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How To Not Be Creepy?

How to not be creepy?

How To Not Be Creepy?

This is probably one of the most requested articles. 

I honestly did postpone it this far because… I did not really have a satisfying answer until now! 

What is creepy? 

And how can you make sure you are not coming off as creepy? 

How to not be creepy? 

To find the answer, I had to read multiple articles on how to not be creepy, then go out and do exactly what they said not to do in those article!

I did so… And I did not come off as creepy! 

Want to know why? 


That Awkward Moment When…


I realized – mid sex – that I am unknowingly fucking a hooker. 

This post qualifies as a field report more than an informative article. 

Everything in this article is based on a true event that happened to me. 

So, enjoy! 


On Paris Attacks, ISIS, The Refugees Crisis & Islam

tumblr_mb4k86u1Mx1ru2e4to1_500Many people have asked me to talk about the recent attacks in Paris and all of these related topics.

On, I will be aiming to cover every aspect of masculinity and what concerns the modern man, except politics.

I have chosen not to discuss politics in here not out of lack of experience but rather because it is – a complete waste of your precious time – an aimless discussion for 99% of men out there that have no actual thing to do with politics.

Therefore, in this article I won’t be discussing who to blame or any of the conspiracy theories going around the internet.

If you are the “conspiracy” Men-in-grey-suits-hiding-in-the-shadows freak, this won’t be of any interest to you.


Are You Missing Out On Life?

fomo-5-13 *as always, this article contain a lot of language mistakes, would really appreciate if you could point them out in the comment section so we could fix them, thanks. 

Recently I have been receiving quite a lot of comments and E-mails from people telling me how they just found out that they are “Missing Out” on life and that is causing them a lot of anxiety and stress. 

People are depressed due to thinking that they are missing out on life while their friends are having the life of their dreams. 

Is that true? 

Are you really missing out on life? 


Be A Source Of Validation

obama-photo-06*This article is not edited, please excuse any mistakes. 

*If you would like to contribute to this community, please write in the comment section any language error you find in this article and how to fix it, Thanks. 


It has been a long time since I wrote anything, A couple of days ago I realized I was asleep – more like in a coma – for the past two years (metaphorically speaking)

Hopefully, I am fully awake and back on track now. 

Let us start with today’s article: 

The other day I was having dinner with a friend at a fancy restaurant. I noticed two old men coming in, they did not stand out in any way. They were wearing casual clothes, did not seem rich or famous.  

Yet they were getting a massive amount of attention from the staff working there. Everyone was so eager to serve them in the best possible way, I noticed the nervousness on the restaurant manager face as he called the chef for a little chat, all the waiters were basically roaming the table where those old men sat down.

I would’ve thought they were the owners of the place, but I am a regular there and I know the owner. So I had to know the story.

I called a waiter and asked about it.

It turns out that they are some famous restaurant critics working for a major magazine.

And that moment was my inspiration for this post.

You see, this eagerness to please that the staff clearly showed to the two old, smelly men.. you can get this same reaction from almost any girl.

You can get (almost) any girl to try her best to impress you, desperately wanting your attention… YOUR VALIDATION.

Here is how…


Who’s Gonna Save You Now?


*article not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes.

Warning: triggers, Dealing with extreme depression.

80% of emails I receive daily on, an e-mail dedicated solely to better help the awesome audience of for free, are in one way or the other a guy telling me about his oneitis case, how he is in love with this girl and …etc.

I think I did a fairly a good job at my past article on oneitis AKA the girl you are crushing over, you can read it here.

In that article, I discussed the major reason’s for having a Oneitis, ranging from scarcity to neediness, and went further on giving a fit for all solutions.

I will probably need some future articles on the same topic to give it the density it deserves, oneitis is really a stagnating problem that most of us faced/ will face at least once.

But for today’s article, I will talk about another special cause for oneitis.

I will dedicate a whole article on thi5 because it also cause more serious mental problems, like:

  • Extreme Depression.
  • Extreme Neediness.
  • Hate, Anger & Misogyny.
  • And many other ugly problems.



Minimum Wage & The Sad Reality Of Life

minimum wage

*The article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes 

Minimum wage and the sad reality of life.

Todays article will focus on the reality and fairness of the current situation of minimum wage workers worldwide. I will discuss my view point on the minimum wage workers issue from my own perspective. Some brutal truths are coming your way, if you are not ready for that, then do not continue reading. 

Everybody bitch about how minimum wage workers make so little compared to CEO’s.

Everybody agrees on how insane it is to give athletes/musicians millions and ignore firefighters, doctors and garbage men.


Out of all the insanity, bat shit craziness and emasculation our generation is going through, that is one of the most sane things left in this world.