Perfume: The Most Overrated and Most Underrated so far

by John Deus
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Perfumes are one of the few items I am willing to spend some good money on, I find it essential to smell your best at all times. I do not believe that perfume on its own can make you sexy or more attractive, but they do definitely add to your character and play a pivotal role in how you will come across and help you leave a lasting first impression, so your investment in that area is surely beneficial.

New Perfumes in 2019

Although I am a fan of the classics, this year I came across a new sexy perfume that made it directly into my all-time favorite perfumes list, and that is truly a rare thing to happen.

The most overrated Perfume in my opinion is:


Credit where credit is due, the damn commercial was cool and quite memorable, but for me, that was not at all reflected in the perfume.

Supposedly, Sauvage comes as a blend of bergamot, spicy mandarin, sandalwood, tonka, and frankincense. If you are like me, you won’t recognize half of these ingredients, and you do not have to, because after all Sauvage smells like a fortunate chemical accident, I can’t help myself thinking of a bright chemist in a lab coat every time I smell this mess.

You can find a considerable number of people prising Sauvage, so do not be quick to discard it and go after your own opinion, but this perfume is surely not for me.

The Most underrated Perfume of 2019

Stronger with you intensely by Giorgio Armani

If I had to change a thing about this masterpiece, it will definitely be the name, apart from it being a mouthful, it just feels awkward when you get asked about what you are wearing and you come back with such a name.

Other than the unfortunate name, this sexy perfume over-delivers in all regards, it is long-lasting, it demands a presence and definitely shapes your first impression.

I might be a bit biased in my praise for this lovely perfume as I am an all-time fan of Tom Ford’s tobacco vanilla, and this definitely hints in that direction, but so far a lot of people definitely agree with me in admiring this masterpiece.

Stronger with you intensely comes with a gorgeous blend of top notes including spices and violet, with the heart that combines lavender with sweet toffee caramel and cinnamon. The base ends with suede, vanilla, and amber.

As I said before, do not take my review as gospel, go out there and smell it yourself.

If you believe I missed a good perfume from 2019 please drop me a DM on my Instagram, I am all about finding new perfumes.

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