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Just do what needs to be done.

Oh boy, I haven’t written anything on here since ages, probably this is my longest non-posting period since the start of

Why is that?

It is because I am doing what needs to be done. You see, this blog and all my activities under John Deus are not meant to generate considerable income. While I, like every sane human being, leave the door open to the possibility of monetizing this in case my other ventures failed, I am not focusing all that too well on it now.

Now, I am doing this to help you guys, to share what I have learned through the years, learn from your experience and provoke a beneficial thinking and self-improving session to everyone interested.

As much as I do enjoy this when something of more importance come my way, then I will do needs to be done regardless of which is more enjoyable or easy.

And this is the message I want you to understand today.

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I am going to reveal to you the single most important App you can ever own.

This app will help you achieve great things in life; it might not be able to get you laid directly, but you will notice immediate improvements in most areas of your life!

This app will change your life, and guess what?

It is entirely free.


Psychology Ep.02: Cognitive bias

Psychology: Seeing Through The Bullshit.


*some paragraphs in this article are inspired from Crash Course & School of Life on Youtube.

Part two of the psychology series, I wasn’t really expecting all this amazing feedback on the previous part of this series as the topic might seem a bit far from what I usually talk about here, glad you guys liked it.

My aim from this whole series isn’t to make you memorize terms or remember random names, neither it is to peak your interest to major in psychology – which is a fairly bad idea, unless you want to go into Psychiatry or Industrial-Organizational Psychology , you will hardly make any money. My aim is to show YOU how to create your own sound judgments about the world and how to better interact with it.

Part one of the psychology series was a standard intro to psychology, the part one will serve as the ground for this and the upcoming episodes of this series, so even though you will still understand the message of this article without reading the former one, I strongly recommend that you go read it first then come back to here.

In this article, I will try to help you better see through the bullshit of this world, whether was it your own bullshit or other people’s bullshit.


Sluts, sluts everywhere!


Yeah, I am going to talk about that. 

Slut, the densest insult ever.

It’s amazing how many people get insulted just by calling one girl a slut.

Tell a girl she is a slut and you insult her, her boyfriend/husband, her father, brother, mother, friends… and many, many other people.

And I don’t mean they’re insulted because someone they care about was insulted.

No, they are personally insulted.

Isn’t that weird?!

Universally, a slut is a girl who had sex with many guys.

This definition is agreed upon all across cultures, the only difference is in the “How many is “slut” many?”

This “many” ranges from 1 outside of marriage, to about 10-15 guys.

I get a lot of long, emotionally packed emails from you guys talking about this topic, and how you are “giving up” on the dating world because all the girls around you are “sluts”.

I am going to answer this topic once and for all.

This article contains a lot of shocking information, and it has the potential to change your view of the whole world.

It will be very long and overwhelming, hope you enjoy it.


The Things People Call Love

*Art pieces by the amazing Leonid Afremov.

Love, the most requested article after the Fuck Her Brain Out series is finally here!

I got so many requests to write about love in the interpersonal relationship sense.

To write about what I think of love between the two sexes, and explain how my lifestyle and what I usually advocate on my blog could be incorporated into a love-filled life.

I delayed this article this far due to my prior lack of enough knowledge on this topic and my parallel involvement in a situation that provided me with the required insight on the whole love matter.

Yes, it was my most painful lesson ever.

But hey, it gave me the ability to write such a kick ass article, so it might be worth it after all.

To fully cover the topic of love I decided to write two articles, this one in the form of a free-flowing rant, meaning it will be loosely formatted and somehow out-of-order.

And an upcoming article titled “How To Get Over Love”.

In this article, I will talk about my observations and opinions on love and lovers, the different kinds of love, I will touch briefly on my experience with love, explain why I think love is dangerous and end it with a conclusion on the whole subject .

Please forgive any editing/language mistakes. Hope you enjoy it.


On Getting A Girlfriend, Getting Laid And Your Social Skills

social skillsSocial Skills:

I discovered a knowledge gap between what I am explaining here and where most of my readers are at in their social skills.

From the general bulk of emails I am receiving, I have recognized a great deal of you are lacking some basic understanding of interacting with people.

Which is completely fine, since you are seeking to change that.

My goal for is not to replace other similar blogs, but rather to add to them.

Keep reading various blogs so you would have a better understanding of the big picture. 

In today’s article, I will do some kind of “Brain-Dump” to some of the things you need to understand to build a foundation for supreme social skills.

I will just discuss the underlying basics of social interactions in no particular format. 

I just finished writing this article and realized I should’ve made it into a podcast topic rather than a written article. 

It is very poorly formatted, So excuse me for that and hope you find it helpful.


How To Not Be Creepy?

How to not be creepy?

How To Not Be Creepy?

This is probably one of the most requested articles. 

I honestly did postpone it this far because… I did not really have a satisfying answer until now! 

What is creepy? 

And how can you make sure you are not coming off as creepy? 

How to not be creepy? 

To find the answer, I had to read multiple articles on how to not be creepy, then go out and do exactly what they said not to do in those article!

I did so… And I did not come off as creepy! 

Want to know why?