Break your weakness with a hammer

by John Deus

Break your weakness with a hammer. 

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Break your weakness with a hammer 

Uncovering physical weakness is the worst nightmare of us men. After all, strength is seen as a crucial component of manhood, a testament to our worthiness in this world.  Alas, even the meanest bodybuilders have their weaknesses, so what can we “lesser mortals” hope for? Well, the path to true strength is paved with blood, sweat, and tears – not daydreaming and remorse. Weakness is not a reason to feel ashamed, but a signal that you need to fill yourself with determination and work on it.

It’s hammer time

First, we are going to hit weakness with a hammer, quite literally. Our weapon of choice is a good old sledgehammer, and apart from that, we also need something to pound on— tires, old logs and tree stumps should do the trick. There are many ways to swing this tool, but the “wood-splitter” and “wood-chopper” techniques work like a charm. Pay attention to the flow of movement and control the hammer. Switch hand position and keep hitting until you feel tired.

It is all about the speed and power you are able to apply. More importantly, the purpose is to set yourself in the right mood to tackle your shortcomings and give yourself a taste of the mental ability to absorb punishment. Therefore, make an effort to envision weakness at the receiving end of the hammer. After breaking some sweat, it should be easier to find composure:  this is the sort of preparation you need in order to face the real enemy— yourself.

Test the uncharted waters

People have a natural gravitation towards things they are good at. This starts in childhood when kids first display deftness in a certain sport. They stick to it well into adulthood, and as a result, a single set of skills gets developed, whereas other capabilities remain underdeveloped. Often, fuel is added to the fire as people persist in being their own coaches, instead of actually seeking professional guidance. Well, this is irrational since coaches are paid to have your best interest in mind, and help you accomplish fitness goals.

Furthermore, you need to make a realistic assessment of your body. Get out of your comfort zone and try out a sport you are not gifted at. Doing the same old same old is appealing, albeit not overly useful.  Fortunately, there are simple tests to determine your shape. Try to get up and down off the floor, touch your toes while standing, squat with your feet flat on the floor, and do pushups while keeping the entire body in a straight line. Difficulties while performing these exercises are a signal you have some work to do.

For example, the squat test may indicate that you lack a range of motion. Failing at the floor test, on the other hand, means you have lost primitive moving patterns. But, it is not the end of the world. Do not compare yourself to others, for the only purpose is to get to know yourself better and visualize the path to prowess. If the expected results do not come, modify the tactic, and seek personal trainers or training partners. There is also a plethora of free online resources you can use to educate yourself on effective training methods.

At last, bear in mind that hurdles are often encountered when you lose sight of other aspects of your life. First and foremost, nutrition plays a vital role in any physical activity, supplying you with the energy and building materials for muscles. Supplements can also be of help. Yes, the market is teeming with false claims, but many trustworthy products can also be found, that can help us obtain essential nutrients. There are also pre-work supplements that act as powerful fat burners and performance-enhancers. Use any tool at your disposal, provided that it does not undermine your well-being in the long run.

Forge of greatness

In all of us lies an inner weakling and that is not a reason to fret. Face your weaknesses head on and wield weapons capable of shattering the shadow of doubt and defeatism. You have only one body, so listen to it carefully, whether it is sending you signals of agony, pain, discomfort, or pleasure, pliability, and potency. Unlocking the core of masculinity does not involve resting on your laurels, but stepping up and getting to the bottom of your predicament. Real strength is forged only in the grand, everlasting fires of physical trials and tribulations.

By Mathews McGarry

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Robert August 10, 2016 - 11:54 pm

I feel this article isn’t ‘real’ enough.

Vasilije August 11, 2016 - 10:16 pm

I’ll do my best to be plain and simple:

This guy is good,but i personally didn’t found this article helpful,as Robert stated,the article is a bit shallow,it lacks that feeling of connection with readers,it lacks style and soul,your posts are more honest and opened,this guy looks just like one of those stereotype guys who are telling you stuff that they read from the book,i will sound like a woman on this one,but what the hell…THE GUY LACKS INTIMACY IN HIS WRITING.That’s my opinion,maybe i am wrong,but i personally don’t think that this post could be compared with your articles.

Best of luck to Mathews,i stated the stuff above in order to point out on his flaws ,i hope he will take the best out of our critics and use them to get better,cheers!

Petr August 12, 2016 - 11:30 am

The first time I read this post I was confused and did not enjoy it at all.
But then I read it for the second time and I understood.
I literally took a sledgehammer and went to help my uncle to demolish his old house. It felt amazing. And Then I came back home and read this article for the third time and registered for a kayaking group in my hometown! Give it a chance guys!
I know it is very different from what we are used to on this awesome blog, but helpful nonetheless.
Thank you for this article and for this site.

AlexXx August 13, 2016 - 2:46 am

Nice article, but John have his own unique brutal style, and it is unusual to see articles far from that style we love! Hope you write another masterpiece soon sir Deus!!!

Danatralian August 13, 2016 - 11:03 am

Good article.
It’s just that this guy understand what he is talking about while John is living what he is talking about.
It is like the master and the teacher!


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