Charity: The Last Piece To Being Supreme.

by John Deus


The Importance Of Charity.

Charity, One of the most overlooked subject on any self-improvement blog, even though it has a tremendous effect on your self-esteem, and how you perceive yourself.  

Charity: the act of giving money, food, or other kinds of help to people who are poor, sick.. etc.

what does it have to do with being a supreme man? how will it boost your self-growth?and how will it generate a longer lasting happiness for yourself? 

Giving to people, in any form, is universally good. Since ancient times, people attribute goodness to those who are known to give to others beyond themselves. 

You scale your value among others based on multiple attributes, here at we will discuss how to improve all of them, to help you become a high-value supreme man. but beyond these conscious attributes we rate ourselves based on, like wealth, looks, strength… etc. there is that something inside each one of us that gives us a unique sense of self, regardless of our current situation, we somehow still hold a piece of our self-image. 

Have you ever met someone, whom on papers won’t rate as a high-value guy, but in reality he behaves like a billion bucks? 

The reason someone can hold himself to a higher value -other than the fakers or mentality unstable people – regardless of what he actually achieved, is due to something I call “Referenced Feedback” – probably a bad terminology.

Experiences you have through your life, leave an everlasting effect on your “Referenced Feedback”. for example, a girl telling you that you look really sexy, will leave you happy for the moment, and it will leave a record in your “Referenced Feedback”. 

In times when you are feeling down or not that good about yourself, the act of reading the records from your “Referenced Feedback”, the act of remembering those occurrences, will instantly boost the way you feel and improve your emotional state.

Stacking those “Referenced Feedbacks” is very critical in helping you click with your “feel like a thousand bucks” momentum, mostly this happens subconsciously, but thinking about all those good deeds you did or the awesome compliments you received your whole life, will take you out of a deep depressive hole instantly.

Just to clear what I really mean by “Referenced Feedbacks”: it is anything positive that leave an emotional impact on yourself, regardless of the duration of the impact.

All the family, friends or strangers compliments.

All the awesome comebacks, the perfectly timed clever lines or the super funny jokes you said your entire life.

All the good deeds you did, from helping an elder lady cut the street, helping a kid reaching something, all the charity you gave through your life, and every single person you left better than you found. 

Those little things stack up to build a part from your SELF-IMAGE. 

This is the part of your self-image that never gets affected through time. Being ripped will give you an awesome self-image, but when you get fat… then it is gone. 

On the other hand, your “Referenced Feedbacks” is always there with you, no matter what people say about you, no matter what people think of you, you will persevere some of your self-worth due to those little moments. 

Charity is a great way to expand your “Referenced Feedback”.

Give to people, go beyond what you want, go beyond YOU, to give to others.

I personally have no respect to those who don’t give to charity.

It is the laziest act of goodness you can do. give people a cent, a dollar, or a thousand, anything will make a difference.

Find a homeless man, a hungry child, a charity organization, give them what you can.

Do it for yourself, don’t brag about it. it is for your own good. 

Gentlemen, let’s make the world a better place. 

John Deus

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Charity: The Last Piece To Being Supreme. | Supreme Men December 10, 2014 - 10:18 pm


The London Dater June 11, 2015 - 5:31 pm

Great post.

Author David Deida explains that the superior man is a man that is always giving his gift.

You can’t leave a legacy without giving.


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