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In our strive to improve and elevate our health and lifestyle, we often focus solely on big changes, changes that although proven to elevate and improve our overall well-being, it is hard, requires time, and clarity of mind to actually master. Thus, in this over-ambitious strive for a better life, we find ourselves not lasting longer than a couple of weeks before crumbling back to our old and detrimental habits.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be over-ambitious, or that we shouldn’t demand too much from ourselves, I am just saying that we should be simply smart about it.

4 Uncommon Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life!

Creating a fertile and supportive foundation designed to help you achieve your goals is long; almost a lifelong journey, and it is definitely one of the main reasons this blog was brought into existence. So to add to the pages of information on building the right foundation I want to quickly discuss today some little tweaks that require very little time to set up while having a great potential to elevate your overall wellbeing.

keep it simple

4 Uncommon Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life!

1- An e-reader

Probably not as uncommon as you’d expect from this article, but come on! when we talk about improving someone’s life, we do not think of similar gadgets, although it is evidently beneficial! 

A Kindle is probably the best investment anyone who enjoys reading can make. No need to over-pack hand luggage with paperbacks anymore, as your whole collection is readily available on your e-reader.

Investing in one will force you to quit with the excuses of not being able to carry books around and thus never finishing that book you always talk about, and it also adds the amazing possibility of jumping between a wonderland to the other without having to carry any extra baggage!

Our Recommendation: Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers – Click now to get it from Amazon!

2- A white noise machine 

With daily distractions and technological overstimulation, our need for sleep and personal well-being is more necessary than ever. White noise is rapidly becoming a popular way to help the body and brain relax for a good night’s sleep.

For optimal sleep, you need the optimal sleep environment.  White noise buffers disturbing sounds and creates a quiet cocoon, regardless of your surroundings or sleep situation.

You may not realize how many times you wake up each night.  But even if you don’t remember it in the morning, those little interruptions affect the quality of your sleep.  So give white noise a try and see if you don’t wake up feeling more refreshed.

Our Recommendation: LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine with 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan and White Noise Sounds and Sleep Timer Click Here to Get it From Amazon!

3-A Waterproof Speaker

Your mood and state of mind in the first hour from waking up strongly affect the rest of your day, getting that hour in check, making sure it goes very smoothly and comfortably will help you go on with your day relaxed and stress-free.

What could be better than listening to your favorite music while taking your morning shower?

Getting a waterproof speaker will make things much easier and less messy, you do not have to worry about adjusting the volume perfectly while having dry hands, or even changing songs and skipping the sad songs for a later time in your day!

Our Recommendation: VicTsing Shower Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker with 5W Driver, Suction Cup, Built-in Mic, Hands-Free Speakerphone – Click here to get it from Amazon!


4-A water Testing Kit

Clean water is essential for life. We need water to drink, to bathe, and to clean our homes. You can test the quality of the water in your home by purchasing and using a home test kit, by engaging your senses, or by procuring a Water Quality Report for your area. Ensuring that your water does not contain harmful levels of bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrites/nitrates, chlorine, or hardness, and maintains an appropriate pH is crucial for good health.

There are many manufacturers of these kits, but they all function similarly. They will contain test strips that you will expose to water, causing them to change color based on the water’s mineral content. You will then match the strip’s color to a color chart.

It is extremely important that you check the quality of the water you drink. We consume a lot of not so health-friendly foods and beverage in our lifetime, let us at least make sure that the water we are drinking on a daily basis isn’t adding to that catastrophe!

One extra cool thing to own is A hammock! 

Our Recommendation: https://watertestingkits.com/blog/

By Jack Scott

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