What Will Truly Help You Get Laid Like CRAZY?!

by John Deus

Get Laid like CRAZY!!

This is an article about what truly get you laid like crazy. It’s been a while since I wrote anything about what I do best, Getting laid like crazy. It is not because I don’t consider getting laid important anymore, nor is it because I “grew” out of that. It is just that I have been doing a deep dive in many other matters.

My first and most important goal here is to write about the things that interest you, my dear reader, and the “Getting Laid” and its issues are still not out of the system for most of you.

Many people urged me to stray away from such topics and just talk about flat noncontroversial topics that will appeal to a wider audience.

Well, fuck that.

I am here to tell you, go get laid, regardless of all the negative stigma and the undermining bullshit in our society.

It is natural, it is necessary, and it’s hella fun!

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Get laid like CRAZY!

I don’t think that I, or anyone, will ever write an article to end the “what gets you laid the most” debate. Due to the way our today’s society is structured, it’s hard for most people to unplug from the idea that only looks and money get you the most sex, and even if you give me your trust, some part of you will still believe in that idea because of the seemingly overwhelming evidence.

That won’t stop me from trying thou!

Today we will examine the 3 usual suspects of attraction,

Looks Vs. Money Vs. Game.

and see which of those three is the winner of the title for the thing that gets you laid like crazy.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, each one of the above-mentioned traits does get you laid, and without a doubt. if looks, money, and game existed in the same person, then by definition he will most definitely have a crazy abundance of sex, he will definitely get laid like crazy!

This article is direct to the other 99% of the population that either lack two or more of these traits.

Let’s assume you are ugly, broke and lack any social skills,  which of these three should you spend the most out of your limited time in order to fix?

Let’s start with looks

Can your looks alone get you laid like crazy?

My answer is definitely NO, but yours is most likely to differ.

Here is my argument, if you had three guys in a room, one is very rich, one is very attractive and one is the savviest person you’ve ever met.

Out of the three, if I asked you to answer depending on the first impression only, who do you think will get laid the most?

You and many others will say the attractive one!

And that is because it is the product of years and years of social conditioning and movies that hardcoded that stereotype in our head.

If you see an attractive girl, for example, she will capture your attention, and by following that logic, you will say that an attractive guy will capture a girls attention, and thus he will get laid like crazy.

Your first mistake here is you somehow assumed that capturing attention = sex, and that is definitely not correct.

Teachers, police officers and public speakers are the ones known for capturing the most attention from people, but somehow they don’t really have a reputation of getting laid like crazy now do they?

I know, you have seen many examples of good-looking guys capturing attention along with wet panties, and that is a valid observation.

This is due to two possible reasons:

A- good-looking guys usually have good game.

B- If you are boring at least be good-looking.

Girls like sex, a good number of girls are out to a club just to get laid, yet only a small portion of them actually get laid, and that is because the general bulk of men are fucking boring, and there will only be a small number of guys at a given club who present themselves as the right decision to be an ONS.

That is point B, that is why good guys get laid easily sometimes. But what about point A?

Why do good-looking guys usually have solid game? if being good-looking on its own is getting them laid like crazy, why did they develop such social skills?

I think that on its own further validate my point, being good-looking on its own will not get you laid like crazy.

Here is what I want you to understand about being good-looking,

You can’t seduce a girl with your looks, she seduces you for your looks.

If looks don’t get you laid like crazy, then what about money?

Can money on its own get you laid like crazy?

No, it can’t, I’d rather have good looks over money if I had to choose between the two when it comes to getting laid like crazy.

Although statically speaking, being very rich will get you laid more than being a broke handsome boy, the type of girls and the dynamics of the relationship that being rich will definitely attract is very repulsive, and not fun at all.

After the initial daze of seeing a naked girl fades away, you will realize that sex becomes less and less fun, and that is because what makes sex a mind-numbing experience is not the size of the pole you are working with, the techniques and tricks you know, or even how rough you rub on each other, it is the build-up right before clothes start flying out of your bodies.

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Get Laid like CRAZY!

A girl who chases guys solely on their looks, although naive, still gets some instant reward out of sex with a good-looking guy due to how she perceives the experience and anticipates it. But for a girl sleeping with a guy solely for his money, there is no actual instant reward out of the experience, she is not looking forward to having sex, she just wants to get it over with, because her reward is not of the sex itself, but rather the luxuries coming next, her reward for boning a rich guy.

There is a common theme in relying on looks to get laid and relying on money to get laid, and that is having this straightforward relationship between what you give, what you receive and why you receive it. Now every relationship is based on an exchange between the things you bring to the table and the things she brings to the table, grow up from the “unconditional” nonsense. The more physical and obvious the things you bring to the table, the more “shallow” the relationship is, that is a subject for another article. 

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Get laid like crazy!

It is very common to say “she is with him for his money” but it is not common to say “she is with him because of his game” although that is a very valid statement, game, or the set of social skills that we often refer to as “game” are considered somehow ambiguous and abstract, you can’t really deconstruct it the same way you do for looks or money, and that is why game is the winner in this race. 

Can game alone get you laid like CRAZY?! 

Yes, definitely. 

A point can be made that a good part of game is looking your best and doing well in other parts of your life, and that is true, but even in those moments of  decay where your whole life is falling apart, you are getting fatter, losing money and generally not doing all that good in your life, game will still be there for you. 

Working on your skills from inner confidence and self-esteem to outer body language is the thing that can get you laid like crazy in and of itself. You, and me, are humans, and we are strongly conditioned by reward, you eat sugary food because it activates a rewarding circle in your brain, and thus you start seeking more and more of that stimulus to reap the reward, the same thing goes for working on your social skills. When you first taste the sweet taste of a successful seduction, you instantly upgrade your skills, your mind shifts to a more focused and confident place and thus impacting your skills. Yes, that is a form of addiction, but we know for a fact that we are and always be addicted to something, you can go live in a mountain like a monk and detach from all this shit, but honestly, I enjoy this meaningless circle, and chances are, you will too. 

I am talking to you, regardless of how unattractive, broke and clueless you feel right now. You have a very limited time on this earth, and you have a wealth of knowledge available at the tip of your fingers, use it. 

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Get laid like crazy

I know that this article will not be enough to convince you that looks and money do not matter as much as you think they do, yes they can get you laid, but game, game gets you laid like crazy. 

You will struggle to find evidence that game will get you laid like crazy, way more than looks and money on their own ever could, and you will struggle because unlike money and looks, game is not flashy. 

You see, in a nightclub, while looking through your semi-drunk and anxious eyes, you will see examples of  rich and/or handsome guys with girls throwing themselves at them,  and that is because a clueless handsome guy or a clueless rich guy will flash his shit in front of everyone in hopes of getting laid, these kids live on the attention, if you are rich and/or handsome, you will be in the club making out with as many girls as you can, and just show everyone how “cool” you are. 

A player, especially when going alone, tries to avoid too much attention because a good player knows that too much attention is not all that good, it attracts the jealous drunk guys, the cockblocks and all kinds of trolls. Good game is silent and slow. A good player does not really go around making out and fingering girls on the dance floor unless it is what he wants at that moment because a good player knows that all that will take away from the experience for both of him and the girl, it somehow kills the “film ending” for both parties. 

Get laid like crazy.

Good game is not flashy, the untrained eye will disregard a player as “her boyfriend” or even old friends because seduction is not played out in the public, it’s played out behind closed doors, where magic happens. 

It is called an art for a reason. 

I know, I know, you are still not all that convinced, you still need a couple more article, some field experience and some time to reflect in all this to even begin to see it, but start giving that idea a chance. 

Work on yourself, try to look your best, try to make as much money as possible,  but at the meantime, believe in this weird shit that John Deus and many others are telling you, go out there, walk up to a girl, any girl, say Hi, talk to people, be aware of your body language and how you are reacting to them, be aware of their body language and their body language, and you will be on the way to getting laid like crazy. 

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Thank you for giving me that much of your time, 

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