Sponsored Post – How a Mattress Can Affect Your Sex Life

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I love to sleep. There is nothing quite like getting under the blankets and drifting off after a hard day at the office and gym. Really, there is nothing better to do in your bed. Well, there is one thing which is better (and it does not have to be done in your bed). Of course, I am talking about sex. If there are two things we do in our beds, it is either to sleep or have sex. Though, we usually do more of the former. There is checking social media too, which might come as a close third.


When it comes to sex, everything has to be right. You want to have the best sex of your life. You want your partner to have the best sex of their life. You want it to be magical. But, is it always magical? What can you do to make it better?

Sleep itself

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First of all, let’s talk about sleep. If you are not sleeping well, you are not going to want to have sex. When you are tired, you do not want to do a lot, but sex is usually furthest from your mind. If you can get a good night’s sleep, you are going to have more energy, happiness, and motivation. The same goes for your partner. If you have an old mattress, then now is the time to ditch it for a new one.

Springs vs. foam

Some people claim that a spring mattress is too noisy, while others claim that a foam mattress is not firm enough. The truth is that both can be very good beds for sex. The only thing you should be considering is the comfort. You can find really good spring mattresses which make no noise, and you can find firm foam mattresses which offer good support for all of your weird positions.


Good support

Not the emotional kind, but the firm kind. When you are looking for a mattress, you want a mattress which will support you. You do not want to be sinking too far into your mattress, or you will feel like you are having sex on a marshmallow (unless that is your kind of thing). A mattress should be firm enough for you to, well, move in all directions.


To get a little scientific, there is a big chance that at least one of you are going to be lying on the bed. You want a bed which will support your weight, and help to align your spine. If your body is comfortable, you will enjoy the pleasure of sex a lot more. If you can come out of the session with no injuries, then all the better.



You are going to be getting hot and sweaty, I am sure. I know that I do (is that too much information?). Anyway, you want a mattress which is breathable. A mattress where the air can flow freely and the moisture can be wicked away. If you have a mattress which gets too hot or wet, then it is going to put you off more sex (unless that is your kind of thing).


Wrapping up

Sex is an amazing thing. The pleasure we get from it is unmatched by any other activity. Having someone share your bed and body is part of what life is all about. If you have the right mattress, then you can be prepared for the best night of your life.

Take the time to consider exactly what you need in a mattress, and then stick with the one you have or choose one that is better.


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