Friendzone: The Complete Escape Plan

by John Deus
friend zone, friendzone

The infamous Friend Zone

I have been writing this blog for a week now, and I have already received 100’s of emails asking me about the friend zone, and how to escape it.  escape?!.

Here is my answer, and properly you won’t like it.

There is nothing called the friend zone, a girl either wants to sleep with you or not. The friend zone is the I-don’t-want-to-sleep-with-you zone, but men try to rationalize why a girl didn’t want to sleep with them with lame excuses, like being too friendly. instead of admitting that they don’t really own their balls.

Let’s break one scenario of your average friend-zoned guy; a guy meets a girl, he likes her and all, but he isn’t sure what to do, so he decides to use one of his “tactics”, being nice and friendly -yes this is a behavioral tactic, there are no nice people, future article on that- . He thinks “maybe if I was nice enough, she will eventually love me and we could have SEX!“.

He sticks around being nice and all, with time he finds out that nothing is ever going to happen, so he decides that maybe after all these months PRETENDING TO BE HER FRIEND he would open up to her and tell her how he feels,

despite his balls raging over him, he does so and …. you know the rest.

Who to blame for the Friend Zone?

Let’s start explaining that by saying, BOTH parties are to blame here. The guy for betraying his chain of ancestors and every single semen in his ball sack, he PRETENDED to be nice, he PRETENDED to be her friend, and most importantly he did not go after what he wanted, and that is PATHETIC. 

If you are afraid to go after what you want, you are not a man at all, nothing to blame here, other than yourself.

The girl is to blame too, but not for what you expect, she is not entitled to sleep with you because you are nice, no one is entitled to do shit for you. grow up.

She is to blame because, she knew that he actually likes her – they always do! but decided to go on and use him as much as she can. so ladies, if you kept a guy around you and used him knowing that he has feelings for you, then you aren’t a lady, you are a manipulating bitch. get that straight.

Dear men, the solution to never be friend-zoned, is to never pretend

Never pretend to be anything you aren’t, never pretend you are nice to get this or that, never pretend to be her friend just to stay around.

Always own what you want, you want her to be your girlfriend? then fucking own it, convey it.

Even going up straight and telling her about your “Feelings” early on is better than sucking it up and pretending you are just here to be her friend.

What the fuck are you afraid of? What are you ashamed of? are you ashamed of being a man and having sexual desire?  fucking grow up, you have a dick, own it.

It is never a shame to love someone.

Yes, LOVE, a supreme admits to being in love with his lady and he owns it.

It is never a shame wanting to sleep with a girl. having a sexual desire isn’t a bad thing, being led by them all the time surely is, but having a sexual desire is totally OK.

If you don’t want to be friend zoned, then stop acting like a 10-year-old girl.

Stop being clueless, own your sexuality, own the fact that you are a man.

Be proud of it, communicate it, let girls enjoy your masculinity.

For escaping the ‘friend zone*’, I would say the best most basic approach is to stop chasing that girl, after all, it is never that one special girl, there are millions, Read this…  

I will write a further post on some steps you can take to “Regain” her sexual interest in you, stay tuned.

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Adam March 10, 2015 - 2:20 pm

Found this site a couple of days ago. Interesting stuff.

This “Friend-Zone” thing. I’m pretty sure I’m not pulling a “nice-guy” tactic. I’m genuinely being friendly and respectful of all the women I’ve met.

I’m not complaining about never having had a girlfriend, but it does strike me a bit odd, that women don’t seem to find me attractive. I admit I’m not the best looking person in the world, but I am confused about some things.

Any thoughts?

John Deus March 10, 2015 - 4:58 pm


My best guess is that you do not escalate properly or even at all.
You just exist in the surrounding of a girl, even if she enjoys spending time with you, it is always your responsibility to take things to another level.

Guys misunderstand most signals of attraction from girls and thus they never escalate.

A girl just giggling and laughing with you is a sign that she somehow likes you, if she gives you her number if she spends time around you… etc.
those are some signs that a girl like you, and that is your window to escalate things further.

No matter how good-looking you are, no matter how amazing your game is, a girl would never just get on her knees and start sucking you out of the blue, you have to ESCALATE and show interest.

Escalation is a very touchy subject and i will write about it in the near future.

There are some good articles on that around the net, google them.



Adam March 11, 2015 - 12:16 am


Will keep an eye out for that post.

MetalPUA October 12, 2015 - 7:17 pm

Gonna paraphrase Mark Manson here: the biggest reason that guys get friendzoned is because they’re too timid and afraid to escalate things physically. Physical escalation – or kino, if you prefer – makes your intentions very clear.
A man who does not act upon his sexual urges lacks confidence, and is therefore unattractive to women. If you’ve been friendzoned by a girl, she probably knows damn well that you’re interested in her, but because you didn’t have the confidence to make a move she no longer views you as a sexual being. She views you as a source of emotional validation; a shoulder to cry on while she’s resting between her marathon sex sessions with Chad Thundercock.

mixmastamikey October 12, 2015 - 7:18 pm

I like how it points out girls being manipulating bitches knowing very well the guy has feelings for them. I really think the “friend zone” thing is something simple minded girls play. Smart girls usually don’t have time for games and will either reject or except. Some guys do have nice personalities and their are girls who look for that unfortunately its a minority. Girls love assholes and bad boys most my success was with girls that I had no interest in because they love the sport of getting your attention. Good read very true.

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