Are You Missing Out On Life?

by John Deus

fomo-5-13 *as always, this article contain a lot of language mistakes, would really appreciate if you could point them out in the comment section so we could fix them, thanks. 

Recently I have been receiving quite a lot of comments and E-mails from people telling me how they just found out that they are “Missing Out” on life and that is causing them a lot of anxiety and stress. 

People are depressed due to thinking that they are missing out on life while their friends are having the life of their dreams. 

Is that true? 

Are you really missing out on life? 

No, you are not missing out, even if you are a fat lazy WOW addicted living in your mom’s basement and you have never touched a women in your life other than Aunt Suzie. 

You are not really missing out on anything! 

I was totally with the concept of making people feel like they are missing out on life because I thought that would give them the motivation to go out and start kicking ass in life. 

But it turned out that it is making people feel like they have a long difficult journey ahead, and they don’t even believe they could catch up with others. 

Here is how to get out of the F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out), and realize that the whole concept of “Missing Out” is utter nonsense:

1- Realize that people LIE, a lot. 

Young, Old. Men, Women… they are all probably lying, especially when it comes to their experience. 

I owe most of my success in life to this exact point: I believed what people were saying, took everything I was told as a valid story that happened to someone. I believed everyone. 

I believed average Joe when he told us about his epic threesome story. I believed that guy telling us about his major company that is making millions and millions of dollars while he is still 17. I believed the stunning fight stories, the orgy stories, the playboy models stories… I believed them all. 

And somehow every story left me with more and more desire to try that experience for myself. And after I experienced every little “Fantasy” a guy could have, I realized that 99% of all the stories I was told are just lies. 

Here is a freeing truth, the average sexual partners for a female is 5, and for a male is 7 in their entire lifetime.

YOU CAN READ ONE STUDY HERE, Or use Google for more results.

I know that this is the #1 thought men have in regards of missing out… they haven’t slept with enough women. 

And here you have it, a good 60% of men you know will never have more than 7- 10 women in their entire life, another 30% will get to 15 -20 partners in their lifetime, 9% will get to 50 sexual partners in their whole life. 

And only 0.0001% of men in the whole fucking world will get over 150 women

So, yes… they were lying. 

Even women lie about their number count, some exaggerate their numbers! 

Hang in the game for a while and you will be able to tell how many sexual partner someone have had so far by just chatting with them for a couple of minutes.

You can easily identify what kind of sexual activities they have indulged themselves in. 

And you will realize that it is mostly a boring drunk, missionary/doggystyle sex that they are having and nothing more. 

Now I am not saying that EVERYBODY is lying, but a lot do lie about their experience, or they exaggerate it in some way or the other. 

2- Realize that Social Media is causing most of your “Missing out” feeling. 

If I could give you a single tip that will easily boost your state of mind, it would be to deactivate all your social media accounts. 

I am still amused by some of my friends, both males and females, that sit around stalking other people pictures and envying their cool awesome life. 

Some people do lead a very awesome lifestyle,  but the impression you get from their social media profiles is 100x times exaggerated. 

You see, Dan Bilzerian for example, A very popular Instagram star, leads one hell of a life. 

He surely sleeps with tons of beautiful women and spend most of his time playing with guns, partying and having fun. 

Yet, most of his pictures on Instagram are STAGED, some of the girls in his pictures are paid models. 

Now, I am not trying to lower his value or say that he is not legit. 

I think he is one awesome BOSS, and I would love to party with him one day. 

I am just showing you how much fucked up our minds might get.

We feel the need to show the world more than what we are capable of to impress them, 

I think I would do the same if I was under the pressure of impressing millions of Instagram followers. 

You see, If I told you that I have slept with a playboy model, you will give me a high-five and think I am the coolest motherfucker on earth… For five minutes. 

Even though you will probably never, ever meet any guy that did the same thing in your whole entire life. 

And surely there is 99% chance of you dying before reaching such a caliper of women. 

Unless you move your lazy ass and start grinding to create something out of yourself… It will be just a Fantasy. 

So, what happens is that I realize that I will get massive validation for doing such an act, and it feels good to get that kind of validation and admiration from people.

Aand if I was a validation junky… I will spend my whole life chasing that validation by sleeping with more playboy-mates, and then Victoria secret models… then post it on instagram… and the cycle repeats itself. 

That is why most profiles appear to be cool as fuck, it required a lot of effort to create the illusion of coolness. 

Their pictures, Their number of friends, their number of followers, the number of comments… likes etc. 

It is all engineered to communicate “Look at me, I am so Coooooolllll“. 

Step out of that race, It will suck you in and drain the joy out of your inner self. 

3- What really matters is the now. 

I will try to stay away from the philosophical part of that statement and I will just explain my experience so far as to what it really means.

Without any intention to brag, I have done a lot of epic things in my life, been through a lot of awesome experiences and even experiences that – hopefully – not many of you will go through. 

I have seen a lot in my life, and I am still in my twenties.

I am sitting in my room in a mediocre student dormitory right now, drinking some green tea, blasting some of “My Chemical Romance” greatest hits… The last time I had sex was about 12 hours ago, with a stunning German girl. I made some quick cash today out of nothing…. quite a cool day. 

But, Now… In this exact moment… I am just writing an article, drinking green tea and listening to music.


All the experiences I had in my life so far means nothing in this exact moment.

If I did or did not do that X thing… I would still be as I am right now.

Nothing will change.

Due to my clear lack of writing skills, I am finding it difficult to explain this point.

Please bear with me…


So, whatever event I had in my life, the lasting impact is only the experience I have learned from that event… I will only preserve the lesson, but the event itself is gone. 

So, if I did or did not go through that thing… it doesn’t really matter outside of my learning scope. 

In other words, I won’t stop sleeping with girls just because I had XXX number of girls. 

Surely it helped me build a better ability to sleep with more women, but other than that… All that matter is the next girl, the next experience. Regardless of the number I had… I, you and everyone are looking into the next experience. 

You don’t carry what you did in your life with you all the time. 

You can hardly remember it actually! 

Sure, you get glimpses of how it looked like, but the experience itself is gone forever. 

I personally think that you are not missing out on anything in this life except you business and your physique. 

Because Time plays a huge factor in these two,  you need to start as soon as possible. 

But other than that… you aren’t missing out on anything. 

And you can start now, if you haven’t slept with any girl, regardless of how old you are now… you can start working on getting girls into your life… and it will still feel the same regardless if you had 1 or 100 women before her. 

and that goes for everything else. 

Just start.

The only thing that you can actually miss out on is your childhood, once it is gone, it is gone… and there is nothing you can do to experience it back.

but given the fact that most of us have had somehow a healthy childhood, you got nothing to worry about there. 


Start experiencing life now, and focus on your movie, forget everyone else. 

Direct one epic movie for your life, one with less dreadful activities and more of fun enjoyable memories. 

Make it epic Gentlemen. 


John Deus




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Paul Pogo September 9, 2015 - 5:18 pm

Where are you John ?
We miss you.

Sherry October 1, 2015 - 9:00 am

It’s been over a month since your last article,have been waiting for the new article.
Make it available as soon as possible.

vince November 11, 2015 - 8:19 pm

Only your conclusion at the end is 100% right on:
Start experiencing life now, and focus on your movie, forget everyone else.
Direct one epic movie for your life, one with less dreadful activities and more of fun enjoyable memories.”

vince November 11, 2015 - 8:25 pm

Time is a human construct; it does not exist.
No one can take away your experiences (Viktor Frankl)
Attitude is everything. Banish FOMO whether you believe it or not.


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