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Dating Tips For Older Men

As the title “Dating Tips For Older Men” implies, our focus today will be on the older side of my readers, but that doesn’t mean that younger guys will not find this article beneficial, as you will soon realise, seduction follows a very consistent pattern across all ages, so an article on Dating Tips For Older Men will not be all that different from dating tips for younger generations, its just that those subtle difference will get you the results you want!

Do you remember how easy it was to get laid in high-school/college? Even if you were too busy back then to get any sort of action, it is fairly common knowledge that high school/college is your “get laid” heaven.

There is some truth to that of course, but the reason behind having an easier time getting laid while younger is not exactly what you think it is.

It is not just that you were younger, probably looked better, and had way more energy and time on your hands, the main reason why it was easier to get laid in college was because you were exposed to women a lot more and it so happens that those women didn’t give that much thought about whom they’d sleep with, they just wanted to have fun.

So how can you, as an older gentleman, improve your chances of getting girls and step up your dating life?

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Dating Tips For Older Men

As women get older, they start to look for men to settle down with, which make them a lot pickier about randomly hooking up with guys than they were before. And also, just like you, they will have less time and energy to be socially active like they used to be.

Keeping that in mind, you should slowly start to realize that your chances with women are improving with age and not the other way around, and that is because unlike women, you do not really have to stick with women around your age, you can socialise and connect with girls from the age of 18 until your age and even older!

That means your pool of options is growing with time.

The upcoming dating tips and mindsets for older men will prove to you that age is no barrier to get ANY woman in bed, and on the contrary to what you might believe, just by switching the mindset and effort from your side, you will live in abundance of women like never before.

I know this article sounds like the usual marketing tricks most dating websites open with, but here at we don’t sell anything, all you are reading and about to read is free content, and it will always be that way.

So relax, kick back and just give these tips and mindset a chance, they might change your life!

Like fine wine, you get better with age.

The older we men get, the more attractive we become. With time, we start to sober up from the confusion and insecurity we had in our 20’s, we start to be more stable, reliable and responsible, and we finally start to get our shit together – hopefully.

This calm and stable attitude and way of life is very attractive to women at any age, even the go crazy club girl would like to get a taste of that.

Women in their early 20’s are more exposed to men their age, and like we can clearly remember, we are the definition of a mess in that age, so figure it out on your own, are you more stable and confident now than you were in college? If your answer is no, then you have something bigger to focus on rather than getting laid as an older gentleman.


Are some of the things women look for in men, and even for some, it is an instant turn-on, and probably all they need to see before giving you the chance you need.

It might come across as shallow, but women looking to settle down tend to go for the guy with a stable job and a house. She doesn’t care about the fact that you are 6ft tall or have a six-pack. She cares about you being dependable, stable, and trustworthy.

Now this probably has nothing to do with age, but in each and every article I have to mention this fact because men these days are just too brainwashed with the idea that women only look for bad boys and those who think they are on the other side of the spectrum go completely nuts and just act all “white knight” and weird shit like that.

It’s neither this nor that, women are, you know, humans just like us, looking for someone she can depend on, someone she can’t just walk all over, someone she knows is strong and aware enough, someone who makes her feeling beautiful, wanted, and, valuable while being somewhat of a challenge…. that is a subject for another article.

Continuing with our Dating Tips For Older Men.

Dress for each date as if It’s your last.

Your sense of fashion, body language, and type are the main things that express who you are without you saying a word. Our mind is crazy good at matching images with predefined attributes that make us create an assumption about someone. This is what we call “The First Impression”. Just like any sane person would tell you, taking care of your posture, body language, and your fitness will improve your game greatly, but, sadly, these take a lot of time to improve, which leave us with one easy, yet significant step we can take to improve how the world, including the girls, would perceive us, and that is your sense of fashion.

You do not really have to go all crazy on that one at first, you can just start slow. Do whatever it takes to look as good as you can – keep your beard trimmed and well styled, take a nice shower, put on some nice cologne, wear something that fits, etc.

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Dating Tips For Older Men

You should do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to express yourself in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Not just for women, your work and future social connections greatly depend on the way you express yourself on a day to day basis, so you need to get into the habit of taking care of these details and “advertise” yourself correctly.

Try to connect more with her.

Women want ATTENTION, not just one kind of attention, they want to feel many kinds of attention. Especially at a younger age, women like to explore their emotions in as many ways as possible, and while any jacked guy at a club can make her feel hot, his range of expression will usually end there, and so she will get bored and start looking for a less flat experience, and that is where you, as an older gentleman, come into play, as you are more stable and grounded than the typical college kid, you can definitely introduce her to a different range of emotions than the jacked college kid can.

When you go on a date with a woman, you’re not there to tell her about yourself, you’re there to LISTEN to her and get to know her. If you’re going to talk about yourself the whole date, just like the college kids do, you will fail miserably. Women love the sense of mystery that comes with an older guy, you do not have to be actually mysterious for them to perceive you that way, you just have to pay attention that you are not just an open book or it’ll get boring for her and she’ll sneak away into the restroom never to be seen again. The key for a successful date is to make it about her, let her talk and the conversation will derive from it. Try to ask questions about her, LET HER KNOW YOU’RE INTERESTED IN HER.

Be honest about what you desire.

This is what most of us men do wrong, we try to hide what we want. It’s a big no-no and can be very frustrating for women. Be honest, tell them what you want from them at the start and how you want it. Women love confident men and will do anything to please their needs. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows who he is and doesn’t make any excuses for it. This will improve your chances with women by a mile.

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Make sure to TELL HER WHAT YOU DESIRE THE MOST. It can be sex, it can be a family, it can be a simple relationship, it doesn’t matter because they will go with it if you’re confident enough about it, care about yourself and found a woman that would be on the same page as you. It’ll prove to her that you’re mature and know what you want, that you’re not a college kid that just wants to mess around with her. It’ll assure her that you’re honest and trustworthy – these 2 are keys elements to a healthy relationship.

If you have the chance to advance your relationship with a fellow woman, do it. Whether it be just to go on a date or advance into the bed DO IT or you’re going to regret it for ages. Don’t go back home thinking about how it could’ve been or make up excuses about how you couldn’t. That’s your subconscious mind trying to tell you it’s all fine when it really isn’t. Take your chance and go for it. Doesn’t work? Try it again. Be persistent about everything you do, not only with women but with your career and everyday life as well.


Trust me, online dating is not only for the college kids or unsuccessful men. There are people from EVERY age out there searching for their significant other or even just a casual hook up.Setup your profile so it represents the best of you and not anyone else. Show that you’re stable, trustworthy and fun. Women love to have fun. Don’t try to be someone you’re not because when you meet the girl, all of your secrets will be spilled and that’s going to be a big turn down. Choose a photograph of you that shows you from the best side and write a not-too-big/not-too-small description about what you like in life and some key denominators such as Height, Weight and job role.

Try not to go too overboard with it, because you have to leave some for the real-life interactions. Once that’s done you should search for your woman/women of choice. It’s always good to look at your options, just always keep in mind not to always reach for the stars, because there might be some fallen ones next to you as well. There a few things to keep in mind when you’re about to meet them, though. Everyone will almost always show the best side of themselves online, which makes them leave out the negative. No one is perfect, so expect the unexpected when you see them. The people that choose online dating are often very shy, so don’t be afraid to take on the conversation as well, this shouldn’t be a problem for experienced men like you.

Online dating is the new easy way of getting laid or just women in general. They all surround you, just like in high school. More online dating tips will be published soon on this blog, so stay tuned for that.


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