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Who’s Gonna Save You Now?


*article not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes.

Warning: triggers, Dealing with extreme depression.

80% of emails I receive daily on, an e-mail dedicated solely to better help the awesome audience of for free, are in one way or the other a guy telling me about his oneitis case, how he is in love with this girl and …etc.

I think I did a fairly a good job at my past article on oneitis AKA the girl you are crushing over, you can read it here.

In that article, I discussed the major reason’s for having a Oneitis, ranging from scarcity to neediness, and went further on giving a fit for all solutions.

I will probably need some future articles on the same topic to give it the density it deserves, oneitis is really a stagnating problem that most of us faced/ will face at least once.

But for today’s article, I will talk about another special cause for oneitis.

I will dedicate a whole article on thi5 because it also cause more serious mental problems, like:

  • Extreme Depression.
  • Extreme Neediness.
  • Hate, Anger & Misogyny.
  • And many other ugly problems.



Understanding Emotions the right way


Understanding Emotions.

Due to a recent controversy on one of my past post (Oneitis : Read Here) I decided to make this post, to clear the confusion about emotions and how to deal with them as a supreme man. 

I received many E-mails and comments claiming that we, at, are telling people not to fall in love and teaching people how to be heartless.

This is far from the truth. 

In this article, I will explain the wrongness of these claims while also clarifying how a supreme deal with his emotions for his own good.


Oneitis A.k.a That Special Girl, How To Cure it?

Oneitis/One itis: The definition, the reality, and the cure.Oneitis

Before talking about Oneitis, let’s talk about Emotions:  a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states.

Emotions: what drive us and what drive us astray.

Emotions: what fucks us up the most as men Humans.  

Having emotions isn’t the worst part, being enslaved by them surely is. 

You are a slave to your emotions, probably, you will always be. Only a selected few evade it to be free from emotional slavery, to be masters of your soul. – As appealing as that may sound, it is one of the worst things a man can do to himself, a later article on that.