The Curious Case Of Your Looks Part-1

by John Deus

Do looks matter?

Isn’t it strange how one day you look at yourself in the mirror and think “Wow, I do look good!

While other days you look at yourself in the mirror and damn, it just ruins your whole day.

What is up with that?

What is up with how you look in pictures?

One picture looking like a damn stud and the other looking like a big mistake.

How could someone call you an ugly fuck, while another sees you as decent, and another thinks you are quite handsome!

What is up with that!?


How do you really look like?


And does it really matter?

It is fascinating how much people fluctuate in the way they feel about themselves and their own attractiveness.

It is more obvious and intense in women, you hear it almost constantly, a girl is “feeling pretty”…

Feeling pretty!?

Attractiveness is such a vague concept that I am finding it difficult to properly describe it.

So I will leave it for another article.


I believe that I will never see myself as other people see me, no one will ever do.

Because, not everyone sees you the same.

That impressively stupid organ on top of your head you call your brain, it works in a very interesting way when dealing with faces.

Facial Symmetry aside, your brain likes to compare images.

One simple way to put it is, your brain compare what it sees to a perceived ideal about that thing.

And everyone’s Ideal is completely different from the other.

In essence, when a girl sees you for the first time, her brain directly compare your looks to previous similar encounters that closely resembles you. This resemblance is initially based on your style and physical features.

If you are short, fat and balding… then when the girl sees you, she will compare your image to the stereotype in her mind about people belonging to that category. That, coupled with the first 30 seconds of the interaction (your vocal tone, body language.. etc.) will create the “First Impression”

A very simplified way for understanding what I am talking about is to consider that your “First Impression” is the category that the person you are interacting with has decided to put you into.

It is the stereotype that fits you so far.

Our glorious society has decided to promote a certain look to be the catch, the hot deal.

Through advertisement, movies and so on, Society has picked out a certain look and physical attributes and promoted them as Handsome, Beautiful.. etc.

So far so good.

But things went downhill when society attributed other features into that certain look.

They went from just good-looking, into confident, good with girls, good in bed, funny, happy… etc.

Now, this is pretty fucked up if you think about it.

The average untrained eye can never ever determine if someone is Confident or good in bed just by the way they look.

You might disagree and add that it does at least give you clues to what that person’s personality is like!

And I would say that you are right, it does.


And from that comparison it draws out a conclusion.

This might not be much of new information for most of you, but do you really understand it?

Do you really walk down the street and see a drop dead gorgeous girl and think to yourself she might be dumb as wood!?

Do you really see the hottest guy on campus and think that he isprobably boring!?

Do you really look at yourself in the mirror and regardless of your big nose, asymmetrical eyes and balding spots think that you are the coolest motherfucker on earth!?

Probably not!

Some ways to better see how society gave us a wrong perception of how people should look like in order to act a certain way is to either:

A- Get to know both guys and girls that are considered “The Ideal” by society and see for yourself how most of them are quite lame, boring, overly sensitive, so ungrounded and easily manipulated.


B- Get to know some drug dealers, criminals and fucked up people…

Terrible advice, do not go near those people…

Anyway, you will realize that they look nothing like Society standards for those type of people, and conversely you will realize that people who did fit society standard of a thug are mostly nice people.

Clear so far?

I know that you are thinking of lots counter arguments to what I just said, and I will address them.

1- You might say that the most handsome guy on your campus is actually a really cool guy.

And you are probably right!

The reason that people who look good seem to be pretty cool is because growing up,  they received a lot of positive feedback from everyone who is bought into that idea of good looks = awesome.

And so they can act with fewer constraints and self conscious thoughts than most of us.

It is easier to act like James Bond when you look like James bond.

Also, and this is important.

As I said, you will always compare people and their acts to previously perceived images of certain stereotypes and so you amplify their good deeds and discount their negative ones.

To explain, When a girl looks so damn good, you compare her to a list of attributes from your life experiences and influences about people looking like that. Since she belongs to a very positive stereotype you will focus on her good behavior and discard her bad behavior.

So when she says something funny after a 1000 lame ass jokes, you will feel like she fits into that category of a funny person and so she becomes ‘super’ funny.

In other words, She becomes what you are looking for, what you are comparing to regardless of what she really is.

And that goes for both men and women.

2- You might say that some people do actually fit into the category they act like it. A thug looks like a thug.. etc.

That is because they are bought into the society standard of their preferred stereotype. They try to “fit in” with the group they want to be identified with and they want to express that to the whole world.

That paragraph sums up modern marketing… more on that in a later article.

So, what I have explained so far is that society standards of beauty are absolutely false and you should not look a certain way to act a certain way.

How much will your life improve by knowing and understanding this?

It will not improve at all 🙂

This is not some new John Deus theory, this should be common sense for most of you.

But here is the sauce of this article.


 Can you really look him in the eye and think to yourself that you can steal the girls from him.  Can you be confident enough that you will have better results than him?

Can you believe that learning game will help you get better results than that hot stud?

Probably not, and somehow you are right!

Learning game will get you results. Having a life will get you even better result.

Being a supreme man from the top 1% of the world will get you far better results than being one of the sexiest men alive!

Here is the fact, good looks are a HUGE add-on to your game. But having good looks alone is one hell of a curse.

I have many male-good-looking friends, some of them are models, some of them really look better than Movie stars.

Here is how they “game”:

99% of Pretty Boys pick up girls using Dating websites and/or Instagram. That is most of their game, the rest is just show up at a club and look pretty until one girl gets drunk enough to talk to them and basically beg them to take her home and fuck her.

It happens and it happens a lot!

Id you are a pretty boy and you want to stick your thingy into many wet holes while being a lazy ass dude,

Here is what you should do:

1- Create a dating profile on tinder, match.. etc.

2- Create an Instagram account.

3- Buy an expensive camera and/or get to know a good local photographer.

4- add 20 to 30 pictures from selected poses that highlight your strengths looks wise and hide your weaknesses.

5- Even thou you look good, you will feel the need to add 100 filters to all the pictures to look “Better”.

6- Get multiple photographs of you alone, you with friends, you with girls, a couple of nature pictures to show your “depth” and sophistication.

7- Add as many girls on Instagram  as possible, like a couple of their pictures, throw a couple of comments here and there.

8- Wait until girls follow you back, start basic conversations, invite them in.

9- if you got a photographer friend to get your pictures, hook him up with the girls after you are done with them.

10- Profit.

11- Never come back to because this by all means is just pathetic, might as well call a hooker… Probably it will be less time-consuming you ball-less fuck!

This seems like the unfair advantage that pretty boys will get over the rest of the average looking guys out there.

In its easiness, yes.

They will get laid without doing any actual work.

But overall, FUCK NO!

After countless evidence that you can observe for yourself.

You will discover that only average looking girls respond to that. mostly 7’s and insecure 8’s.

The real hot girls do not fall for that, and I will explain why later.

Also, you will notice that the more a guy gets laid just because of that approach, the more his brain rectifies the idea that his looks are all that matters.

Most of these guys end up being overly obsessed with how they look, waste most of their time and money on looking as pretty as possible.

And it should be obvious to you by now, they become feminine.

Good looks are an expression of feminine energy.

It is really fascinating to see how women describe these men.

You see, everyone has his own element, his own thing that is the strength of his presence. When two girls are talking about a guy, and one says something negative about him; the other girl will usually try to defend him.

She will say something along the line of “But he is so XXXX”

These XXXX are your “Element’.

These are what Women are perceiving from you as your ultimate strength.

And when a girl is defending one of the pretty boys, she will say something along the line of:

But he Looks so good“.

It is funny that they will not describe him as hot!

Why, because hotness requires a depth of personality and a bunch of deep-rooted traits.

That is why after an actor releases a kick-ass movie where he is perceived as the bad ass hero, he will be titled as the sexiest man alive for that year. “think Matt Damon, Daniel Craig..etc”.

Because his physical look is altered through his expression of  the correct attribute of masculine energy.

And that my friend is the curious case of your looks.

There is still many things to discuss in this topic, these will be in part 2 of this series.

I am not picking on pretty boys, if you won the genetic lottery and you are born with good looks, and you decide to follow this approach, then Godspeed!

I am just wanting other men to stop holding back because they think they do not look good enough, and I want pretty boys to add a character behind their pretty faces and watch their life quality skyrocket.

It is not just about getting laid, it is just a part of it.

It is not about how many girls you had so far.

But it is.

It is because I had slept with XXX girls so far that I am confident enough to look a manager in his eyes and tell him that what he said is complete bullshit.

It is because of that I can fearlessly grow my business,

That I can wear a cheap pajamas with minions on it, walk up to a fancy girl in a fancy place and take her home with me. It is because of that I can dominate a room, I can turn any boring dull night to the happiest and funniest night ever without being a clown.

It is because of that I can create a lifestyle that only few will ever get to experience.

Not because of the exact number of girls, not because I sat in the comfort of my house bullshitting girls until one bites the bait and I add another lay to my book.

Fuck I can do that, maybe it will require me 3 lifetimes to get to the numbers I already have following a pretty boy approach, but I will still get the XX number of lays.

But fuck that.

I work on my game not for the number, or the quality.

But to free my masculine energy to express itself.

I went from looking good to looking like a fat, homeless dude to looking good again without it affecting my “Game”

I went from rich to poor to rich again. Still kept my freedom, kept my animal alive.

Maybe at times, it got weakened, but still survived.

And that is what you want to aim for, to unshackle from society’s bullshit and go for what you want.

You will not get it, but still, go for it,

And then you will not get it, but still, go for it,

And then you become.

That’s the beauty of being a Man, Challenge.


John Deus, looks

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Adrian November 29, 2015 - 7:54 pm

Brilliant article.
It would be great if you could write an article about how to find out what your ultimate strength is.

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:40 am

It is coming soon, stay tuned!

Neel December 3, 2015 - 3:53 pm

So confidence is all that matters?
If that’s the case then ,well, I Am ruined

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:36 am

It is not your confidence per say, it is how you make people feel. And no you won’t be ruined. We are here to help.

Mahdi December 7, 2015 - 6:11 am

Dear Jone,
Congratulations on being on the winning side of the society paradox. I come from a very different eastern background, however the subject of getting girls became a problem not sexually but mentally. A challenge I couldn’t overcome , that obstructed my way. I always knew there isn’t unique and regular but different and same , the latter was never an option for me. Thus I kept trying to understand why and after finding and reading most of your articles , which were conveniently filling gaps of my perception , I think this particular article was the straw. It is your analysis of the society and its media in our time that actually pure gold to me. I would like to get your attention on the subject of existence because I think a guy with your mentality can reach the truth. I would like to thank you and hope you keep on educating us because I always believe I have a room to learn and improve. Let the word challenge be my new motto.

John Deus December 23, 2015 - 12:34 am

Thank you. Existence, reality and our Consciousness are all on my radar for some upcoming articles. I am lucky enough that I am living next to a university with one kick ass library. I am trying to spend a good chunk of my time reading books there.

Stay tuned

Alfheri January 8, 2016 - 12:42 am

Dear Deus,
I have a little problem. I met a good looking girl, flirted with her, she with me and then we met. I made out with her and nearly had sex. It was not possible but both wanted. After that we still have contact and flirt with each other. She even sends pictures of her. Many. Now I wanted to meet her again and she said no. I was just like “wtf?”. Talked with her and she said that she wants to fuck cause of my personality but not cause of my looks. Do you have a clue how I have to understand that? I am just clueless. I mean I really know how to talk to women and this things but she means that with one of her ex’s it was the same like with me and after three years she did not want anymore cause of the looks. Do you know any advice? And perfectly an other than letting her go. Already did it.
Thank you for your answer

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