After Sex Etiquette: Episode 1

by John Deus

After Sex Etiquette, Ep01

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Not many bloggers talk about what happens or should happen after sex, probably because most readers are interested in what to do to get sex in the first place.

Well, looks like followers -or most of them-  are experienced playboys.

After many requests, we decided to do an early article about what to do after you had sex.

In this article, we will explain exactly what to do after sex, how to get out of embarrassing situations and how to make sure that girls will come back for more.  

What you should do after sex depends mostly on what is your goal relationship with the girl. If you want to be in a relationship with the girl then you will behave differently than if you want it to be a one-time thing.

After Sex Etiquette:

1-Lover/long-term relationship: you should always communicate what is on your mind. Don’t say it, but communicate it in your actions. If you want to be with a girl and you want to be her lover, communicate it.
After sex, you have to Romance her a bit, cuddle, get close, hug her, kiss her all over her body,  let your cheeks touch – very intimate move.
Don’t get up and wash right away, give it a good 10 minutes, she likes you to smell like her for a bit. Don’t talk much, just point out it was amazing in a genuine way, keep close to her, stare at the ceiling or at each other.
Don’t talk, just hear each other breath, you know… the romantic stuff you always thought about. Don’t be afraid of being a lover, it might sound cheesy, but if you have that on your mind, fucking own it, after all… why not? 
2-Friends with benefits/Fuck Buddy: don’t get intimate, don’t do any romantic gestures and don’t show any intention to be her lover. Be casual and relaxed, talk a bit, say the sex was amazing and it is like “you can’t get enough of“, ask her if she had fun. Touch and kiss, but keep it to a minimum. 
Don’t suggest regular meetings, try not to see each other more than twice a week. Be honest about your intention and don’t lead her on. Most girls would be okay with the “fuck buddy” thing and would like it, as long as you don’t fuck up her reputation or be awkward later article on how to get a fuck buddy.
Lastly, try not to stay around her long after sex, get your ass out or go shower. be genuine, don’t lead her into thinking that you want something else, AND NEVER MAKE HER FEEL THAT SHE IS A PIECE OF ASS – unless she is into that, and believe me some girls are. 
3-One-night stand: if you don’t want to hook up with her after, for whatever reason, always be decent, never be rude. keep things relaxed and casual, no matter how horrible she was, don’t let her know that, she is a human being with goddamn feelings, don’t put her down to stroke your fucking ego, a supreme man would never do that. Tell her you had a good time, get out as soon as possible, without being extra rude. 

After Sex Etiquette 

Unusual situations:

You cum way too fast: it is OK, it happens to the best of us. Something not many people know is, sometimes you cum fast and sometimes it takes a longer time, you, the same person, and it could happen while you are with the same girl.
How fast you cum depends on multiple things, and with practice, you can get it on point. NO, you can’t fap for practice, you have to be with real girls multiple times, that is practice.

How To Deal With The Situation?

First, don’t act like something bad happened, stay calm, don’t be like”AAA, fuck sorry that never happens”. No, don’t say anything, you still have a mouth and two hands, use them until your buddy is back up and running.
Finger her, bite her neck, go down on her. Generally, re-do foreplay but in a rougher way.
Things getting super awkward: this is a tricky one, I myself like to play with awkwardness, challenge myself to get out of that situation while getting the best out of it. but if it is too much, I keep an app on my phone, a fake call application, activate it when things get awkward, don’t answer it when it rings, don’t pretend to talk to someone, that never works, instead, look at it while it is ringing and be like “fuck I have to go now, I’m so sorry“. Get close and kiss her in a non-romantic way.
Get your stuff and get the hell out. If it was your place then get out of the room to shower, take some time and try not to go back into the room soon, she will get the hint and leave by herself. if not, get back, dress and tell her that you have to be somewhere now and tell her you will walk her out.
The girl starts crying: it is very rare but it happens, it has something to do with the girl’s self-esteem and current problems AND NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. If it happens, don’t go all “what the fuck” and freak out, don’t try to comfort her either, just go out of the room, leave her alone, and after a while, make sure she is ok. Tell her that you have to go and ask if she is doing well, smile and get the fuck out. 
The Girl starts acting weird, bringing up past good-fucks or saying you suck: very rare, happens more with strippers and girls known to sleep around and are pretty good at it. This is a plus for you, it usually means that she had fun more than you, she is trying to hide it and blame you for the lousy sex. Just be calm and relaxed, pretend that she is not there, don’t comment, don’t say anything, just go about your stuff, leave her place or tell her that you have to be out somewhere. Make her leave, you can be a bit rude here, don’t be a puppy, be a man.

Things to never do or try to never do:

 A- Start talking about serious things: after sex, minimize talking to a minimum, your emotions will betray you and no one wants to talk about serious stuff after sex, save it for later.
B- Try to kick her out of your place: Once a girl is in your room, you have to be a good hospitable person – unless the girl is being rude, then be a man, and get her out of your place, don’t use force.
You have to be patient and try not to be rude, after all, you will hurt yourself the most,  your reputation will be seriously damaged, you don’t want that to happen. Be gentle, be nice, and be smart about it, there are 100’s of ways to tell people to leave without being rude, use them.
C- Leave right away: while I myself am guilty of this many times, basically my whole stay in Frankfurt was leaving right after sex. It is not something to be proud of, it makes the girl feel bad, it makes you feel bad, don’t do it that often.

After all, remember, you are a supreme, you are neither nice nor rude, you are what the situation requires you to be.

After Sex Etiquette 

Share The Wisdom Gentlemen,

John Deus

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Jean March 19, 2015 - 2:46 am

I really like the posts, and one thing that really stood out for me is “After all remember, you are a supreme, you are neither nice nor rude, you are what the situation requires you to be.”
I can identify with that.

micheal April 20, 2015 - 10:54 am

which bars did you go to in Frankfurt?

John Deus April 27, 2015 - 6:05 am

I do not go to bars usually because i do not drink alcohol, pre parties are at my place usually. And if we go to bars, we go to random bars by haubtwache or the hbf.

Anonymous September 30, 2015 - 10:03 pm

All this blog did was perpetuate the problem of a guy using a female. There is no etiquette in being kind if you throw her out or fake an excuse of an appointment elsewhere. So after you enjoyed her body and avoided seeing the pain you caused her… you are cleverly trying to totally excuse him and blame her for giving it to him. If you sheild all decency with excuse of thats how men are….like some teenager would. You are taking no accountability what so ever. Especially considering the fact more women trusts his insincereity that prompted the sex. Not that she just stupid or easy and wants to endure his mad rush to the bathroom. She at minimum expects aftersex conversation to atleast resemble the chitchat that occurred before his diabolical plan was accomplished. Guys feel totally compelled to not mislead her after sex. How about you dont mislead her before sex so that she doesnt turn into unwanted human velcro…. Thanks but no thanks for this misguided sex blog of how to hit it and quit it

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