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7 Ways to beat body odor

How To Beat Body Odor?

What is the biggest sign that summer is here? Body odor.

It’s there in the office, it’s there on the bus. It’s there when you want to cuddle with your sweetheart. Ugh.

So, we will dedicate this article to talking about 7 Ways to beat body odor!

From the most happening celebrity to the next-door neighbor, there is one thing common to every person on this planet: perspiration. Some men sweat more than others, while some sweat round the year, irrespective of the season. There are many others who smell so bad that they spend hours every day trying to prevent body odor, but still, end up bothering the roommate with the stink.

The funny thing is that sweat itself is odorless. Yes, you read that right. Body odor is caused because sweat trapped on your skin is a breeding ground for bacteria, which turn sweat into acids with a stinky smell. The more you let sweat linger on, the worse you smell and more susceptible you are to bacterial infections.

No, it isn’t the wrath of God upon you. No, you cannot stop sweating. But what you can do is eliminate the stink-causing bacteria that disturb your daily life.

Here are seven ways to beat body odor so that you can keep smelling like a masculine rose all year round.

7 Ways to beat body odor!

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  1. Watch what you eat

Have you ever wondered if your diet has any role to play in how you smell? If you haven’t, here is a piece of information for you: watch what you eat to prevent body odor.

Spicy food, processed food, and pungent edibles like onion and garlic contribute to body odor. In a day and age when most people rely on eating out, it does get hard to check your diet. At the very least, try to cut down on spicy food throughout summer, and increase your intake of leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, and food cooked with low spice.

Another option is to replace red meat with fish or chicken. They get digested easily and do not burden your metabolism.

The most important thing is to mitigate caffeine at all costs. Caffeine dehydrates you, and if you are one of those guys that drink 3 or more cups a day, you are most likely dealing with some vile B.O at times.

To keep yourself hydrated and refreshed, drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice, instead of reaching for that espresso, coffee or tea. After all, if you replace your morning cup of joe with a multi-fruit juice smoothie, you will not only feel and look healthier but also have more energy and a positive disposition throughout the day.

7 Ways to beat body odor!

  1. Keep yourself clean

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Winter is the time when you feel most lazy and probably not wanting to take a shower. If you do the same in the summer time, you will soon become a terror for everyone around you in regards to B.O.

Whenever you come home all sweaty from having that sun beat on you and that humidity sticking to your skin, make sure to take a shower to rid yourself of the sweat and prevent the formation of bacteria.

Every day, take a shower as and when you need it to keep yourself clean. When you have time for a longer bath, skip the soap or body wash, and try a body scrub instead. This will help in exfoliation, open your pores, and allow your skin to breathe.

At the same time, it is not advisable to take too many showers daily and for more than 20 minutes at a time. You will most likely dry out your skin that way and strip your body of its natural oils.

Furthermore, there are antibacterial soaps specially formulated to fight body odor. If you think a regular soap or body scrub isn’t enough, try antibacterial soap all through summer to fight body odor.

7 Ways to beat body odor!grooming

  1. Tame beard and body hair

Hair is notorious for trapping sweat, and trapped sweat gives rise to bacteria that causes body odor. Men are naturally hairy, and body hair traps the sweat and makes you smell bad all day. To make matters worse, hair strands are porous, absorbing the stink that sweat causes.

So what can you do about this?

To begin with, groom yourself as often as needed, especially throughout summer. Trim your beard and armpit hair to reduce the accumulation of sweat, or if possible, shave them. If you have thick, coarse body hair, try to keep it trim and short, or shave it off completely.

A professional beard trimmer will come with many attachments that enable you to trim hair all around your body, albeit the name it is not only for beards. One crucial tip with this is to obviously do your research and see what length settings and attachments are included in your purchase so that you know where you can trim on your body.

Keep in mind that managing your body hair will not reduce perspiration, but it will prevent sweat from being trapped and causing a pungent body odor. Following this regime throughout the warm summer days can ensure a stink-free season just by itself.

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7 Ways to beat body odor!

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  1. Use antiperspirant before sleep

You probably have been using antiperspirant forever, but most of you are using it the wrong way.

Unlike what you always hear, antiperspirants don’t work well when you’re sweating. This means that when you apply it in the morning before leaving for work, it isn’t going to be effective because your sweat will simply wash it off.

The best time to use an antiperspirant is before going to sleep. The way it works is that while you sleep, the antiperspirant is absorbed into your skin, reducing sweat and preventing body odor.

The vast majority of people have used antiperspirants while they are up and running only. Use it before bedtime tonight and see for yourself what a massive difference it makes.

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7 Ways to beat body odor!


     5. Care for your clothes

Washing your sweaty clothing in ordinary detergent doesn’t do much to kill the bacteria. To keep your clothes fresh and clean, you must pamper them.

But how?

It’s simple. If your clothes are stained yellow from all the sweat, start including baking soda and vinegar in your washing routine. Add some baking soda to the detergent of your choice, and before you rinse, add a teaspoonful of vinegar to the water. This will get rid of the yellow stains and kill the bacteria that renders bad smells from exuding out of your clothes.


If you don’t like your clothes smelling of vinegar, just rinse them a second time with plain water and that should be more than enough to remove that hint of vinegar.


7 Ways to beat body odor!

tea tree oil

  1. Use tea tree oil

What works better than an antiperspirant? The answer is none other than tea tree oil.

Native to Australia, tea tree oil is mainly obtained from the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia, and is a well-known natural antiseptic. Tea tree oil is used topically to treat skin and fungal infections and can be highly beneficial in combating body odor.

But how do you use it?

After a shower, mix two drops of tea tree oil with two teaspoons of water, and apply to your armpits, forehead, hands, and feet. This will kill stink-causing bacteria, cure infections if any, and keep your skin naturally healthy and vibrant.

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7 Ways to beat body odor!

7 Ways to beat body odor

  1. Wear breathable fabrics

The kind of clothing you wear can also add to your body odor. If you normally wear synthetic fabrics every day, then it can be stifling your skin and not let it breathe, which results in excessive sweat and therefore bad odor.

During the summer, when perspiration is at its peak, it is best to stick to breathable fabrics that keep your skin comfortable. Linen and cotton are best for day wear; these lightweight fabrics are super comfy and let your skin breathe. They are also gentle on the skin and do not cause rashes or infections.

Silk is a good option for evening wear; even though it is not as breathable as linen or cotton.

However, silk is a natural fabric that’s lightweight and can be debonair enough for social occasions if you choose the right clothing. The next time you go clothes shopping, check out some silk based nightwear and you will appreciate the difference it makes.

The last order of business here is very important, but also rare. Body odor can actually be a sign of underlying illnesses. If you follow all the advice above, and you still notice that your body odor is noticeable, it is time to visit a dermatologist to rule out any possibility of disease.

You will not know for sure by yourself, and a visit is more than necessary at that point. Aside from that, most men will notice a considerable difference in their body odor after practicing these 7 tips.

Summer should be about relaxing and enjoying your time. By battling body odor, you can be freer and more confident, therefore able to enjoy the summer the way you are meant to as a virile man.

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By Giv,
Male grooming Expert

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