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Sometimes we ask too many questions. Ever since we were young children, everything was very confusing. Why is the sky blue, where did that pimple come from, why my diploma doesn’t help with my employment? At some point, it is essential to stop and have a sincere talk with yourself, because even everyone is brave enough to be true to themselves. So, without turning this process into a session of day-dreaming and self-distraction, here are ten questions to change your life:

So, without turning this process into a session of day-dreaming and self-distraction, here are ten questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do people see me differently than how I see myself?

A lot of us wonder why our voice is so much better in our head than when we listen to a recorded version of it. I swear, everyone at some point of life wanted to apologize for that error in nature. Listening to ourselves is a true cringe compilation…just like evaluating our deeds from another perspective! You see, human deeds are extremely biased and subjective, and often the only person who agrees with you is…you and nobody else. So every time you get attacked by the feeling of shyness or pride, ask yourself if what you’re about to do is right.  Then ask your closest people for their opinion. Better, ask those with brutal honesty, that won’t lie to you or sugarcoat the truth. 

  1. Today, what did I do better than usual?

Life changing questions like this are a good way to concentrate on what’s really important and get prepared for the good deeds for today. Just ask this question every time before going to bed to figure out what the hell is going on with your life.

  1. Am I true to my values?

Even the hoodest thief has values, But sometimes we deal with things that make us reject our values. Let’s imagine you were thinking your whole life about your career – how are you going to become a real professional and excel at all of the studies. But, with the passage of time, you realize that your dreams are somehow very far away. You’ve met a woman you really love, she is everything to you. She requires a lot of time and effort, plus she says you don’t have too much time for her. But you work for your dream, and you are seriously in love. Those values start to contradict. You need to ask yourself, which value is the most essential right now? 

  1. If I succeeded in everything I wanted, how would I feel?

When you accomplish all of your goals, the things that are going to be waiting for you can be absolute emptiness. Triumph is not everlasting, you know. It’s essential to enjoy the process, not only the result. Unfortunately, many people get into perfectionism and lose the ability of healthy estimations. They keep craving for more and more, better and better. Don’t forget that you are a human being made of flesh and blood, who has his needs in love, comfort, and understanding. Enjoy the game, don’t be a slave to your own life.

  1. Which hobbies are left out because of my lack of time?

The world is huge. With all of the evolution, progress, and tons of interesting information, it is simply too difficult to keep up. That’s why it’s impossible to know it all. Studies show that it takes 1500 years for an average human to get all of the world’s knowledge! You won’t live so long, be sure, but it’s not a reason for you to stop your intellectual evolution and degrade!

  1. What will be my final point in life?

People tend to make mistakes, wrong decisions, behave in with complete idiocracy. Sometimes we stop on dead-end work, or we start unhealthy relationships with those who we were advised from childhood to avoid. If you do not ask yourself this life-changing questions, you can get stuck in this swamp of human mistakes forever.

  1. How to do I see myself in five years?

I know, it sounds like a dumb cliché interview type of question. But if you avoid asking yourself this, your life path can lead you to Nowhereville quite soon. It’s simply better to plan your way of life. Even ‘questions that will change your life’ won’t make everything easier if you don’t consider all of the risks and difficulties. Five years is enough to sort out all of your obstacles and overcome them.

  1. What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

Fear is a natural reaction, developed to protect us from dumb ways to die. It’s better to be a wise coward than a fearless corpse. Sometimes it’s good to stop yourself and be afraid, but other times fear can stop you. Think about all the possibilities that aren’t that risky to avoid. You won’t suffer if you stop being afraid to ask a pretty colleague for a cup of tea.

  1. Who have qualities I want to acquire?

He has such strong muscles, he is so brave, that one is highly intellectual, this guy knows how to seduce women. Well, who the hell forbids you from plagiarizing? You are not going to be copyrighted for that!

Modeling yourself after someone, in the beginning, is healthy, becoming an exact copy of them is not. DO what the successful do until you get it, once you get it, add your signature! 

  1. What was the most crucial lesson in my life?

Questions that will change your life always involve this one. Sometimes life lulls us into complacency, and we have to step twice on the same rake. The problem is that the second time the shaft of these same rakes hits the head as painfully as it did the first time. Therefore, the essence of the lesson is this: do not let yourself relax and always keep your nose to the wind.

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