Guest Post: On Being Real.

by John Deus

Guest Post: On Being Real.

Hi John Deus and everybody who reads him and gets inspired by him. I myself got inspired by him and that’s why I am profiting from the fact that we can send our own article, I hope John and you guys appreciate it.

For the future, excuse my English.

John Deus tells you how to get women how to fuck them, how to get pussy, and many more things.

We like that don’t we? I like that and you the one reading this article you like that too, because damn he gets it and we see the proof of his sayings because he is REAL, he doesn’t fake his act. So what he tells us is not bullshit.

I am writing about being real and how it is the thing that attracts women. Yes, even John said it that women are attracted to the men who work, who are occupied, who have goals, plans, even guys in uniforms are considered sexy by women, but the most important thing in this story is that you shouldn’t fake your shit, your act of being real, or that you are trying to be real for attention.

And that my friend is important. This article is not for guys that have already found themselves, it’s for the beginners, the losers, and yes it’s radical the way I say it because you are a loser and myself started from being a loser, I got on here by typing on Google “easiest way to get laid” and maybe you are here for the same shitty reason, we all begin as losers and end up being Kings.

So what do you have to understand here, what is my message? You have to understand that faking, flaunting, creating an image, all that someday will fall apart, I have seen it myself, guys that act for attention, and then when it all falls, they are just weak goblins.

Be real, start hustling, working, fighting for your dreams, make your life as you want it, don’t be lazy, only that way you can be real, entrepreneur style motherfucker!
And women ? Women will stick to you like bees to honey, they love the true guys, that are creating their life, because they see a real man, and it reassures them that they find the security and the stability in you, they see you as a confident man who hustles.

I had the experience, I was working, making money, got a girlfriend, and all my attention went to her, my brain was like only for her, and what at the end ?

She left me.

I didn’t fall apart because I came here again to and started to work hard again, losing money, gaining money, I got occupied again, and what happened? Got in touch with new girls, and my ex who was sorry and wanted me back, simple as that.

It’s the thing, get off your lazy ass, start doing shit, get money. Success won’t fall on you from the sky. Being real it’s not just having valid arguments in your life, being real is making your life.
But, but, but, how can I start doing shit ?

Do what you know, find your passion, determine your dreams, try business plans, try sports, try activities. You can even start just by doing sports, going to the gym, working on your body, make a discipline for yourself, because only that way you can prepare your body and mind, to hustle. You will not gain everything from the start, no, you will have to work for it, you will have to work really really hard. Women love men who make their dreams come true, men who do shit, and you there sitting, you want to become that man, a man who once did nothing in his life but who now is creating it all over again.

Thank you for reading, I hope my idea went well here, waiting for your critics.

Thank you,


My Response,

Adam, Thank you for the great article, I was impressed with the fact that you are the only one who have sent me a guest post just because he wants to get a message across without promoting a blog or so. 

I got nothing against all of you who have sent me articles wanting to get across your points AND promote your blogs. 

I respect that and I do want to help you. 

I got hundreds of guest posts already so it will take a while to get to your articles, but don’t worry, I will go over everything you guys have sent me. 

I wish more people would come forward and send me their posts, even if they feel they might not be up to point or good enough, believe me, writing articles will benefit you the most. 

As fo what Adam wrote in this article, On being real and making things happen. 

It is really important to be real and stay true to yourself because that is the only way you can grow. 

Fake things do not grow. 

You have a limited amount of energy per day, you can either spend that energy trying to maintain the image you are faking, or spend it to grow and change yourself into something better.

You do not waste energy when you are being real when you are fully who you are because it is “who you are”, the energy needed for that was already spent on creating you. 

The first thing you notice when you have decided that fuck it, I will just be me, I will just be really me, no faking and no bullshit, is that you will become very chilled, very relaxed, very calm. 

That is the essence of being cool, cool people are cool because they are not try hards, they are not trying to be a thing they are not. 

Take a look at yourself, with all of your flaws and all of your strengths. 

Take a look at everything, your whole package. 

Accept it, be ok with it, and do not try to fake it to something else. 

Don’t try to mask your shyness with the stiff James Bond act, don’t try to mask your insecurity and fear with anger nad obnoxious behavior. 

Recognize it and work on fixing it, but in the meantime, accept it and be real to it. 

I feel that i am going in circles here because this topic is huge and needs some background information to build on, so we will keep it for a future article. 

Now on getting off your lazy ass and get stuff done.

It is probably obvious, maybe you give this advice to other people, but are you really trying to make stuff happen? 

Always ask yourself, why do you want tomorrow to come, why would you want the sun to rise tomorrow? why do you want time to pass? 

Whenever I see someone I care about acting all lazy i ask them this, telling someone that they are lazy and should move their ass isn’t really that beneficial, our species do not handle critics that well. 

But let them wonder, let them wonder on the certainty that time will go on, it will not wait for them .

Tomorrow is coming whether you are playing COD and munching on junk food or working on something. 

It is coming. 

But one scenario will ensure you that tomorrow will look like today, while the other scenario will give you the possibility that something magical could happen tomorrow, it might be a slight chance, but it is still a maybe. 

Work on yourself. 

Whether you are a narcissist who wants nothing but the best to himself, or an Altruist who wants all the good to other. 

For yourself, no one else will help you or do stuff for you, you have to go out and make it happen.

For others, the world is not in need for another weak helpless human wishing they could change, if you want to change something, you have to be able to. 

If you have the desire to make a difference, whether it is in your life or the life of others, start doing stuff. 

Start doing anything, anything that gets you to interact with people or see how things are being done. 

Anything, it doesn’t have to be the best thing, it has to be anything, you have to start somewhere.

Go volunteer for a cause, go help with what you can, go clean people’s gardens, go help the elderly neighbours go sell lemonade down the street, go workout in a gym, go build your body, go grow a passion, go learn an instrument, go learn a language, go read a book, go talk a walk, go talk to those who you disagree with, understand their point, go see how the world is going, and go see that someday it will end, can something worse than that happens if you tried to do something? 

Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Thank you, Adam, and thanks to all the readers of and everyone following me on Instagram, you guys are the best! 

Yours sincerely, 

John Deus

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Saeed November 16, 2016 - 10:23 pm

Simple and Very Good , as always

thank you

Saeed November 16, 2016 - 10:31 pm

actually i found a Word “Altruist” and i think most of my problems are because of that ….
my biggest problem “being Altruist” made me a lot of problems ….. serious problems ….. sacrificing yourself for others …. and in the return nothing but a bullshit …(i mean it for real …. very serious things happend to me .. unfortunately )
i really trying so hard to stop being a Altruist …. and im just trying figuring it how …
any comments will be appreciate it ….

and sorry for my bad english 😀 im workin’ on it 😀

Jesus E November 24, 2016 - 12:10 am

.Hey man I’m the same way…….i began to notice that people begin to take advantage of that. It’s really hard to stop because it’s a part of who you are. So my two cents is don’t stop but be more selective always but YOU first, then family, then close friends and if you still have more to give then go to any organization.


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