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A Game of Hormones

Hormones*This Page Contains amazon affiliate links. 

Back when I was a teenager, I was really fat. My highest weight was 104 kg. 

I wanted to lose fat and build a nice body. I joined a gym in hopes of getting the body of my dreams, I trusted my coach in guiding me throughout the way. 

My Coach told me I should focus on my Calories in vs. Calories out. So I did and I lost a marvelous 20 Kg in a couple of months.

But then, my fat loss rate started to slow down. I sought help on the internet and found out that I should, in fact, focus on the Carbohydrate/fat/protein ratio. This new approach helped me drop down my fat percentage to 8% and build a whopping 22 kg of muscles. A body I have always dreamed of, Nice muscle definitions and visible abs.

But, once you taste the pleasure of building a great body, you are never satisfied, you always want more. 

I tried to build more muscle while maintaining my fat percentage, but it was ridiculously difficult. It was like I’m just going round in circles, I lose some fat along with muscle, try to build the muscle back and in turn gain the fat I lost back on. 

It was frustrating, I had to find what I was doing wrong. I started asking around, going to competing bodybuilders to review their workout and diet plan. I then discovered that I should be focusing on my Hormones more than anything else! 

It was really confusing! 

On what should you focus when trying to build the body of your dreams? 

Calories In vs. Calories out. OR Fat/Pro/Carb. Ratios. OR  Hormone levels? 



A Natural Testosterone Booster That Works.

Sexy Body, natural testosterone booster

Natural Testosterone Booster

Today I am going to talk about a natural Testosterone booster, which should be a very important topic for anyone wanting to stay natural in the bodybuilding game. I never took any anabolic steroids in my life yet I have no problem with anyone taking them. I decided not to take them due to numerous reasons, maybe I will write about it in the future.  

After working out hard for about 3-4 months, your body starts to grow slower and slower until it reaches a point where you barely notice any changes, even though you still bust your ass in the gym. 

During the first 3-4 months of working out, your muscles will grow in a very fast rate, this is referred to as “newbie gain” and it is due to the fact that you were a lazy ass before and your muscles are smaller than they should be – it is not exactly like that, but this is the easiest way to explain it. 

After you build a respectable amount of muscles, you will start gaining muscles slower and slower until you hit your first real “plateau”, and it is fucking frustrating. 

What can you do about that? 


Trick To Get Ripped In 7-Days!

get ripped in 7-days, ripped six pack abs

Get Ripped In 7-Days!

This Formula “Get Ripped In 7-Days” is for anyone with a considerably low body fat percentage “Lower Than 15%” and is looking to get a temporary  extra shredded look for a special event, like a pool party or a photo shoot.

Get Ripped In 7-Days is one of my secrets back in the day when I was an amateur bodybuilder. – If you are a follower then you already know that I lost most of my muscle and regained some body fat recently.

Get Ripped In 7-Days formula is actually one of the most amazing tricks I have ever come across, you can literally see the effect of your body getting insanely shredded WHILE YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!! 

You will get ripped in 7-days only! 


How To Lose Weight: The Complete Guide

Lose weight

Here I will lay out the complete guide to losing fat, the mindset, the eating and the workout plans.

This Guide is enough to start your weight loss journey, stop looking for a perfect plan, stop wasting time searching, procrastinating your “day 1”.

This is a proven guide to losing weight, it will work 100% of the time on every human alive, stop the excuses.

Follow what I will explain now, give it a good 21 Days. You got nothing to lose and much to gain.


Supreme Body :Tips To Stick To Your Diet


Tips To Stick To Your Diet.

Sticking to a diet might be very difficult, yet very rewarding. It is more difficult to stick to a fat-loss diet than it is to stick to a weight-gain one. Yes, both share some difficulty, but losing weight is the tougher bitch

In this article. I will share a tip on ‘How to stick to your diet’, exactly ‘Why you give up on your diet’, even though two days ago you were sure that you are 100% motivated. 

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