Guest Post – 14 Signs that She’s Not Girlfriend Material

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14 Signs that She’s Not Girlfriend Material

I have a wonderful girlfriend. I love her with all my heart.14 Signs that She's Not Girlfriend Material, gym, date, gf material

But before I met her I slept with more than 35 women and you can believe me when I say that most of them were not girlfriend material.

I know both sides. I know how it is to fall in love with a woman who is the perfect girlfriend, but I also know how to (almost) fall for a woman who has the potential to ruin your life.

And that’s exactly why I decided to share this article with you.

I want you to understand that just because a girl is hot and has a juicy ass doesn’t mean that you should make her your girlfriend.

You don’t have to make the same mistake that so many other guys make. You deserve a girlfriend who lifts you up, not one who puts you down. You deserve a woman who doesn’t show any of the following 14 signs.

14 Signs that She’s Not Girlfriend Material

  1. She Loves Her Smartphone More than You

I know, in today’s day and age it’s hard to find a girl who is not addicted to her smartphone. Nevertheless, these women still exist. My girlfriend is the perfect proof.

If a woman wakes up next to you and she first checks her newsfeed before she checks if you are still breathing, you have a problem.

I actually remember one girl who I spent three nights with. Why only three nights? Well, she couldn’t sleep without her phone under her pillow and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Stay away from these girls. It’s better for your sanity.  


  1. She Loves to Create Drama

Have you ever dated a drama queen?

I’m sure you have. And I hope that you said “bye bye bye” to her before she called you “honey” for the first time. Women who love to create drama are poison for your heart.

“But what if she looks like Kate Upton?”

I don’t care.

If you decide to make a drama queen your girlfriend, you will regret it sooner or later.


  1. She Says “I Love You” After the First Night

She might be a sweet girl, but if she tells you that she loves you after one night, she’s not mature enough to have a stable relationship.

I know, the words I love you are like steroids for your ego. You feel like the king of the world when a woman falls in love with you after one night. I admit it, it’s a great feeling. But it’s also a dangerous feeling.

First of all, you are most likely not the first guy she falls in love with after one night. No matter if it’s because she watched too many Disney movies or because daddy didn’t love her, her emotions are not real.  


  1. She Can’t Deal With Money

Okay, if she’s a gold digger you should next her immediately, but that’s not the type of girl I’m referring to. Some girls are not gold diggers, but they still can’t deal with money.

You give them $50 and one hour later they have a new shirt, even though they already have 134 in their closet.

It’s like magic…puff…and the money is gone.

If you ever had such a girlfriend, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In case you are still together with her, only God can help you.


  1. She Always Talks about How Bad Her Ex-Boyfriends Treated Her

Have you ever been on a date with a girl who complained about her ex-boyfriends?

“Tommy was such an asshole. He treated me like shit. And when I dated Jerry he lied to me all the time. One time he even beat me.”

This is the perfect trap for inexperienced men. These men think that she’s such a poor girl who deserves a man who treats her good. They want to save her.

What they don’t know is that women who can list more than three ex-boyfriends who treated them like shit have issues.

And no, it’s not a coincidence.

It might be a coincidence when it happens once, but not when it happens three times. She’ll go for that type of guy again, no matter how good you treat her. You’ve been warned.


  1. She Hasn’t Spoken to Her Father in Years

Say hello to the good old daddy issues.

There’s one question you absolutely have to ask a woman before you can decide if you want to make her your girlfriend:

“How is your relationship with your father?”

This is absolutely essential and I thank God that my girlfriend has an amazing relationship with her father.

But why is this so important?

Well, a girl who has a good relationship with her father usually has a positive attitude towards men. I think you can already imagine what a girl who has been abused by her father thinks about men.


  1. She Lies About Small Things

Small lies are acceptable, right?

No, they are not.

This is something I learned the hard way. As a man who has experience with more than 35 women I urge you to stay away from women who tell you sweet little lies.

If they tell small lies, they will tell big lies. That’s just how it is.


  1. She Only Has Male Friends

Yes, some women get along better with guys. Some women are sick and tired of the drama they have with their female friends and that’s why they just hang out with guys.

But if she has ONLY male friends, you should be a bit suspicious.

Girls who only hang out with guys tend to do more with their friends than just watching TV. Sorry, but friendships between men and women are difficult because of that little thing that’s called sexual attraction.

I think you can imagine what it means when she has ten male friends who she hangs out with all the time.


  1. She Doesn’t Care About Her Appearance

Let’s imagine you meet a woman. She’s kind of cute, but she doesn’t go to the gym because she’s not a big fan of sports. She absolutely hates to dress up because it’s just too much work. Oh, and she eats junk food every day because it tastes so good.

Some of the hottest girls out there don’t go to the gym and eat like shit. They can get away with it…but only until a certain time. Sooner or later Mother Nature says hello.

If you date a girl who is not willing to invest time and energy into her appearance, you might have a hot girlfriend now, but you won’t have a hot girlfriend in five years. 


  1. Diamonds are Her Best Friends

Every girl wants to be beautiful. But not every girl needs a Prada handbag and a Gucci dress to feel beautiful. The ones who need these things will never be satisfied because there will always be new trends and new brands.

And guess what, she can’t pay all this stuff from her salary and she will never be truly happy.

If you want a girl who loves diamonds, you have to be willing to spend your money on them. It’s that simple.


  1. She Doesn’t Treat Others with Respect

This is a huge problem, especially nowadays.

Once upon a time respect was a value that was important in our society. Not anymore. Seriously, it’s hard to find a woman who respects men.

But don’t worry. They are out there. My girlfriend is one of them and I know that you can find a girl who respects herself, others and you. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about dating a girl who doesn’t understand the importance of respect.  


  1. She Has Never Worked in Her Life

Please stay away from this type of girl, even if you are a millionaire and you could afford her. Sooner or later she will drive you insane.

I have a friend who runs an extremely successful e-commerce business and he ended up dating one of these girls. She nearly destroyed him.

Whenever he needed to work, she complained that she was bored. When she suggested that she should get a job, she got angry. The only times when she wasn’t bored was when she was shopping or partying…with his credit card.

A woman who has never worked in her life can never give you the support that you deserve. She can’t even imagine how it is to have stress at work or a vision for a business.


  1. She Believes in the Evil Patriarchy

I recently had a conversation with another friend of mine who met this girl. The more he told me about her the more my alarm bells started ringing.

She was a student of gender studies and she believed that women in the Western world are still suppressed.

When my friend asked me for dating advice I told him to run as fast as he can. That’s the only advice I can give to someone who seriously considers dating a woman who believes in the evil patriarchy.


  1. She is a Notorious Cheater

This one should be self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, it seems that it’s not. I had way too many conversations with men that went like this:

He: “My girlfriend cheated on me again…what shall I do?”

I: “leave her.”

He: “But that’s only the second time. She promised me that it won’t ever happen again.”

I: *facepalm*

It’s always the same shit.

She did it because she was drunk. She did it because she was lonely. Oh, and of course she says that it will never happen again.

Before you start or continue a relationship with a notorious cheater, you should remember that she will say “it will never happen again” until the end of days.

By Sebastian Harris


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Yamamma January 19, 2017 - 4:58 pm

Contrats on the most stupidity article of all times

Vec January 21, 2017 - 8:04 pm

I would disagree in 1,2 and 4, those being only a “yellow” sign, in those case there is still hope, but in all the rest… Yea, red signs, Just stay away.

Rachel October 8, 2018 - 8:42 am

over generalising much.
I’ve had exes be a*holes (cheating, lying, abusive) but I have a disability and they think they can take advantage. If a girl has exes that are a*holes she may actually have issues but it might be ones you can work through and she might have other redeeming qualities.

As for not working, I’ve known girls who don’t work, who don’t ask for much from their other halves and I’ve known girls who work to obtain new wardrobes and holidays from their partners. Thus the non working girl will milk you for your money stuff is rubbish, a women who is working might well do this too!

morita April 15, 2019 - 7:42 pm

That’s some misogynistic bs. There’s no patriarchy in the western world?! lol go f*ck yourself you ignorant piece of shit.


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