After Sex Etiquette: Room Essentials

by John Deus

Room Essentials

This is Episode 2 of the “After sex Etiquette” Series.

In the last Episode of this series, we talked about the kinds of behaviors that you should express in order to better communicate what you want out of your interactions.  

We also talked about how to get out of awkward and embarrassing situations, and how to progress through the night and lead thing your way to serve the type of relationship you are looking for with that particular girl. 

If you haven’t read that article yet, go give it a couple of minutes and come back.

In today’s episode, we will focus on the materialistic things you should and shouldn’t have in your room, the things that will make you seem more sexually appealing. How to arrange your place in a way that will make the girl feel more cozy and comfortable, and guarantee a steaming sex. 

*If you are too lazy to read the whole thing, skip to the end of the article for the tl;dr*

If you spend enough time in gaming and socializing, you will realize that logistics are a HUGE part of getting laid constantly.

You shouldn’t orchestrate your whole life just for the sake of getting laid, but being aware of these things serves you greatly in places outside of casual sex encounters.

When should you spend some extra effort in making your place a little extra cool? 

  • How far your place is from the hot spots of your city?
  • How easily can you get to your place at any given time?
  • How easily can you bounce back to your favorite places?

These are all very important consideration in architecting your whole lifestyle, especially if you are moving to a new city. But if you have been living in the same city for a while now, and somehow you fail to comply with these considerations in a satisfactory matter, then you will have to go an extra mile to make your place way more appealing for people to go through the extra trouble of getting there.

And here comes this list of room essentials needed to make your place worth the long trip.

There are many ways a man can get laid nowadays. Yet, somehow they all boil down to the same principle:

Meet subject X, get her/him attracted and comfortable enough, find a suitable and private place for you and your partner to have a good time.

I find that planning exotic and “unique” dates are just a waste of time, energy, and money. Spending too much energy on coming up with the most fun and exciting date can even be very damaging to your impression on the girl/guy because, as humans,  we spend extra energy when we are in need of something, that’s how humans function for the most parts.

I know I just made a huge generalization here, but for the sake of this article, forgive me.

Most of my “dates” are just a walk in the park – pun intended, snack at my place, or a drive in my car.

I do the conventional dates only when I am being unironically boring.

This obviously puts an extra emphasis on your place since you want most of your dates to end there.

Now if you ace the answers for the three questions above; living right in the middle of the city in a walking distance from everything, then your place is best left with the least amount of attention, possible.

Yes, leave it trashy if you can survive that, it’ll even be better.

Room Essentials

Having a really cool place with a walking distance of everything will add your place to the “Leaches” favorite list.

The more girls you meet, the more you will be introduced to their “guy friends” –aka beta orbiters that just stuck around all day every day,  drink your booze and fuck up your place, it is like a package that comes with most hot girls.

Even girls themselves can leach on your place and waste your time.

A very cool place that is super easy to get to for everyone= people coming over to save their money and do pre-parties, parties, after parties and so on, drinking your booze and wasting your time/money.

But a cool yet far from the city center place that has it all= kings life.

If someone is just there to leech on someone else, the idea of going through all the trouble of getting there will drive them away, and that will leave you with those top 10% who are truly interested in you and a weekend long adventures.

Less money/time wasted and more fun!

I’ll try to explain this one more time because I probably explained it horribly the first time. 

If your room is very central and well serviced, making it super cool will damage you, while if your room is a bit secluded, or in a small city that lacks cool clubs and bars, etc. making it super cool is definitely necessary to have a fun lifestyle.

Now we arrive at the main point of this article, the essential items that every bachelor’s room must have.

I won’t go into details for all the cool things you’d like to have in your room, but rather I will try to -broadly speaking-“categories” them and explain why you need to have an item or two from that “category”.

let’s begin!

Room Essentials, cute girl in bed

1- Furniture: I have a rule of my own, the less furniture, the bigger the bed. If I happened to live in a small room where I can’t at least fit a decent bed and a couch, I’ll probably just mattress that shit from wall to wall. The bed is the most vital piece of furniture in your room. Having a big, clean and comfy bed is of the most important in your place. Of course, folds of extra emphasis are put on “clean” bed, you have no excuse to leave your house with a dirty bed, heck you have no excuse to have a dirty bed what so ever. 

Room Essentials, cozy chair


If your room fits some extra furniture, get only the comfiest piece of furniture you can get your hands on. I noticed that girls somehow like to be “cuddled” with stuff when they sit down, a fuzzy blanket, a teddy bear – don’t have a teddy bear in your room, I am just making a point. cute pillow, etc.  Just steer clear from plastics or metal only furniture, and make sure you don’t cross the line of having a very feminine room, try to equalize it with the colors, don’t get pink furniture for example… 

Room Essentials, cabniet

Always have a couple of extra clean bed sheets, blankets, and towels. Girls find having a closet or at least a small cabinet dedicated for your extra sheets and blankets to be very impressive for some reason, so do that. 

You will get clues from girls visiting your room about how cozy and clean your place is. They usually don’t directly tell you but rather have this very closed body language, they tend to keep their hands close to their bodies in a very uncomfortable and weird way. If that happens, just take clue of what she is looking at. Some girls might ask you to change the bed sheets or ask if you have extra blankets. 

It is not necessary to have expensive furniture for it to be impressive, most of the things you can get are very cheap, just make sure it is very clean, and get a bit creative with it. 

A cool thing to have in your room too is a camping blanket! 


Room Essentials, john deus girls2-Bathroom essentials: Again, the most important thing here is for it to be super clean. Get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom multiple times a day. Make sure it smells nice all the time. I noticed that the main issue with having your bathroom smells nice the whole time is air circulation.


Obviously, most of us can’t add extra windows or install venting systems, but most of our bathrooms come outfitted with an electrical outlet, which means that we can add some circulation to the party by purchasing a plug-in air purifier. The beauty of the plug-in models is that they don’t take up any precious floor space in a small bathroom; they also have the benefit of being relatively inexpensive compared to their full-sized counterparts. For example, you can get this one: 

Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer with UV-C Sanitizer.

With the low-cost of less than 50$, you should invest in one. 

With the air circulation problem out-of-the-way, add some scented candles or any shit that emits nice odors, try to change it every couple of weeks. 

Room Essentials, diy


A very important thing to have too is a pair of extra tooth brushes, toothpaste, baby wipes and chapsticks, buy the cheapest options available it doesn’t really matter! 

I am writing this article while having the main readers of my blog in mind, college students, in mind, everything I mention here is very cheap, since you are probably working on a budget. 

So don’t worry you can create a crazy cool room without spending that much! 


Room Essentials, lighting

3-Lighting: lighting and music. will help you set the mood right, too much and she will be very self-conscious

 and out of the mood, too little and she will be not feeling safe, nervous and might feel sleepy. I found that your best option is to use candle light, along with a very dimmed light. To be honest, candle lights is like hacking your way into bed, it just sets the mood all too perfect. I prefer non-scented ones outside of the bathroom, but it is up to you. You can also try other forms of lightning, but the rule to keep in mind here is that it shouldn’t be too bright or too dark, just that sweet spot in between. 

Don’t get too many candles thou, don’t make it feel like something out of a romantic movie. 

Room Essentials

Room Essentials, pretty girl

4-Clothing: If you are ending a date at your place, the girl won’t have anything to wear other than her – most likely extra tight. dress she put on to impress you, not ideal for sleep. Not all girls are comfortable sleeping put naked next to you the first time, and not all dates and sleepovers involve sex. Having an extra CLEAN pj’s can be a very good idea, the keyword to keep in mind here is “fluffy”. 

So keep an extra piece of clothing in your closet that you won’t be wearing, and you are certain it will fit most girls decently. 

One more tip for you: hide. your. hoodies. It is cute at first when she steals one of those, but it gets very irritating very fast. I miss those cozy things 🙁 


5-The fridge: It is a bit challenging to maintain a freshly stocked fridge when you have a busy life, I’ll admit. But keeping a couple of drinks and some snacks around can come a long way. I don’t drink alcohol, but I always keep some beer in my fridge along with a couple of liquors. Some girls won’t feel at ease unless they have a drink in hand, they will rarely ever finish half of it, but psychologically they will feel much at ease holding a drink. Keep some non-alcoholic options as well. Have some long shelf life snacks on the ready to ease out the munchies until your food arrives. Nothing here must be any expensive, just the minimum level of decent.

Room Essentials

And that is it, the list of the room essentials that will take your place to the next level!

It will take you a couple of visits from girls to your place to get a sense of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, but over all, these rules will set you up to a great start.

Something I didn’t mention because I did not feel that it belonged to the above-mentioned list is what I like to call the “excuse”

This will get me some hate because it sounds a bit manipulative, but I assure you it is not.

When you meet a girl in a club or any place in general, you can’t up front tell her “hey let’s go back to my place to have sex!” this never works, and if it did be extra cautious because she might be a heavily intoxicated girl or a prostitute.

Your game can run so smoothly with a girl that she will be ok with that. Even then, I find that it adds a lot of pressure and expectations to the girl’s mind and make her either step back half way or be way too tense for the experience to be fun.

It is best to have an excuse for her to come back to your place other than sex.

It can be anything. Show her your cool collection of X, watch a movie on your sick home theater, anything of the like.

Now this “excuse” MUST be real, it can’t be a “prank”.  You can’t scam her into this. Don’t get her thinking that you’re going to show her the leaked episode of game of thrones, to have her come to your place for a lie. There is no “gotcha bitch! now suck my dingle!”  here.

Keep it decent. 

Here is a TL;dr for the lazy ones out there, the room essentials: 

1-Have a nice clean bed. 

2-Have extra sheets, towels, and blankets. 

3-Keep your bathroom clean and smelling good. 

4-Have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, chapsticks, and baby-wipes. 

5-Use light wisely, find the perfect line between too dark and too bright. 

6-Get some candles. 

7-Keep an extra pair of clothes ready in your closet for girls to use. 

That is it for the day, Gentlemen. 

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2 Question: As you mentioned in one of your articles you like more to get invited to her place. How do you do that/ get the girl to invite her to yours? Question especially related to ONS from clubs etc.

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