Understand Abundance, Strive For Scarcity

by John Deus

Abundance Scarcity

Scarcity, the reason you thought you are in love, the reason you obsessed over that girl and developed a Oneitis mentality which screwed you over.

Scarcity, the reason you are anxious about opening that blog or that shop. 

Scarcity, the reason you think you are doomed and will never stand out or be special. 

Scarcity is fucking you over, Scarcity doesn’t exist, the world is big, there is more than enough for everybody…


Abundance, A wake-up call.

If you think something is scarce, if you think there is a limited amount of X in this world, it will become 1000 times more desirable and harder to get.

Once you think that the world had enough, the world doesn’t need more, the world ran out of, etc. you will fuck yourself over, you will put yourself down and YOU WILL FOOL YOURSELF INTO MEDIOCRITY. 

Understand that scarcity doesn’t exist, understand that this is never an excuse.

Scarcity will tear down all of your motivation.

Scarcity will make you give up on your path.

Scarcity will make you think this is it. 

To reach a state of abundance, you need to understand that the world has more than enough for everyone; more than enough girls, more than enough money, more than enough job opportunity. 

BUT Always

Strive to be Scarce 

Strive to be Unique 

Strive to be Special

Strive to be Supreme,

John Deus


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Oneitis A.k.a That Special Girl • Supreme Men December 22, 2014 - 10:27 am

[…] 5-Scarcity: there are 7 billion people on earth, 3 billion chicks, 1.5 billion between the age of 18 and 30, 700 million bangable, and 50 million single and reasonably within your reach. play your numbers… SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE.! […]


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