Entrepreneurship, is it for YOU ?

by John Deus

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A former investment banker declared he want to become the world’s biggest online retailer. Jeff Bezos
A university dropout went against all odds to sell something that was never meant to be for the general public. Steve Jobs
A university dropout designed a silly website for comparing chicks. Saw a potential, ended up introducing today’s biggest communication network. Mark Zuckerberg 
Extraordinary?  Magicians? Lucky? Rare? Superheroes? 

No, They are exactly like you.

Are you a guy?

Not a Guineas, not a college drop out.

just a guy.

A guy with no brilliant ideas and not much money, but you master uncertainty? Do you dive into the unknown? Do you have a well to act?

That Is Enough.

1-Entrepreneurship is not magic: it is not just for the extraordinary, it is for those ready to act, it is a call for action.
2-Entrepreneurship doesn’t need a solid ground: it doesn’t need enough supplies for your 2 year strategic plan, it only needs what you have, who you are, your connections and how much you are willing to ACT and HUSTLE to get it through.
3-Entrepreneurship doesn’t require perfect ideas: not even good ones. It is developing what you have, transfer it into solutions to problems, transfer it into many potentially good goals and transfer it into your VISION.
4-Entrepreneurship doesn’t start with a will to win, or a will to get money: it is how much you are willing to lose, how much can you afford to lose while hustling on my way.
5-Entrepreneurship is not the “secret fix” you know: it is not the secret plan you have. it is sharing ideas in order to grow your own means. those means are the most important for an entrepreneur, and not your idea. there are many ideas anyway.
6-Entrepreneurship is not you creations, it is co-creations: with own visions shared with others. modified to adapt to future goals, goals that can be driven from partners.
7-Entrepreneurship requires Some planning, but not too much: a business plan might come in handy, but too much planning will prevent the vision of an entrepreneur from reaching unplanned yet desired goals. After all, planning will never remove uncertainty.
8-Entrepreneurship isn’t just about luck: well, luck plays a part in the game, but an entrepreneur spins the wheel of furniture way too many times.
9-Entrepreneurs aren’t born: entrepreneurs are forged from needing success, having the will to act and having the desire to indulge in the uncertain.
10-Entrepreneurship is not predicting the future: not even trying to guess what it might be, entrepreneurs create the future, they own it.

If you are striving for success, if you are ready to hustle, if you are ready to adapt to get to where you want to get, if you live with a vision.
Then you are an entrepreneur.

You don’t need perfect planning, you don’t need resources, you just need to employ your time into a direction and start hustling.

what are you waiting for?

John Deus

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1 comment

vince November 14, 2015 - 2:29 am

It’s all about ex-ecution. For most people it’s about ex-cuses.


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