Confidence Part.04: Mental Frame

by John Deus

Confidence and mental frame

Mental Frame.

We have already explained most of the knowledge needed to be confident, we have taught you what is the mentality of a confident person, we have illustrated how you can adapt your situation to be confident of what you have, and we have shown you how to convey confidence to the world through your body language.

We can’t explain everything for every situation, that is impossible. We can’t tell you everything that might go wrong and how you can handle it.

We can give you some examples of some rare situations, but to cover it completely is impractical.

Since no one can explain every single situation and how to handle it, you need something to refer to. 

You Need To Develop The Correct Mental Frame.

For you to convey Confidence, For you to be called a confident person, you need to deal with whatever thrown at you in a certain way.

Since there is an endless variation of what could come your way, it is unexplainable.

So you need a frame of mind to dynamically adapt to the situation further on Framing, click here.

We will break down “mental frame” into five rules, they should be applied in every situation you will ever face, it will be your”where you are coming from” ideology.

5 Pillars Of A Hardcore Mental Frame:


1-Present: You are always in the moment, never in your head analysing and anticipating situation, never in your head daydreaming about stuff. You are always in the here and now, completely indulged in the place and time of your physical existence. Look around you, view your surrounding, listen to people, observe what is happening outside your head.

2-Authentic: This is the sole purpose of having a mental frame. When you have a mental frame, everything comes genuinely from you. You don’t memorize routines or lines, you don’t fake your confidence, you are congruent with it, you are “coming from” a confident mental frame. Don’t copy people, be your original self.

3-indifferent: the polite way of saying, you don’t give a fuck. This is related to being authentic. When you copy people, you do so because you give a fuck how people would react, so you copy something that already generated a positive, safe outcome. When you are indifferent, you can be authentic and original, because you simply won’t give a fuck about how people would react to you being yourself.

4-Self-actualized:this one is an article by itself and it is hard to reach, so we will talk about in details in further articles. You are enough, you don’t rely on anything or anyone to feel good. You don’t need anything or anyone, you want things but don’t need them. You trust yourself, you believe that you deserve –but not entitled– whatever good this life can offer, whether it was hot quality women, money, and all fulfilment. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

5-Edgy while Relaxed: Always be relaxed, Sometimes be edgy. Never be afraid to fuck-up, never be afraid to cross a line. never be afraid to leave what is considered polite and politically correct. Admit it and hold full responsibility if you fuck up, apologise if needed, but don’t be afraid to cross the line. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try new things.

Sum these five in all your reactions and how you deal with your surroundings, and you will have the correct mental frame to reach supreme confidence.

Getting these 5 rules in check is pretty hard, and it needs a tutorial on its own.

But for now, this can help you grasp an idea of what a Confident person reaction looks like, and what Metal Frame to come from when in critical situations. 

This will leave us the last part of this series, which is, Alpha Actions. In the upcoming article, we will go into depth on how to put these skills into play. 

Confidence as it should be clear to you, is dependant on one ideology I myself do not always agree with, and that one is, 

Fake It Till You Make It. 

I will also go in depth on that one later, but you should put it into play starting from today, Faking extreme narcissistic confidence. 

Yes, you read that right, fake the bad stuff WHILE understanding that you are overdoing it for maximum effect. 

You will be challenged, people will test you left and right and you will fail and break your frame over and over again until you get it on point. 


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John Deus

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