women will exploit this idea and do all sort of nasty things when they understand these dynamics.

To end this point:

You can not and should not exchange anything other than your penis for a vagina. dinner dates and gift showers you give her does not entitle you for sex, only attraction and desire determine if sex is happening. some women will exploit you in order to get more and more attention and materialistic stuff in exchange for promises of sex or actual sex once in a blue moon, these women are aware of the actual sex dynamics. Other women will friend zone you because they are oblivious to the fact that they can get stuff like this or simply because they are not that kind of girls but they are at least aware that the whole male population wants to fuck them and they could really use a friend.

How to come about this?

Make your intentions clear, and do not try to win sex by investing in anything. Go for the sex and let her fight you back with her conditions to give it to you, but if it is becoming an unfair exchange or simply a scam, then abort and seek another girl.

Buy her dinner if and only if you want to buy her dinner with no intentions or expectations of anything in return.

You will notice how women will get frustrated from  you doing nice things to them because they will not know how to repay you and most importantly they will keep thinking that you are expecting something in return for this niceness.

Being that kind of nice WILL get you friend zoned 99.9%  of the time, so only be this nice to a girl that you care about but not physically attracted to and won’t be considering her as a romantic partner.

Or just keep things simple and keep on being an asshole, way less effort, way more reward 😉

more on that later.

Moving on

Now I have covered the 3 things you need to understand before starting you tinder pimping journey.

Now moving on to the fun part


Step 1: Be Attractive

Step 2: Do not be unattractive.

No, I am not kidding…

This is the secret.

Being attractive.

Attractive, not pretty.

Attractive, not handsome, not hot, not tall, not rich, just attractive.

And that is another misconception that 99% of men fall for.

They do not understand what attractive means.

Men think that attractive=tall jacked rich handsome guy.

I talked further about this in an article called the curious case of your looks

And I will write a couple more articles on the topic of your looks.

But understand this, attractiveness is a vibe that is an outcome of the sum of who you are and what you do.

I know, Everyone says that this talk is bullshit and women want attractive men, meaning that they want the pretty tall jacked rich playboys.

Girls might straight-out say it, you will hear girls saying that they only dates guys with X set of qualities.

She will believe it and she will mean it and she will act upon it.

But this is how it goes inside her head:

Tall, jacked rich handsome guy is attractive unless proven otherwise.

Short buffy poor ugly guy is not attractive unless proven otherwise.

Believe me, that is exactly how it goes.

Just a year ago I was overly fat, dressing like a bum and looking like total shit yet I still got laid like crazy.

Until this day, I still drift in and out of looking like shit.

But I remain attractive.

1 year ago when I walked to open a girl, she wasn’t that delighted to see my buffy and lacking sleep face, to her first instinct, I WAS UNATTRACTIVE, but I proved otherwise.

Today, in my best outfit and shape, a girl will be delighted to see me coming to talk to her but if I was having a rough day and was all stressed out or needy or etc. she will lose that´intial attraction and I will become unattractive.

The way you look will change to the women you are interacting with based on how attractive your total vibe is.

Yes, your physical appearance will change in her eyes.

Hence, Love is blind.

What does all this have to do with tinder?

Well, you can see how much the odds are stacked against you if you are not that good-looking, and even if you were goo looking you will still face some difficulties.

Now, understand that tinder is pictures game, your pictures contribute to 90% of the results you get.

Regardless of how ugly you think you look, a good photographer will make you look at least decent.

So if you had to choose between spending money on buying a program that promises you great success with online dating or spend that money on a photographer then by all means go spend it on a good photographer.

A quick note on the pictures you will use on tinder:

You want your pictures to tell your story, and not just your physical appearance.

So basically aim to have 1~2 close up shots of yourself, no selfies.

And the rest of the pictures should be about podcasting your lifestyle, your friends, how you spend your days and what you enjoy doing.

Shirtless pictures only if you have a really nice body, otherwise do not even consider it.

Get a couple of pictures with your friends, or with other girls.

Make sure that you appear smiling and having fun in all of your pictures.

Do the smirking with a puppy eyes kind of look. Where you are smiling but your eyes appeare a bit stressed or sad. I have never ever noticed this before until dozens and dozens of girls highlighted that for me on one of my pictures on tinder.

Try to convey some sort of emotion in your pictures, and focus on the positive emotions more.


Pets, Babies, Guitars, Adventure sports, Uniforms… they are all cheesy but they work and they work well.

Even thou most girls will make comments on how cheesy that is, if you played it right then that would be the key for your success.

And this is the last part of my tinder guide:

How to play your cards.

Now as I said, attractiveness is a vibe of your whole self.

And this becomes very critical on dating apps, because you will not have the chance to convey your attractiveness through your body language, which in real life plays the bigger role of the game.

So, on tinder, your pictures, and your texting frame should align to create your attractive vibe.

I will leave the texting guide to another article because that topic by itself is hella big and needs a dedicated article.

But for now,

On dating apps, your texting frame should slightly contradict what you give off in  your pictures.

For example, I was told that I give a very sexual vibe out from my pictures on tinder, so usually I text very silly and childish stuff… to be honest, I am silly and childish 99% of the time even in face to face interaction, I find it very amusing and entertaining for myself.

Think about the contradiction like this, If you are a big body builder with tattoos giving out this bad ass vibe, then your texting frame should lean more towards childish or nerdy vibe.

Now this contradictory side of your vibe should be an extension of your actual self.

Everyone has a childish or nerdy or soft or so on side, do not be afraid to show it in a humors way.

Regardless of what vibe you decided to express, never go full on sexual, IT DOES NOT WORK.

Be sexual but aloof, do not straight out state sex unless things are going towards dirty talk over text, and even that is not recommended before you have slept with the girl because it tends to damage the uncertainty.

Here is the backend of the sexual vibe, regardless of the type of girl you are interacting with, even if she is a full on raging slut looking for nothing but a cock, your first interaction should and must remain a bit ambiguous.

You should at all times leave a way out to the girl, because if she is drooling wet while texting you, by the time she is dressed and heading to your place she will be as dry as the Sahara, and then all kind of thoughts will start to pop up.

And those thoughts wont be all about you, you can be the perfect heavenly 10 with all the qualities any girl would dream off, and she would still bail out on sex with you if she feels too pressured and certain that this is what will happen as soon as she walks in.

It is because girls are insanely self-continuous, very insecure and have a zillion thing they worry about.

Advertising did its toll on the both genders, but girls got the bigger hit.

The closest girl I have ever been with that looks like a porn star is an actual porn star.

Girls do not look as good naked as the girls you see on the screens, and even though girls realize that it still makes them nervous and so on.

And what is funny about this is that the more good-looking you are the more nervous the girl will feel. She will see your six-packs and all of a sudden the lights will go out and it will be so dark you will barely be able to notice the human presence next to you.

But when you are rocking a small belly, you can open the curtains or have her out in the sun, she would be much more at ease.

All this, of course, excludes drunk girls.

Wow, I drifted way out of the topic…


Ask someone for their impression about you from a couple of your pictures and set your vibes accordingly.

Understand that online dating apps are all about the pictures, it is really a market, men are the products, the best-marketed product gets the best results.

Your results on dating apps are NOT a reflection of how worthy you are.

Never use dating apps as the only mean to meet and hookup with women, you should always prefer day game and going out more.

Dating apps are an addition to your social life.

How good you are on dating apps should be an extension of how good you area t game, the better you get at gaming in general and the better you improve your lifestyle the better results you will get out of dating apps.

You can get ok results out of tinder game using canned lines and spam messaging, you can get a hook up every once in a while but that is not recommended because the sex is not the prize, the journey is.

Getting sex out of tinder will reward you with just sex. Getting sex out of day/night game will reward you with sex, confidence, dominance, improved social skills and cooler lifestyle.

Bio’s or about me section is a bit important too, after you have gained attention out of your pictures. they should be an extension of what you are trying to convey from the picture and who you really are, sometimes you can use canny paragraphs but it is more advised to write an original one.

You can use the old-fashioned bio’s of stating facts about yourself or what you like, but it is more advised to use a humors one.

Stating your height, weight.. etc. will get you results from the insecure not so good-looking girls because you match what they think a hot girl will have. But really quality girl won’t really just fall for that.

If you are tall and good-looking you can use that as an extra and not as a base. You should still work on a cool lifestyle and a bit of social suave.

Openers when messaging aren’t as important as you think, I will write a further article about that topic.

The time of texting is very important because for a hot girl, she will be receiving tons of messages and yours will probably get lost in the piles. So try to text more when she is active.

Do not text multiple times if you did not get a response, I never even text twice unless the girl is a unicorn, which never happened so far.

Multiple texting make you appear needy and will ultimately destroy your value. Text twice at max and move on.

Cut the bullshit, do not go on telling your life story, try to set a date as soon as possible,

This is how most of my text exchange look like on tinder:

Me: Hey!

Her: Hey

Me: Life, How is it?

Her: Going good, wbu?

Me: Quite awesome, ‘State something that you lied about her looks, her bio, etc.’

Her: Aww, Thank you.. etc.

Me: Let’s meet up? A drink at X?



So yeah, cut the bullshit and try to meet up, if she is putting too much resistance then as for her phone number, whatsapp, etc. And talk there.

Try to go through her objections of why she doesn’t want to meet up, just do not waste way too much time on that.

Always make the interaction be a man to a woman and do not get too friendly.

Get physical as soon as you meet up, but do not be creep about it.

So if you noticed so far, tinder is not a quick fix for sex, you will still have to be decent with solid social skills in general.

So yeah, it can never replace gaming and it will be a waste of time to focus all your efforts there.

Do not do the swipe right fast kind of move that most guys do, where they just swipe right until they get the matches and then they filter.

Only swipe right the girl you actually like, and do that for yourself.

It will make you feel less of yourself when you keep doing the right swipe and only be matched with unattractive girls, plus what you are swiping are actual humans, it is not a game of roulette, be decent.

So as you can see, It is just way better investment to work on your game in face to face interactions than to only invest in gaming on tinder.

When I go up to a girl and tell her straight to the face with a smirk on my face ” You are so hot that the only thing I can think off right now is to take you behind the club and put a baby on your tummy”- don’t use this line it is way to risky – , given the fact that I delivered it to the right kind of girl in an appropriate atmosphere, the deal is basically close.

Send this line to a girl on tinder, and it won’t mean anything, and most likely come off as hella creepy.

This is what I have to say about tinder and dating apps in general, It is not the most detailed guide but it is definitely as real as It gets.

If you still think this is not sufficient, there are a lot of articles and expensive products around the web, find them.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section or shoot me an email to [email protected].


John Deus, tinder



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Will April 17, 2016 - 9:39 am

Good post. What would be the most effective way to get to your place asap?

Jakethedong April 17, 2016 - 10:23 pm

So it’s basically a waste of time?

ANON April 18, 2016 - 3:46 pm

Longley awaited, thank you John!

Sergio April 18, 2016 - 9:30 pm

I have noticed the tinderella syndrome too. Below average girls feel so entitled that they demand that the man should be tall, handsome, muscular, wealthy, etc., while they look like a fat dwarf.

Khan Genghis December 10, 2016 - 6:55 am

I can tell you are not quite the Tinder stud you claim to be. You may have gotten lucky a few times, but you are no match making machine like me.

Look guys/gals, it’s not about looks or attractiveness online, it’s about getting ATTENTION. This is marketing 101. You need to have a profile pic that grabs people’s attention. My profile pic literally STOPS women in their tracks; they can’t help but be forced to read my bio — which is even more ridiculous — then they swipe right.

And if you think I’m a tall, dark and handsome white guy with a Lambo, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m a minority from a small city, and no I don’t have a six pack or drive a BMW… and I was able to amass over 350 matches in one month on tinder, with brand new account.

The next step is your messaging. You need to have a system for getting numbers as quickly as possible. Try getting over 70 numbers in one month with, “Hey!” “Let’s meet up? A drink at X?”… LOL. Not gonna happen. You need to have a strong script that gets the job done, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

I got over 100 numbers from Tinder in a month and half, just by saying the same thing, OVER and OVER, and OVER again. I just run my pitch and wait, then a few seconds or minutes later, I get a number then we chat then we can meetup.

If you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, just ask my buddy who went from an average frustrated guy on tinder with less than 30 matches over the course of six months, to over 200 matches in a month, and almost 60 phone numbers, just by doing EXACTLY what I told him to do.

I know a lot of studs out there who couldn’t dream of the results we are getting, and it’s all because I ignore all the bullshit and focused on creating a duplicatable system that anyone can repeat and get instant results. I’m thinking of releasing my secrets to the public, but me and my buddy are still testing out and solidifying a meetup “script” that should get you laid almost every time. It should be lots of fun.

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