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How To Make New Year Resolutions Come True


How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!?

*I have published this article without any revisions, meaning that it will have many language mistakes, even more than usual! I am sorry for that, I have no time to go through it now and I wanted to publish it before the new year in order to help as many people as possible. I will reedit this when possible.

In this article, I will explain how to make new year resolutions come true. I will share with you everything I did in my previous successful new year resolutions, and I will add the things I have learned throughout the years that will guarantee you successful new year resolutions.

This article will teach you how to stay on track and not give up, how to manage your emotional ups and downs, how to get over barriers and plateaus and how to ensure the smoothest path to achieving your new year resolution.

I will divide this article into two parts,

Part one dealing with the things you need to know and understand in order to achieve your new year resolutions.

Part two will be the step by step breakdown of what you have to do to ensure that you will reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

This will be a long article, I will literally outline every single piece of information I know that contributed to me achieving my past new year resolutions.

Get comfortable, get a paper and a pen and write your notes.

You have to make your new year resolution for 2017 happen, you have NO EXCUSE.

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How One Hot Shower Fucked up My Life!

one hot shower

One Hot Shower!

Yes, utterly and completely FUCKED UP my life! 

I went from Ripped, Rich and Successful into one Fat, Lazy motherfucker! 

But how is it possible? 

Taking one shower, REALLY?! 

NO… It was One “Hot” Shower.


How To Change Your Life: Your Makeover Guide

How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life?

Until when are you going to live a semi life?

How long do you want to stay unhappy?

What are you waiting for? what is holding you back?

Do you want to be someone better?    

Or just keep on making excuses? 

Do you want to try new things in your life? 

Or just master playing WOW for the rest of your life? 

Do You Want To Know How To Change Your Life?


Masculine Fashion Introduction

Masculine Fashion Introduction

Men keep on whining, complaining that women don’t give them any attention. They blame it on being fat, short, skinny, balding… etc.

The fact is, You don’t take care of yourself.

And if you don’t take care of yourself, how would you take care of her?


Supreme Motivation: Death.

Supreme Motivation

Supreme Motivation: Death.

You have to get shit done in this life, you have to keep moving forward and achieve great things.

Along the way, you have to sacrifice your own mental comfort to keep pushing.

You have to sit face to face with the truth, indulge in the darkest muds of the twisted reality we live in, to be uncomfortable.

I’m here to make you feel uncomfortable. 


The Right Mindset: A Mentality Switch To Improve Your Life


How Couldn’t he understand?” “It is so obvious!” “He is just stupid, it is common sense!” “He is so deluded!“.

A crack of laughter broke your words as you told a friend how it was obvious!

Bit of restlessness tingled your brain as the confusion arises, how couldn’t he see it? it is so obvious, how couldn’t he believe that? … he must be either ignorant or just stupid.

what really cracks me up is, how couldn’t you understand? 

*The “it” refers to any topic of discussion, from religion to your favorite color.

It all comes down to one single mentality shift, a shift your brain will fight to the last electron surfing the neurons of your brain, crafting the illusion of YOU.

Read this Carefully